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The Panache Set and Headgear Blind Box

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - April 29, 2021, 14:00:00
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With spring's arrival, you must be feeling a new longing taking root in your soul. To express your blossoming mood with a prestigious set and matching interchangeable headgear, head to the shop by May 12!

PANACHE SET: Level Up Your Charisma

The Panache set is all about decorum and elegance, but it will also substantially enhance your charisma and self-confidence. Imagine yourself in this dark and mysterious outfit consisting of a cape and a shield… Other adventurers will be awestruck when they see you!

All you need to do is match it with the right headgear, available in a blind box.

AQUEOUS PANACHE HEADGEAR: Leave Your Enemies Dripping with Envy

Courage has always coursed through your veins. And with this headgear, you'll be in full flow!



You may sometimes be full of hot air, but you occasionally blow people's minds. With this headgear, your self-esteem will be so high that nothing will bring you down!



You've been craving the hottest new headgear for a while. This one will only fan the flames of your desire!



This headgear may split opinion. Some may think you're out of your tree or wonder why on earth you look like that. Those people will never see the forest for the trees. You, on the other hand, have both feet firmly on the ground.

To look more charming than ever before, head to the shop before 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) on Wednesday, May 12!


Panache Set (cape + shield) + a free headgear blind box: €4.99 or 5,000 OG
Headgear blind box sold individually: €1.99 or 2,000 OG

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Cute stuff indeed !!!
Me wubkisswubkiss !!!
TYVM !!!

PS: Not sure what all that means ... Errrr ... See the circled and / or underlined words:
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Ush, I used up all my TemporisV luck on this - now it'll all be misfortune.

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Honestly Ankama, you make it easy to spend money. Repeatedly.


If you want to try your luck and buy more than 2 of the Blind Boxes (after getting the Panache Set), you get told to wait until the payment has been verified. (Lesson learnt, dont try to purchase more than 3 items in a row)

Like, seriously, I just spent money with the exact same purchasing method, from the exact same bank account and you only decide to verify after the 3rd transaction? 

Perhaps you should think about having a wallet facility on an account, same as the Ogrine wallet, but to spend in the store as cash.
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This isn't surprising considering you made multiple repeated purchases in rapid succession like that. Your bank or card issuer is partially involved whenever that message appears.

This is why I avoid the direct credit card payments whenever possible, and use Paypal whenever I can because the transactions are always smoother that way. It would be nice to have a wallet feature, though!

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ummmm ...
... It looks it has been changed/ edited. wub

Thanks for letting us know. wicked

Just curious tho: 

Was the "special offer" for real? Did anyone got the 6 al howin blind boxes? When purchasing this set? Or the frikadevra pack? If they bought that before the "special offer" was removed with such incredible smoothness that we weren't even aware of it happening? mellowmuteohmy

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bohemia|2021-05-01 08:38:40

I got the Panache Set yesterday and the only bonus item was a Headgear Blind Box huh (then went and got 3 of the boxes extra laugh )
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Angelsnow|2021-05-02 19:19:32
bohemia|2021-05-01 08:38:40

I got the Panache Set yesterday and the only bonus item was a Headgear Blind Box huh (then went and got 3 of the boxes extra laugh )

I did the same! A few mins ago!

Even if I am like 99.99% against the gambling system of the blind boxes, and even if I'd be willing to pay more (ogrine or irl cash) just to get what I fancy at the moment ... rolleyesmellowmellow

All I wanted was 4 different headgears, and that's what I got. kiss
Happeh !!!! wub
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