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[C2 - FEB] Happy bday to me!!! xD

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - February 04, 2021, 19:22:35

I'm an Aquarius, so this month is my birthday, yay!
You're all invited! kiss

But with current restrictions going all over the world, we're gonna sneak out and have a home party!
PJs one? Maybe? We shall see! tongue

But I can't order food for ya all who want to come, or my neighbors might get the idea of what will be going on, and call police, since we can't have in my country gatherings of more than so-many people, sheesh!!!
So each of you who wants to come, has to come with at least a dish (they can be even more, lol, I don't mind : D ).

So, to participate to this contest, it couldn't be easier:
  • name the dish you will bring;
  • name the precise 7 ingredients that your dish has (they have to be ig resources);
  • name which effect each of the 7 ingredients will have on me (and whoever else will dare to taste your culinary creation);
  • also, if you still have some energy left, describe how you picked/ gathered/ found one/ some of your ingredients, where you had to go look for them, etc.

  • Salar 
  • Osamscot 
  • Skrull 

Deadline: February 21, 2021, 23:59 DUT

Good luck @ all !!! 

PS: It will be just a virtual pixelizedzedzed party, ofc. I am not encouraging anyone to make/ attend irl parties during current times.
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The 6 bananas
Ingredients : Banana, Citronana, Banana Pearldrop, Banan shigekax, Banan shariva sweet, Habapandero, Drinking water.
Effects :
Banana : Nothing just a delicious banana.
Citronana : You'll feel like you're in the moon island after eating it.
Banana Pearldrop : This Banana candy will increase your wisdom by 25.
Banana shigekax : This one will also increase your wisdom by 20.
Banana shariva sweet : This one will also increase your wisdom by 20.
Banana cape : This is an ingredient but also a cool item to equip. Wear it to look like a Fancy Banana.
Habapandero : Eating this alone will make you feel hot for the next 7days.
Drinking Water : Regular Water.

*This dish is my favorite creation.*
How did i  get the ingredients?
Banana : I just ask my friend Jon Lemon for it , he plants them in his backyard.
Citronana : That's a very popular banana in moon island you can either fight monsters to drop it or ask any Kanniball to give it to you , but be wary they might attack you.
Banana Pearldrop,Shigekax,Shariya sweet : I have no idea how to get them, but i have a big stock in my bank somehow. hihihi
Habapendero : Spiciest Banana in the whole world of twelve , You can get buy it In the Forbidden inn from Itamawe for 100k each.
Drinking Water : i bought it from the market.
(PS: Habapendero is not a banana but i make people think it's a banana so i can call the dish "the 6 bananas")

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  • [*]For your Birthday celebration I present.......

    CakeIzaLy  /giveacake
    35 Eternal Ashes
    22 Transgenic Cawwot
    19 Aspen Sap
    1 Mush Mush Prom
    20 Suwpwise Egg
    2 Ballotwine Chocolate(s)
    4 Brief Fairywork
    (35,22,19,1,20,2,4 = 04, 2021, 19:22:35 wink )

    1. Eternal Ashes
    -/- This powder is infused with the hopes of souls enhanced by the rousing drumming of Drumurai..........
    -/- Obtain by fighting Drumurai 
    -/- Snorting this alone will have hallucinogenic effects and give the consumer a sense of transdimensional teleportation

    2. Transgenic Cawwot
    -/- A strange vegetable with the delusion of actually being a red round fruit, must be how it gets its fluorescent glow
    -/- Only the best of the best from Glo Wabbits will be acceptable to make this treat
    -/- Consuming this Cawwot will give you a taste of Royal Morello Cherry Blop juice on a sunny day, **WARNING** over consumption can have  glowing effect

    3. Aspen Sap
    -/- This thick bluish looking goo will make you work for your money!  Aspen trees are said to only release this liquid of the Gods if you have sweated three quarters of your Pods limit before dribbling forth
    -/- Aspen trees.
    -/- Consuming this Sap alone unprocessed will suck your teeth back to Incarnam for the Pliplop's to brush.

    4. Mush Mush Sporm
    -/- You know what...... the less you know the better, just whip it, whip it real good.
    -/- Mush Mush, but only whilst a Rubber Sword, Ab'ho and Notewell are equipped to prevent premature discharge from the fight,
    -/- A creamy cool whip to decorate a treat worthy of a king, consuming alone will cause untimely spewing of Rainbleurgh.

