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New player in Kolossium

By mayo-underlord - SUBSCRIBER - November 21, 2020, 16:24:14

Hello there.

Firstly, I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect place to post this. I am unsure where to do so, so I chose to post it in General Discussion.
I recently subscribed to Dofus for a month so I could see what I was missing out on as a F2P. One feature I really wanted to try out was the Kolossium. Over the few days that I tried it out I began to see a pattern: almost every opponent I ran into had more AP, MP and HP than I did, despite being a lower level than me.
Am I missing something? I don't understand how people can have 10 - 11 AP, 5 - 6 MP and anywhere from 1500 to 2000 HP at levels 80 - 90. Just what exactly allows them to have such stats? For comparison, I am lvl 104 cra with 9 AP, 4 MP and precisely 1102 HP

Herein lies my confusion. What am I doing wrong? What do I not understand?

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You aren't doing anything wrong, it's just that those people usually already have a 200 level character and are relatively rich which allows them to gear up their low level characters very powerfully. They tend to use low level AP and MP equipments with Vitality overmaged on them.
As a novice it's not really recommended to participate in kolossium, the rewards from it isn't good enough for the time spent in fights due to the low kolossium rating unless you are actually stronger (aka richer) than most of the players in your level bracket.
That said, depending on your server I think it's possible to get some overmaged equipments from the markets for relatively affordable prices if that's something you wish to have.

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