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[ C3 - MAR ] International Women's Day

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - March 17, 2021, 22:26:27
 [ C3 - MAR ] International Women's Day 


Many of you, if not all, know that on March 8th it is celebrated The International Women's Day .
In some countries it is also observed as an equivalent of Mother's Day.

This is a contest to celebrate and show our gratitude:
  • towards our fellow female gamers on Dofus;
  • towards the female volunteers who try to make the forums and the game a better experience;
  • towards the female employees of Ankama who work together and contribute to make this such a wonderful game.

So this would be an easy contest, cuz females in general are so easy to please: a kind word, a nice gesture, a lil flower, an insignificant tiny gift, to show they're cared for and appreciated for who they are.

How to participate:
  • - choose a female NPC that you like the most; if you don't like any, then pick a dungeon boss at end dungeon, or a mob with a single monster in it;
  • - take a screenshot of your character and the NPC/ dungeon boss/ single monster mob that you have picked as to be the one whom you like the best from all the world of twelve;
  • - do not edit the screenshot (for example, do not add violins or unikorns pictures in your screenshot) , except trimming image to hide in-game boxes (HP, Item bar, Chat etc)
  • - post the screenshot ;
  • - write a few lines of what you'd say tp that NPC/ dungeon boss/ single monster mob if you were to meet her : she can be your girlfriend, your mom, your grandmom, your aunt, a friend, a female cousin, your mentor, one of your captains, etc, use your imagination, let it float freely - so say (I mean, write) what you'd say to her : some words of appreciation, love, gratitude, respect, eagerness to match her powers/ skills, admiration, etc etc etc;
  • - below, in parenthesis ( ... ) , write a few words about her background, what she does, your kind of relation with her, what she did for you, what you did for her, etc etc etc, again, let your imagination free ;
  • - last but not least, please respect these forums rules for posting.

Prizes will consist in Azure ceremonial items (cosmetics): 
  • - dragturkey harness
  • - shield + sword
  • - cape + hat

Please, also put a PS 1 at the end, mentioning if you'd like it to be:
  • - one single prize, with all that,
  • - 3 prizes, with the items split as above.

Please, also put a PS 2 at the end, mentioning:
  • - if you'd be interested in a future contest using real Play-Doh or similar colored modeling compounds to create some shapes according to a theme for the contest;
  • - not interested in such thing.

Good luck to everyone! kiss

Deadline: March 31, DUT, 23:59.

Previous contests this years from the [ C x - yyy ] series, in case you'd like to have a look at the amazing entries and wonderful people who posted so far :
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Score : 170
Dear Meriana,
             Let me thank you for everything you've done to me since i started my journey in the world of twelve, i'm very grateful for you assistance since fighting dark vlad to saving the world from the 3 sisters. I will remember you as one of the most optimistic, cheerful and resilient people I have ever known.
                                                                                                   Thank you.
                                                                                                   Your Favorite panda.

( well well well who doesn't know Meriana the witch of the swamp , the mentor of every adventurer in the world of twelve, we fought together to save the world and collect all the dofuses from evil hands as i'm now their protector.)
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Score : 881

luv it! wubhuhkiss

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Score : 10226

My dearest Osamodas Mishell, 
Lets start with a few things, you're short....... like me laugh   you love animals....... like me kiss  you're a little bit crazy....... like me wicked    
I will hunt down the dastardly fiends who stole your precious Cancane, teach then the error of their ways perhaps force a few Tabby Bow Meow Transformation potions down their necks so they can feel what it is like to be cute and fluffy and then return the adorable Gobgob to you along with my hand of eternal friendship.
Together we can fight for the hearts and lives of the furry, the feathered, the scaled.  Together we can educate people that poaching is bad. Together we can teach people that over-farming is pushing critters to extinction. Together we can try to stop the decline of endangered animals far and wide!
Until we meet again my dearest little friend.

Angel TT

p.s Split the prizes between participants?
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Score : 881

luv it! kisswickedwub

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Score : 881
Good evening,

Both participants already know they are the co-winners, and both were as kind as I expected, opting for "split prize". wub
Prizes have been distributed in game already, to both, a couple of days ago + - . kiss

I want to thank both AuraOfMadness and Angelsnow for participating to this contest.
With their wonderful creations, they helped towards what I see as a community token of recognition and admiration towards females into the mainly male gaming world (probably?!).
I want to express my gratitude towards AuraOfMadness and Angelsnow for contributing to this thread and contest that is meant to show our gratitude and acceptance of females into this gaming world, may them be girls or women, may them be players, guildies, alliancees, friends ig, moderators, volunteers, Ankama employees, etc.
Also, many thanks to all who viewed and/ or liked the thread too; I do hope among them are some volunteers or Ankama employees too.

Happy gaming everyone!
And have a fantastic evening/ night/ day coming towards you!

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