    5. Suwpwise Egg
    -/- Hidden inside is the Glu to bind anything tighter than an Enutrof's purse!
    -/- Trot along to Fleaster Island and fight its brown inhabitants to choc-drop this delightfully oval sphere, be warned, too much fighting will cause the runs
    -/- Contents of this egg may cause a choking hazard to those with a Stricheetru allergy

    6. Ballotwine Chocolate(s)
    -/- Got to sweeten the Cak(e) and somehow Fleaster Bunny drops wont do this year.
    -/- Chocrosis Gobball Good thing your birthday is this month, the Ballotwine Appreciation Society need to cull the Hoarde of The Walking CottonCandy!
    -/- Eating this in a Cak(e) will counteract the bitterness of Aspen Sap.

    7. Brief Fairywork
    -/- Every treat would be pants without sprinkles!
    -/-  << P.A.N.T.S. Initiate >> members excrete these lovely ballz from their elbows (Can be crafted  only whilst wearing Pants Fordamemory belt for an extra special occasion.)
    -/- Over consumption will have an explosive effect in the pants area, /oups ! The resulting fumes will knock a person out /kowtow

    (edited to fix spelling mistakes and format it to make it easier to read wink )
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Sponge Mob's Special

A special brought to you by your favourite childhood psycho!


Horror Grawn: Just the right addition to remind you of your early ages, remember when you told your crush about your feelings? Yes, same horror on his/her face, brought to you by this very grawn!

Sponge Mob Skin: Sponge Mob gives all his care to his meals. Literally! FEEL THE CARESS!!

Grilled Unique Kralove: Your fav childhood cook LOVES you and wants you to know it!

Pepper Measure: No feelings, just to make you sneeze!

Drinking Water: It is the most important ingredient, what could possibly remind you about the importance of tolerance between different species? What is essential for Dofus hunters and sponges! 

Star Seed: Don't ask it.

Starry Potion: This ingredient is added to make sure everybody knows who is the star of the event. EVERYBODY!


Horror Grawn: Fisherman lvl is not high enough. Life humiliates you and teaches you to pickpocket, or in this case, to bucketpocket.

Sponge Mob Skin: The same way you did in the dungeon, you heartless psychos! He was a cartoon character!

Grilled Unique Kralove: You may not have a ship to sail, this is not an excuse to not add some kralove to your meal. All you have to do is to gamble with someone who has.

Pepper Measure: Even I have the kamas to buy it. Don't be stingy!

Drinking Water: Go to the Astrub Inn, take the stairs, go to the room on your right, yes, the short, white closet right next to the toilet paper and the brush! Grab your biggest bucket!

Star Seed: Don't ask it.

Starry Potion: You really are a curious one aren't you?


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Good morning. 

I just wanted to say Thank YOU to AuraOfMadness aka Yameroo, Angelsnow aka Angeltt and HereForTheLolzz aka Findmeinonlyfans, for the recipees.
I love them all!
And they all made my day when posted! 
Big thanks!

Also, if you haven't participated yet and you were wondering if you still have time ... Yes, there is still time, till February 21, 2021, 23:59 DUT.

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I wasnt going to "participate" but I kept having all these idea's pop into my head that would make me chuckle at 2am (and annoy the hubby laugh  so awesome in my books!) so I though oh well, for the laughs.

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So, now that you've reached the legal drinking age, I thought I would come up with a cocktail recipe so you can make your own special beverage for your little party.
I can already hear you say "Whaaat? You’re not coming to my party to mix it for me?!!" Well no, that’d be highly irresponsible during these times and I wouldn't want to eat a slice of birthday cake you coughed on when blowing your candles anyway, no thank you!

Now where was I? Ah yes, needless to say that despite the use of alcohol being highly advertised in this game that has about one inn for ten twelvians and more type of beers than I could memorize if I hadn't tried each of them and fried my brain in the process, this one is of course to be drank responsibly as it packs quite a punch.
I believe the name serves as a warning that this drink will whoop your butt first and then put you to bed if you're not careful.
So ladies and gentlemen, inn residents and pub crawlers, Pandawa goddess followers and fine liquor distillers, I give you, without further ado, the Sleep Whip!

