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Critical Hit Rate

By bladebatuhantr#7478 - SUBSCRIBER - April 26, 2021, 19:36:39

I got %73 crit without any buffs. I got %78crit hit on my spells but it works as %50 crit or less. My dagger has %88 crit rate and it also works as %50. Sometimes it doesnt come crit twice back to back. How can it be possible?

If I had %12 critical hit I know that it only crits once per mounth maybe lol. ButI got %12 NoneCrit rate with my dagger but it works as %50-60.

I think there is a big problem about this critical hit rates or it does not work successfully. Please fix this situation. I spend 200mk to build crit/str char but it does not work as I wish. 

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I think you should definitely read about mathematics and specifically probability. Having 88% of chance to do something doesn't mean you will get it in 88% of times. If you do a test 1000 times you will see you certainly HAVE 88% chance to crit as you'd most likely do around 880 critical hits in these 1000 hits. Having 88% chance to crit doesn't mean you're going to crit at least 8 times in 10 hits as well. You might get 10 crit hits in 10 attacks and you might get 0 either... That's a pure luck.
I could even refer to roulette here... The common roulette in casinos, that is. You might know there are blacks and reds. You have roughly 47.5% chance to hit either red or black (there are various types I believe so the rate may be different). While it should be about 47 reds coming in 100 rolls, you DO NOT have this guaranteed. Roulette doesn't have memory. When it hits red, next roll it won't remember that. It's always 47.5% to hit red. In fact that's A LOT to hit it. Almost half a chance. If you are "lucky enough" you might as well get 20x red IN A ROW.
Hope my explanation helps a bit. If not you can always educate yourself more.
PS. May the Ecaflip's Luck be with you and you crit all the time! cool

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First of all thanks for a respond but I know the math behind it lol. But I still believe that it doesnt work successfully. Ofcourse even if i had %99 of crit rate, it can not be crit bcs %1 is still posible, it can get nonecrit 5 time back to back bcs it is possible. But it is very very unlikely to happen right? This is the problem i was talking about.

Normally, if u have %88 and it means that ur crit rate is 7.5 times higher than nonecrit rate. However if it works like 50-50 always, It means there is an optimization problem about this and it needs a calibration.

Btw This is not a situation I encounter occasionally, it's the same in every hit i do for months. I can not feel that I got %88 crit rate, I feel like i have something around %40-50 lol.

And as I said if i had a %12 crit rate, I am absolutely sure that it does not come crit as it comes nonecrit to me nowadays. (I think this is a good example to make it clear)  Possibility rates of crit and none crit are not same, this is what i believe.

I hope u understand what i am talking about.

I hope eca's luck will be with us. smile

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I understand everything you're writing. However, considering I haven't seen anyone else complaining about crits, I believe there is nothing we can do except for making really long and detailed tests and then sending the results to Ankama so they could investigate.

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Interesting, whenever i play with a crit builded class, he/she always complains about this rates. I hope Ankama will check this possibility rates and fix them if there is an any optimization problem.

Btw, 5min ago I did a very little test with myself. I decrease the crit rate of spell to %22 to check crit rate. I did 11 hit and it only comes crit 1 times. I increase it to 78 and in 11 hits it comes  crit 6 times.

Probability of getting crit happened as 1/11 when i have %22 crit rate.
Probability of getting none crit happened as 5/11 when i have %22 none crit rate.

Ofcourse it can happen bcs i did only 11 hit bcs of kanejedo dolls xD. And I know, be able to make it clear i need to make very long and more detailed tests and then take the average values of these possibilities but I dont have time to do it. However, i totally sure that even if i make a test for 11k hits. Results wont be change.  Bcs I did more than 5k hit with a %78 crit spells and I believe 5/11 totally reflects reality.

Probability of none crit is not same with crit. Please make comment or vote if u encounter the same problem
. Maybe with this way Ankama check this situation.

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I got some good advice for you. Go use the 100% crit build and you wont have this problem anymore XD.

Most of my classes are in a crit build set. They have around 70-80% crit rate. One of them being the lowest at 50-60%. With the lowest one i do feel a big different in crit rate. it does indeel feel like 50% but sometimes you get unlucky and dont crit 3-5 times in a row. it sucks but its highly possible since every spell you cast is 50% chance. The game doesnt remember you dont crit 2 times and then thinks oh lets make him crit 2 times now to compensate. With the classes that are 70-80% I do feel they crit about 3/4 of the time. Ofc there are still moments you dont crit a couple of times in a row but they happen rarely.
Theres 1 class that is 90% crit and this one feels like im critting all of the time. Only in rare occasions I dont crit multiple times in a row. Like I said if you want to remove the randomness you can get a 100% crit build.

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very good advice thank you. ^^ i didnt think that before

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