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Nerf braindead 1v1 cra

By Osa-masterz#8153 - SUBSCRIBER - January 05, 2021, 17:20:45

absolute acuteness is broken. only character to have an entire turn no los from across the map with charged spells. at maximum should only be no los for one spell then effect goes away.

reprisal? thats a joke lol 

tact beacon to pull out people into los? lol

add all your other 1v1 cra troll complaints in the comments

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While it may seem that Cra is OP, and you might be right too, this isn't how to say something is OP.

All you're doing is making yourself look like some rando who got beat by a single Cra and is salty about it because you think its unfair when in reality you don't know how to counter it.

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Do you actually think after just one loss someone would rage hard enough to write a forum post?

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Everyone knows Absolute Acuteness is a joke and is only there to make Cra players feel good about themselves tongue

Should be deleted from the game :^)

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Not to mention they can pull off gravity with crushing arrow with their own summons.
Together with reprisal, in my personal experience unless I am able to set-up for a one-turn ko behind a long wall and a well placed premonition you'll usually find yourself stranded for two turns.

Reprisal is even more powerful in group pvp, where it renders most melee and mid-range classes practically useless for a whole turn.
Considering the damage output of cras and other classes, one turn is all players need to smash your poor character to bits.
Whole reason the old Bribery effects were changed some years ago, Reprisal is only a small step down from your turn being passed whilst taking on damage.

Although I don't mind the unfairness in 1v1, as the games focus is towards group pvp.
1v1 was primarily added to gladden players that requested the mode, who enjoyed 1v1 alignment fights or headhunter from a time where there were less classes and spells. Even then, there was no way to balance the 12 classes for solo play.

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Ankama have already stated that they are not balancing the game for 1v1 PvP. The best balance that 1v1 PvP can hope for is the "Rock-Paper-Scissor" balancing. You might find Cra (Scissor) to be OP, but other class (Rock) can beat them and you (Paper) can beat that other class that beat the Cra. 

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You're right. I'll settle for just nerfing absolute acuteness. It should not be turn 2 every spell buffed and no los. should at maximum be first spell cast almost like elio conjuration

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