Now, how do you proceed to make such a fine beverage you’re asking with impatience, well it’s fairly simple for an advanced bartender, just follow the steps diligently and you should be good.

First of all you need to make what’s called the Brakmarian water, this will be used as a base for the Sleep Whip. Any level 10 bartender knows how to do this. What you need is to put together in a shaker the following ingredients (make sure to wear gloves not to burn those little fingers of yours).

To begin with you'll need 1 Candied chili. It’s not easy to find some on your own unless you’re a pretty lucky duck so you might have to fork out some kamas to buy one at the market.
Now while this is considered a treat, it’ll certainly knock your little socks off so it has to be watered down with 1 volume of Winter Firewater (that should basically give you an idea of how much fire a candied chili is!). Salah Connol can hook you up with some, unless her stock has been terminated but I reckon that wouldn’t happen until judgement day.
Next, add 1 volume of Quality Rum to sweeten the deal a bit further. Not just any rum ok? You want quality here, to find some your best bet is to trade with seasoned rum drinkers, yes absolutely, pirates! Moon Island seems to be the place to go to find that kind of one-legged drunk that are hooked to the drink you're after.
Once it’s all in the shaker, well don’t be shy and shake it!
You now have your Brakmarian water, you can use it to remove blood stains from your outfit (whether it’s yours or not that doesn’t matter) and even get your good old but rusty Pretty sword sparkly clean and pretty again, but here we’ll just use it for our cocktail purposes. 

Alright I can tell you can’t wait to set your throat on fire you’re getting thirsty! So let's carry on, here's the Sleep Whip recipe.
So as I said the Brakmarian water is used as a base so put one volume in a shaker (yes a clean one you lazy butt, you don’t want candied chili bits in your drink, do you?), then add to it one volume of High-Fermentation Shaké directly imported from Pandala where water has been replaced with bamboo milk and beer is the national dish.
Next, put a couple of Vervain leaves in it, this will be soothing and is what makes this cocktail a perfect night cap if you drink more than one, that and its extremely high alcohol content (why do you think we’ve put high fermentation shaké on top of every other alcohol already in there?), it’ll also give a nice green color once all that alcohol starts diluting it. Vervain is a sadida thing so if you manage to wake up one of your sadi friends they can probably get you some, otherwise go have a look around Sadida temple, it should be easy enough to find some there.
Now grab a glass and pour the content of your shaker in it, make sure to strain it so you don’t have vervain bits (that wouldn’t look good between your teeth).
Then gently pour 1 volume of Umeshushu, again coming from Pandala where bamboo milk is still used as water and beer is still considered a dish. Due to the difference in density and your skillful pouring you can see 2 layers of different colors in that glass now, green at the bottom and that pretty purple right above it.
After that let’s add a splash of Incarnam Lemonade to make it a tad fizzy and sweet, this’ll add another layer with that pretty yellow and don’t you dare asking me where to find some.
Now if you’re cheap you could put a couple of Apewicubes taken from the Royal Pingwin or Tengu fridges but we’re making art here, so to keep this fancy beverage fresh you’ll top it with Ice Powder, yes the one that comes from deep inside Sakaï Mines.
Hold on, don’t drink it just yet, we’ll add a Mini slice of happiness as the finishing touch making sure it drips inside the glass, isn’t it beautiful? How do you get one? Well just find a unikron and beat it down until it gives you one, simple.

So now you have it, the Sleep Whip! I hope it won’t get you blind you’ll enjoy it and happy birthday!
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All I can say ...

Well, actually, all I can do, is ...



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I'm gonna get bankrupt if I can't decide only 3 winners per [C-x-Month] Contest, LOL.
Again, I really loved all entries, each and every one of them made my day.
You were all insanely (in a good way ; )   ) well inspired!
I can't thank you enough for your time and effort that you have put in your posts! Those are worth far more than the pixels I gift for prizes.

So, yep, again, a contest with 3 prizes has 4 winners ...
And again, prize pool has been supplemented with 1 Foggerscot :

Participants already picked one each, since all are winners, in my heart!
Thanks, again, for your time!
Yet, my words are too simple and not enough, tonight, to express my gratitude towards you!
The recipes were some of best ever gifts I have ever had on my birthday!

PS: One of the winners has declined though to pick a prize, letting it to be gifted and make someone else happy. I think I might use that, and the one remained the same way from previous contest C1, for prize pool for D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R ; )

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