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[ C4 - APR ] Do you like chocolate? If YESSSSSS, tell us why ? :-)

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - April 30, 2021, 18:15:36
{wip} work in progress - being written atm - saved from time to time, so page doesn't expire; when WIP goes away, this post is ready {wip}
[ feel free to start posting, if you'd like to participate to this contest; rules shall remain about the same; only prize pool might increase ]

Good Friday evening, wub kiss

I am truly sorry for the lateness of [ C4 ].
This month wasn't nice to me: 2 bronchitis, 1 chronical sinusitis, results of post infection of fat tissue in legs to deal with, and even 1 week at hospital rushed in an ambulance; that's the empty part of the glass.
There is also a full half of the glass: I have lost 5 kilos in the week I have been to hospital; yet, I do not recommend this (going to hospital sick, only to loose weight as "side effects", from stress there and bad hospital food). And they're more half full glasses: at a radio contest I've won 10 kilos of turkey breast (no skin, no bones; and they've sent not 10, but 11 kilos, yumyum); at another radio contest I've won some cream to make cream for cakes (milk cream, not the yuckiez artificial one) and a vertical mixer with a ton of accessories; at some contests where I had to buy for a certain amount of money minim some personal hygiene and cosmetics from a certain brand, I've won 3 times, a bag or box, sometime bigger, sometime smaller, with that specific brand's products.

  • - how much I love chocolate irl (I consider one has to be an alien in disguise among us humans, to dislike all kinds of chocolate mellow );
  • - how much I craved for chocolate while I was in hospital, cuz sometime I forgot to tell sis I had finished the one she brought me latest; poor sis, she came daily to see me, even for a couple of mins; with the pandemic thinggie going on, even that, being allowed to speak irl (keeping social distancing, ofc!!! ) for a few mins face to face (well, mask to mask ; - ) was great, in some hospitals you can't even go out, once they tested you negative for cov and put you in a covid-free hospital section/ floor/ room);
  • - how much I loooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee seasonal game content (which always lasts too lil mute for all the stuff I want to do and the amount of chars to do it for sad );
  • - the present Dungeon Rusher: Mawabouwaino and its time duration;
  • - the lateness of this contest;
we shall have have some results of all that, as the following:
  • - the contest starts the moment the {wip} is either deleted or strikethrough;
  • - the contest will end on Monday. May 3, hour 23:59 pm DUT (Dofus time; you get it typing /time in chat);
  • - the contest will wrap itself around ... yes! you have guessed it! ... chocolate !!!
  • - it will also take into account the current Dungeon Rusher: Mawabouwaino that probably started already, to encourage more of you to go pay a visit to those cute choco bunnies and other choco creatures there in that dungeon.

You can participate to this contest fairly easy:
  • - first of all, you are strongly recommended to follow and obey these forums rules, be polite, kind, try to be a source of inspiration for others;
  • - you are not requested any kind of payment to take part in this contest (no kamas and no irl cash asked to give you the right to participate); all you need is to have a valid Ankama account and a character on Echo to collect the prize at the end of the contest;
  • - run at least once Dungeon Rusher: Mawabouwaino , alone or with friends;
  • - at the end of the dungeon, after you have received the Mawabouwaino shield, wear it over your current shield and take a screenshot wearing this cosmetic shield on the map of Fleaster Island of your choice, outside or inside a dungeon;
  • - post the screenshot you have taken as specified above (tips on how to do it, here: Tutorial] In-game screen capture + adding image to forum post
  • - please, make sure no other characters are on the map, except yours;
  • - answer to these questions:
  1. A) Do you like chocolate? Why?
  2. B ) Do you like Fleaster Island? Why?
  3. C) Do you like seasonal game content? Why? And do you consider those seasonl game contests last too little or too long, and why?
  • - additionally, but not compulsory, you can also write a lil story of your about your character and chocolate;
all the above, if you have a subscribed account and a character on Echo that can run  Dungeon Rusher: Mawabouwaino.

If your account is not subscribed, but you still want to participate, then same rules as for subscribed accounts work, only that:
  • - instead of running Dungeon Rusher: Mawabouwaino and posting a screenshot wearing it, you still have to answer the questions A, B, C from above, and compulsory write at least 2 stories about your character and cholate.

Prizes :
- still to look into it, hopefully today or tomorrow, but they're gonna be ceremonial items, as usual, so far.

Donations, so far, for prizes pool:

- me, some ceremonial items, not sure yet which what;

Heart ( alli lead of Above and Beyond, guild lead of Invincible, on Echo) will donate 10 mk on Monday; many many many thanks, from the heart :

- ...
- ...
- ...

Other contests from the [ C xx - MONTH ] series:

Wishing you a great weekend, loads of fun, peace and kindness,

{wip} work in progress - being written atm - saved from time to time, so page doesn't expire; when WIP goes away, this post is ready to goooouuuu {wip}
[ feel free to start posting, if you'd like to participate to this contest; rules shall remain about the same; only prize pool might increase ]
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i'd like to take part in this i will answer the questions and edit this post up when I get the shield ^^

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fair enough!

