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New character transfer service from Ilyzaelle to Jahash!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 20, 2020, 12:00:00
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Did you know that your Ilyzaelle character can get some fresh, mono-account air? Get yourself a nice hot drink and get comfortable, because we are about to have a chat about the upcoming Ilyzaelle to Jahash server transfer.

Here's the situation

In March, with an overcrowded Ilyzaelle as a result of the first confinement, we offered you a chance to transfer to other servers to alleviate the pressure on that server. Understandably so, many of you expressed your dissatisfaction, as you didn't want to abandon Ilyzaelle and your mono-account experience for a multi-account server.

Even though we opened Jahash afterwards, we understand many didn't want to have to start their mono-account adventure from scratch and remained on Ilyzaelle, despite moments of intense login queues. Now, with several countries going through a second confinement, our beloved Ilyzaelle is once again full, bringing back the login queues and lag issues.


What's the plan?

To reduce the frustration associated with the often challenging access on Ilyzaelle, we want to offer its players the possibility to transfer to Jahash (it's a one-way ticket) at the low price of 1,000 Ogrines.

We believe this is the best and most efficient option for the community, and it allows for the improvement of your game experience before the 2.58 update.

In a gesture of appreciation for your transfer and willingness to join us in making things better for all the mono-account adventurers, all those that transfer to Jahash will receive a unique title * - " Confinuum Exodus" – a symbol of your unique World of Twelve mono-account journey.

How will it work?

As mentioned before, this character transfer service will cost 1,000 Ogrines. 
Another difference from the classic server transfers is that there are 1,000 transfer slots weekly for this specific service. Guilds and Alliances are at the heart of this decision, as we want to allow you the option to transfer to a new server with your trusted allies to pursue your adventures together.

We wish to activate this service now and have the first wave of mono-account server transfers with this coming Tuesday’s weekly maintenance. Which means those interested have until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 22 to reserve a spot in the 1000 quota that is available.  Starting Monday 12:01 a.m., reservations will apply to the following week's maintenance. 

We know we are cutting it short, especially for guilds and alliances, as we usually give you one week to do so, but we want to make things better for Ilyzaelle as soon as possible. 
We haven't yet decided whether we will keep this service open or for how long. We will continue to monitor how the mono-account server situation evolves with these transfers and will base whichever decision we make on what is best for the servers and community.

Beyond the exceptions mentioned, the transfer process, its rules and prerequisites are the same as for the standard character transfer page you can find on our Ankama Support website.

Vous pouvez annuler votre transfert jusqu’au dimanche 22 novembre 23h59. 

Access the service


* linked to the character and valid only on Jahash.

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Thank you Ankama!!!

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My Osa gets to join me on Jahash! I had tears of joy in my eyes when I confirmed the transfer.

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When will I receive the title on my cra?

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Just wanted to bump this topic to say that I haven't received the title after the transfer, I'm not complaining though ^__^

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Hello again, it seems I've received the title, thanks!

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this service is still available ?

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