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Ankama Live DOFUS 2.58 Recap - November 9

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 24, 2020, 16:00:00
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Missed the live stream? Missed out on the tweets too? Don't worry, we got you! Get yourself a nice hot drink and get comfortable because here is the information (and images) shared during the last Ankama Live Twitch stream.

Hello everyone,
Here's a summary of the information shared during Tuesday's Ankama Live Twitch stream, which had highlights in English.

Before we dive into the 2.58 information, we gave everyone a generic overview of what we have planned for you in terms of weekly entertainment in-game:

With some countries in lockdown due to the pandemic, we wanted to offer our players an opportunity to escape into the World of Twelve. A few weeks ago we offered 3 sub days and a 7+7 promotion, and last week we initiated a 4-week plan of in-game events. 

We owe you all a double XP weekend due to complications during a past event, so we thought the time was right to put it forward. We did, however, spread this double XP weekend over time, as we didn't want to give everything at once but rather spread it out over the previously mentioned 4-week period.
These bonuses will also be given on DOFUS Retro, except for the mono account servers. We want to preserve these young servers, and we feel these bonuses would impact your natural progression and adventure on these servers. 

Some of you collectors have been asking for the return of some specific Dungeon Rusher events, so we have put together a Week Tour to allow you to get your hands on your missing pieces. 

Specifically for DOFUS Retro, we will continue with the Dungeon Farmer series.
We are bringing you new content via new platforms, and the mini-wakfu will come back on DOFUS Retro. We didn't want to bring them back in-game without the possibility of bringing you the actual series, which we are working on making it available to you via the Ankama Launcher.

When you thought you unveiled all of Pandala's secret, guess what? There is an unrevealed side to this place that even the residents of Pandala might not be aware of...
While the island in itself is complete since we unveiled Nolifis during the 2.57 update. 

Lore recap

After the fight against the 4 horsemen of the Eliocalypse, the Pandala dragon prepared the island because of the events that took place during the Eliocalypse. Something happened to this dragon and, from one day to another, the island was transformed.

After your adventures, you were able to learn the story around the Domakuro and the Dorigami Dofus yet there are still things about that island for you to unveil! The upcoming Pandala content is and isn’t on the island: we set sail to (a) new dimension(s). In terms of graphic and creative concepts, nothing like this exists in DOFUS.

At the end of the Eliocalypse's first chapter, you discovered something was wrong with the world of the Twelve and that it was coming from the present time. In the second chapter, you saw the consequences on the world of twelve itself. 
The Eliocalypse impacts the Krozmos and its origins echo through place and time (the narrative arc, albeit adapted differently, is also present on WAKFU and Dofus Touch).


Cania Bandits

Also coming with the 2.58 update are changes to the Cania Bandits. 
We aren't bringing changing to the Emerald DOFUS quest but how to fight these bandits.  



During a previous Livestream, we invited players to share their feedback regarding maging, be in the process or even the interface. The feedback with amazing, and we want to thank you for your contributions. 

 Here is a demonstrative GIF 

The goal was to simplify the activity for those that do this as their main activity and improve your gaming experience. We know certain players are eager to discover all the smithmaging secrets... we talked about it internally, and we now display the weight of each rune. It's a start! ^^

New: Progress Guide

But we didn't stop there; a new interface sees the day: 


Game Balancing

Yes, one of the main topics everyone has been asking about is class and item balancing. ^^

The goal is to balance both classes and items for PvM and PvP. The DOFUS meta is highly influenced by items, especially at end game, be it specialized items or ones with effects (such as legendary equipment or even Dofus eggs). We felt it was important to balance items and not just the classes because we felt a need to renew the meta and, despite the numerous changes we brought forward over the years in terms of class balancing, we realized that the meta remained the same over time, regardless of what happened with the classes. As such, the main points we want to readjust and have their values slightly reduced are the tanking abilities and the damages. 


