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Update 2.59: What Should You Expect?

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 17, 2021, 17:00:00
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As you look closely into the future of your favourite game, we can't forget that the first overall maintenance update for DOFUS is around the corner. Let's take a moment to tell you more about what it contains!

Doing maintenance on a game as large as DOFUS is a real challenge! The game has seen so many new features, new classes, and successive updates that taking the time to do some spring cleaning is quite liberating! This update – which is quite special in that it has no new content – had been boxed up for a long time, so we are delighted, for both ourselves and players, that we can finally put it into production.

This special update will have twice the beta period compared to what we can usually afford. Thanks in part to a Temporis that requires the development effort of a classic update, we can distribute the lifeblood of the production team differently.

The 2.59 BETA will last for one month, during which we will monitor players' feedback with particular attention, mainly to check that what was initially fixed and tested in our test environment actually behaves as we hoped for players. We will also pay close attention to any regression bugs, which are caused when bug fixes are applied. It may seem absurd said that way, but in a game that's been around as long as DOFUS (thanks to its passionate community and its team's hard work), it, unfortunately, happens often.

For this update, we are really focusing on bugs that affect the classes and combat experience. Just looking at the classes, some 300 bugs will be fixed. No classes are being left out; some require more work than others, but overall, players will notice fixes to their classes. And that's just when it comes to class bugs…

We are aware of your expectations for the Sacrier class in particular, so we can already tell you that the class will be modified in 2.59 and all the planned changes will be available in the beta phase. The full changelog of the changes made to the class will be available at the same time as the beta server opens.

If you haven't understood by now, we'll be more explicit: This must be the largest debugging update the game has ever seen. It's a huge amount of work, and we can't do it without you! Your feedback will be crucial in the beta phase.

Some of these fixes will also involve the damage preview and spell effects, which should become much more reliable.

One of the priorities after class debugging is the Well of Infinite Dreams. We are applying many fixes to both how it works and modifiers. Whether it's incompatibility issues between monsters, how modifiers work (dream, nightmare, and paradox), scoring, or sometimes mere translation issues, around 100 fixes are being applied that will greatly improve your journey through the WID.

The game client is getting a facelift; some things you'll see, others you won't. You regularly report client performance problems to us, so improvements will be made in 2.59. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on this point, and we are facing technical limitations that will be removed once DOFUS on the Unity engine has been released. On that matter, we don't have a release date for the time being, since porting only started a few months ago and it will be a lengthy project. As such, please be patient.

We are also aware of the great expectations for Kolossium matchmaking. Unfortunately, we cannot make any improvements to the system in 2.59. We planned on doing so in our roadmap, but too much work was involved for it to be achievable on time. We obviously know this news won't make anyone happy, but we didn't want to get your hopes up. We can though tell you that Kolossium matchmaking will be changed, just in a later update.

All this update's details, bug fixes, balancing, etc. will soon be available in the beta changelog. Changes will obviously be under consideration throughout the beta phase, so the final changelog (available in all languages) will only be published on the day the update is released.

Lastly, please ask any questions you may have about this upcoming update in the comments. For the first time ever, we'll be bringing the whole DOFUS Game Design team together to exchange with you and talk about the update.

To that end, we're organizing a special podcast-format Ankama Live on our Twitch channel on March 23. Interested in something particular? PvP, PvM, balancing, background, and quests: Take this opportunity to ask away, because we're listening!

We'll select some questions from this article's comments and address them during the live session. To your keyboards!

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Good to know about your hard work, gratz smile

 don't know if you have ever consider this but now that you mention gameplay and UI I have a good one: Huppermage "Creation" spell doesn't show anywhere which element the rune will be, so unless you're 100% about the last spell you cast is kinda a gamble. Would be amazing if there was any visual way to know which element the rune would be before create it.
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Finally! Bug fixing update!
*Smash one bug, 4 more pop up*
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As a long time Sac player, my concern about another re-balance/revamp is that aspect being nerfed to the ground because our presence in PvP is too strong. I understand that PvP is a large aspect as to what you balance around but what steps are you taking to ensure that one aspect of your balancing doesn't make the class useless in the other?
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Score : 76
Debugging in a game this old must be a hellish project, it's awesome to hear you all try to take it on! Best of luck and thanks for making a great game smile
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Score : 34
Best of luck doing it! I hope we can see Dofus on another engine this year too! Flash is getting really old.
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I'm especially looking forward to the game client improvements. Hopefully, it will run more smoothly. As for sacrier, since it keeps being changed, I've become so desensitized, it's just normal for me at this point.
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I'm so sorry haha
I keep wanting to make a sacrier but they keep changing them and every time i go "eh, lets see if this one ill stick for longer then a few months"
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Hey! Love the news of sacrier being balanced. Was really just too strong even after last nerf.

