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News in real time: Temporis V

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 30, 2021, 17:00:00
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(Last updated: 5/06/21) Follow all news about the next edition of Temporis in real-time! You'll find the newest videos and most recent updates here on this page!

To make sure you don't miss anything regarding Ecaflip City, we'll gather all of our news articles - relating to Temporis V - right here! 

TEMPORIS V: Welcome to Ecaflip City!

Temporis V is underway in DOFUS right now!


Latest news

  • Temporis V - Ankama Live #1

Here's a summary of the Ankama Live Twitch stream from Tuesday, April 27.

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  • The Temporis V Server Transfer Service Is Available!

The free character transfer service between Temporis V servers is now available. Space is limited.

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  • Tempo Weekly: Here We Go Again!

It's just incredible… As soon as the Temporis servers open, BAM! They show up! Djinn and Logan are doing it again and inviting you to take part in the first Tempo Weekly of many – Ecaflip City style!

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  • TEMPORIS V: Time to play!

Ecaflip City... You're finally here! Those endless nights, perfect for burning through every last kama on every kind of fun and games. Those moments when the air crackles with tension between players – so thrilling, they're almost intoxicating… And that precious moment, frozen in time, when you finally win it all! Temporis V is underway in DOFUS right now!

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  • Ecaflip City opens on Wednesday!

Your turn at the table has finally arrived! Ready for a trip to Ecaflip City, the town where anything goes? Jump into the game on Wednesday, April 21 and take this flashy and exciting new Temporis experience for a spin!

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  • Temporis V: Thank You for Pre-registering!

We've entered the next phase of the fifth-ever Temporis, and big things are gearing up for the server opening. But before that, let's take a look at pre-registration numbers. How many of you answered Ecaflip's call? Read on to find out!

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  • Temporis V – FAQ! 

In the starting blocks since the grand return of the Temporis servers was announced, you're ready for the starting pistol to go off on April 21. In the meantime, we'll explain every detail of this fifth edition!

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  • Ankama (Not) Live: Episode 9! 

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  • DOFUS – Temporis V – Teaser

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Background news

  • Feline – The night the star went out #3

There was a buzzing in my ear, strong enough to rattle my whole skull. Besides the lack of sleep and the couple of drinks I'd had the night before, I was also just plain confused. For two days, I hadn't had one lead, not a single solitary clue. Zip. And now… within just a few hours, I suddenly had three suspects to deal with…

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  • The Wheel of Destiny #1: Atcham

"Welcome to the show, my dear kikitties! Make yourselves at home. I'm your divine benefactor, your great pink power, and your host: Ecaflip, in the flesh (and fur)! Since I'm in control of Temporis this time, I've decided to run my own show too: the Wheel of Destiny. My disciples and my own progeny have sometimes experienced extraordinary fates. Did they become heroes? Legends? Or just pretentious boors? That's for you to judge! As for me, I just spin the wheel, meow! Round and round it goes… Aaaaaah! Well, this should start things off on the right paw… Friends, today I present: the tale of Atcham and the hunters three!"

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  • Feline – The night the star went out #2

85's jaw dropped so fast, it nearly hit the floor. I turned around with the strange feeling that time itself had been stretched and that I was moving in slow motion, as though I were swimming. My head certainly was… Only my heartbeat was speeding up, creating a vaguely nauseating dissonance with the rest of my senses. She was standing right there in front of me, surrounded by a pack of bodyguards

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  • Temporis V: From Xelor to Ecaflip

If you were a god whose divine sense of hearing could reach to the very edges of the Krosmoz, you would surely hear an astral tomcat purring with anticipation as he lounges comfortably in his enormous wicker basket and curls up on his royal cushion stuffed with chimeric feathers. But you’re not a god…

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  • Feline – The night the star went out

I was ready to give up. The situation with the little Eni hadn't made me any fonder of the Twelvian race. After years of trying to eradicate evil, I'd started trying to understand it. Being on the right side of the law… It had been an obvious choice, ever since I was a kid. But well… By now I'd come to realize that the line between "them" and me was no thicker than a kaliptus leaf. So I'd made my plans to leave. To get off the ship before I sank for good. Before I started turning into one of themAnd then someone just had to stick me on this case.

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For the international community: we need to go all on one server otherwise we will have to play the game with full french chat and we won't understand much out of it. What Ankama did with Temporis 4 was perfect, maybe they can do it again? @Ankama? Give the Hispanic community a server and the International community another?

If not, I suggest we all register for Temporis X when it opens(at this rate it should happen in a few days)
I'm also working on a Discord server for the community. With some nice tools and events created for this temporis. I'll be sharing more info soon.

(And yes, I'm Attrom for those of you who know me)

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@Wattrom For now we have registered on tempo4, but ive seen on reddit that people got scattered over servers as they have been flooded quickly. We should have the option to transfer to another server over the first week, so just follow reddit from 21st onwards.

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Here is the Discord server:

@filipushek Ye, I feel like 1st week is going to be everyone with their close friends, and on 27th we can all group on one server. But I'm trying to gather as many as possible on Temp X, since it's got plenty of room for now.

Btw, you can still unregister and re-register until 13th April

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Wow, good one. Absolutely loving it, no, seriously........
My gameplay all of 3 minutes 47 seconds before being booted from the server whilst in a fight, then told the server is on back up, then server offline, then I finally get back in to find my character has died, I've lost HP and Energy.  At this rate with the state of the servers I'll be a ghost with no way of regaining energy but to log off in an Inn, which is counter-intuitive to playing to gain cards in order to level up. Bravo.
5th year for Temporis and this is the most subscribed to one yet, and you didnt perhaps think that there would be more juice in the server computers required to accommodate the increase in connections?
I really though this year would be a year to participate.
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Score : 675

Does anyone know, if there is (or will be) a website where the community collects all the information?
Things like what cards to trade for equipment, keys, level ups, etc.

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There is a Temporis V recipe list on biggrin

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Your dumbass temporary servers have ruined Echo. As if the population wasn’t bad enough already you make these stupid ass servers . Dofus is so shit now wtf are you guys thinking .

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