For a long time, this class was getting excellent stats: its shielding ability combine with its damage-dealing potential made it a great class for team fights in both PvM and PvP. However, with the meta evolving and the other class changes brought forward, the Masqueraider start to take more of a back seat, and we wanted to bring it back to the forefront. We took the opportunity to freshen up its gameplay; we want to improve the fluidity between mask changes. 
Some specific spells have been nerfed.


The goal is to reduce its power in PvP while keeping it's already well-balanced PvM positioning.
We want to improve the tanking ability of an Osa and that of its summons in PvM, reducing its versatility in PvP.  We do not want summons to get obliterated in PvM and soon you will see options to that regard. 
We will remove an emblematic spell - Spiritual Leash - and replace it with something more interesting, and less of a game-breaking spell.


We want to improve its eroder role, mainly in PvP as it performs already this role in PvM quite well. Additionally, we seek to enhance its beast mode and make it more interesting.
Some specific spells have been nerfed.

Why didn't we address the Sacrier class?

We learned that making changes to too many classes at once isn't healthy for the game: we do not have the time to measure the consequences properly. The class was modified quite a lot and we need to give time for everyone to adapt to it. There are other issues on other classes that need to be addressed that do not impact nor depend on the Sacrier. Additionally, we want to balance items first.

These are some of the items that will be balanced.

Dofus eggs

  • Ebony and Ivory - their meta power is too strong, be it in PvM or PvP, and especially at level 200. They are indispensable and give an unrealistic advantage. We want to provide interesting and a greater variety of options, viable and varied possibilities of playing. 
  • Sparkling Silver - A PvP nerf, mainly the hidden aspect that makes it less surprising.


  • Some are at the top of the game meta. 
  • Harder to adjust because of the investment they require (time, quests, kamas, imaging) but we can still modify them in terms of critical hit rate, ap cost, etc.


  • These little prysmaradites might not be the only ones being changed. There are others with great potential that are underutilized and would deserve a boost.

Legendary items

  • For these items, we want to bring them all to the same level so that each item offers an interesting and viable choice.


  • A second AnkamaLive dedicated to the game design and game balancing will take place over the next few weeks. We will announce the date once we have confirmation on your end. 
  • Krosmonote - Twitch - December 3rd.
    • Annual event to present Ankama projects and answers questions.
  • No new Temporis experience for 2020.
  • No Guilds and Alliances overhaul for 2020.
  • Possibility of transferring from Ilyzaelle to Jahash is being considered.
  • Thanatena
    • No changes for now. 
  • Kolossium
    • We are aware that made things need to be addressed.
    • We have a lot of ideas we want to explore and discuss, but nothing will be done this year. 
  • Kwismas Island will come on both DOFUS and DOFUS Retro!
  • Merging IIlyzaelle and Jahash is not a possibility.
    • Ilyzaelle is the result of a merge already. 
    • Jahash came to be to alleviate the pressure off Ilyzaelle, due to the high demand from players for a mono-account experience.  
  • No date as yet for the next DOFUS Retro live stream.
  • Alas, Ilyzaelle and Qu'tan won't be deployed this year on DOFUS Retro and was postponed to the start of 2021.
    • Too much work to be done.
    • There will be a small update on Retro this year around ergonomic and interface improvements.
    • Working on implementing multiple instances of fights in dungeons, like in DOFUS 2.

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Introducing changes in form of graphics is a great idea in my opinion, would love to see more of that! Excited to see the new update.

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Score : 6799

It was also much appreciated to see these slides livetweeted during the stream.

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Score : 1612

The mention of new features surrounding guilds and alliance being addressed within the Dofus live recap. As these ideas were also touched upon together with the Kolossium changes earlier this year.
Does this mean we will definitely see new additions and changes for guilds and alliances next year? Together with the Kolossium. Having something like an achievement system for guilds to work together on could be cool.

Looking forward to Pandala part 3!

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