Would it be possible to intergrate a "report" button in-game making reporting of bugs/botting/multilogging/etc much easier, not having to go through the ticket process? and not only have it on the Beta.
It would be to tremendous help when reporting bots for example farming mines and leveling like crazy in astrub and making everyone lag. Would also make it easier to report multilogging in AvA, which has been a HUUUUGE issue on Echo past few months when no action has been taken on the multiloggers for some reason, even if countless of tickets have been sent in. Another thing is bots, they are invading mines on Echo, but also, i assume, doing quests in astrub for kamas and making everyone lag. Sometimes you can see up to 30 cra bots run after each other only to return 30 seconds later through the same map. Very few actually got the time to send in a ticket about these issues, furthermore knowing that little to no action is being taken in most cases.
Would also be fun to get a "statistics" thing accessible in-game, showing how many mobs you have killed, how many maps u've walked through, how many hours you've been online in-game, zaapsit? kinda a meme, but would be fun to know how much you've actually sat at a zaap, how many challs you have completed, kamas you've spent on accessing bank, sale fees, etcetc.
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I'm really looking forward to the unity port!

Maybe it's a bit of a premature question, but I wonder... what are your foundings in the initial tests with dofus 2.x on unity for PC? I would really love to get an impression of the possibilities the future has to offer.

Like, does it 'improve' performance, is it butter smooth (damn you microstutters), can you create graphical explosions without hogging cpu and memory smile? Maybe some numbers?
Some noticeable difference in the old vs. new client?
Are you planning to exploit the full array of capabilities (performance and feature-wise)  of unity to make the game more appealing, or are you (partially) sticking to the classic visual style of the game?
Most important of all: Will I be able to pet my Bow Meow?
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I'm really excited about Unity port too.
Its supposed to be much smoother since current Dofus doesnt use your graphics card and runs on 1 cpu core.
I hope they will have a Wakfu camera too instead of splitting map in locations. May be it's too much but ever since 12:6 patch they actually have one land map.
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Score : 2715
Will cache actually make the game faster instead of making it slower?

It is the first game I've seen in which cache makes the game slower, and cleaning it up makes the game go quite faster.
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Score : 1
I would to first say thank you for your hard work and dedication to bringing us an even better experience with the game that we all love.
if there is one thing i can add, is maybe adding more features/ways of reporting the abuse of the terms of service in the international servers (echo especially) such as multilogging for example. as we speak, in the echo server, there are some multiloggers that are open about their behavior and are mass farming perceptors which makes the overall pvp experience bad for everyone else.
this person has been reported multiple times by many people with no results so far (it has been more than a month)
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Score : 145
Buff the Ivory and Ebony Dofus’

Way too underwhelming since the nerf and pretty much unusable too
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Score : 65
Bring the Russian language back into the game guys. Why are you so. I love this game, but it's much more enjoyable to play in my native language. Of course you do not suffer from a similar problem, but I hope you understand. The whole community is deprived. Not fair.
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Score : 1739
That's true, I tried to introduce a friend to Dofus but after they download a client it turns out Russian is no longer an option for some reason so they left.
I suppose keeping a language support isn't very easy but come on, you already have most of the game translated, why quit now?
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Score : 65
Temporis V incomming?
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Score : 82
For the love of God can you return, or give the option of, the cartoon picture of the character on the bottom bar, i moss it so much
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Score : 1739
I'm sure they will have animated one when they transfer to Unity
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Score : 2351
Will this update also fix server issues like random lagg and disconnects? This is probably the most annoying thing for the past years and it affects almost everybody. Some more than others. I really hope this gets fixed aswell.
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Please make this game more lively, trees, grass, clouds, everything that moves.
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Score : 110
Thanks for this update! I have something rather small and specific but it seems so easy to fix: There are some (quest) items that are impossible to destroy, such as the 'electrobolt' and 'terra clan shovel'. Could you add the option to destroy them or talk to a quest NPC so they take it off you? It seems like such an easy fix and these items make your inventory unnessecarily full. smile
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Will Beta changelog be in english too?
Will Beta be accessible on all accounts or just subscribed ones?
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I have been playing this game almost since its inception and I can see how this game is changing. I know not all of my questions are relevant to the current update, but I hope they find an answer. Do you plan to introduce passive skills to each class? Same as for Sacrier or Xelor. Are you planning new classes that will make the gameplay more varied? I know that the last classes are beautiful, but the variety is what gives me a lot of fun, and I have every class. Personally, I have a million ideas about what a new class could look like and what it could specialize in to complement the current variants. I know that you create a game with love and, faithful to the story, you introduce changes cyclically. But there are so many domants or dungeons, dark mines, sky islands that can be entered. Our only limit is our imagination. smile
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