*crosses fingers ; and toes; and nose too*
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First timer here - your community contests look so cool, and I am excited to give it a go :-)

1) Oh, I absolutely love chocolate. Fate would have me marry a lovely woman who craves it more than me. So chocolate is short-lived in our house.2) Fleaster Island 
has been a blast. As someone who just recently came back to Dofus after 5-6 years of hiatus, Fleaster Island and the Cocoa Quest line was a large part of what got me hooked again.
3) From my limited experience, it is amazing. I fondly remember back to when Kwismas Island first came out. It was such a blast. Length seems to be very appropriate :-)

This is the sad tale of the chocolate-craving Cwabbit's journey to the Cocoa Dofus
There once was a chocolate craving young Rogue by the name of Cwabbit. He was a newcomer to the World of Twelve, but through stories of former glory from family members, he knew his way around the land. He had nothing to his name - but he was determined to obtain the delicious Cocoa Dofus.

Now, in order to achieve this chocolaty egg, Cwabbit had to venture to Fleaster Island. Here, he fought, talked and parleyed his way through the path that would lead him to the egg. Everything was going according to plan ... until the eventful talk with the Fleaster Custodian, who had a list of requests. This would send him on a journey to Pandala, where he were to buy chocolate bars from Stayfun Bonnowa. This might seem like a small deal - but for some inexplicable reason, the purchased chocolate would always have disappeared by the time Cwabbit made his way back to the Bell to Fleaster Island, and he would be forced to return to Pandala once more and buy more chocolate... Something or someone could not help but eat the delicious chocolate. Many travels back and forth between Pandala and the Bell to Fleaster Island later, Cwabbit had to acknowledge the warning signs. They were all there. He had chocoladdiction... With no kamas and no chocolate, Cwabbit had to seek help.
Who better to help than the clever folks over at the Xelor's? With a little help, they Rholled Bak time, gone was chocoladdiction. Once again, Cwabbit was determined to obtain the delicious Cocoa Dofus.

Now, in order to achieve this cocholatey egg, Cwabbit had to venture to Fleaster Island ...
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1-A) Chocolate? of course i like chocolate , i swim in chocolate , i am chocolate.
2-cool I really like the island because its full of chocolate and i can eat the monsters. it's not cruel because they're chocolate and chocolate is chocolate.
3-C) Yes, i like seasonal game content because it changes my routine , i think they're fine the way they are since they don't stay neither too long or too little.
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I love chocolate, it just doesnt like me.
I chose this map because having chocolate can be an experiment each time. Sometimes ok-ish, sometimes bad (or even extreme bad bad beans!).

Consumption of Cadi Buri's finest selection can have (painful) effects, so I am restricted to how
much and when it is best to indulge.


Fleaster Island is a nice (evil) way to get my own back at this by eliminating the enemy and letting the cocoa fat flow.
I love all of the Seasonal events, my favorite being St Ballotwine. Those fluffy pink Chocrosis Gobballs hold a special place in my heart.


Me - 1 : Chocolate - 0
Short and sweet.
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1) I'm the kind of person who keep snacking chocolate till i run out of it. First occasion i can go and buy more, i just do. That 500g Nutella bottle barely survives till the 3rd day, sometimes even the 2nd day is a long shot.
wait what was the question? Do I like chocolate? yes 

2) & 3) have the same answer and its ... 

* drum roll please *


that one guy who lets everyone else knows who failed.
that one guy who doesnt care about your level, class, items and no guide will ever help you find him till you find him yourself
that one guy that can make your day or make your red (i still laugh my a$$ off if i find the wrong one) 

** people should appreciate more white chocolate! 
they say "What's a better duo than peanut butter and jelly?" (ugh gross) 
I say "black and white chocolate" 

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sweet <3

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A- I do like chocolate, I kinda enjoy its taste, bitter not too raw but at the same time sweet hahaha. I have it often with other stuff and it s never bad.
B- I m indifférent vis-a-vis easter island, I m no christian firstly xD but since it brings titles, achievement points & a Dofus, I m there to celebrate!
C- I love seasonal games and events, it breaks the routine, and whenever there are contests, there are winners, so It s great. I would love one day to be rich enough to contribute massively in the making of them contests and donating as well <3

-Alimoxium (Echo)

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Sorry for the late reply on this thread.
I do apologize, deeply, to all of you, for delaying this.

(It has been a bit out of my hands tho, I've been on a long string of infections one after another: 2 bronchistis, 1 chronical sinusitis still going on, 1 week at hospital even, 3 cov tests (all negative, luckily), 1 tooth rooth infection ... and now that I've finsihed yesterday last of my 3 rows of various antibs for all that ... I got sis' virosis (looks like one), but I shall try natural stuff for it, like pills with propolis and plants, some powder with natural extracts to boost immunity, and less natural, paracetamol)... )

Now, back to the thread:

I kindof kicked myself with left foot in the right food choosing chocolate as topic! How can I ever say one's love for chocolate is greater than another's? Or one's entry (all being very carefully and nicely picked!!!) is better than another's?
Of course, all choco lover is my friend!
And, by the way, I chatted a bit with each of the winners, who happened to be (surprise!!!!????) all participants to this thread; all are very friendly, I' do recommend all of them to chat a bit with, play together, etc, they're all great people; do trust me !!!
I really loved all the entries. Loved! Not only cuz they were about chocolate (which I loveee, the darker, the better!), but cuz all of them have been just ... great!!!
And I did appreciate your time put into participating to the contest, your efforts, and your attention to this thread of you all.
Also, a special mention to Heart (lead of alli Above and Beyond, and guild Invincible, on Echo), sponsor of this contest with 10 mil kamas.

The kamas were split 2 m e.a. from his part, + one of those Monkiki'Ng Hat ceremonial items  from my part, to each winner; one of the winners refused the kamas, letting them for new contest, so he also was given a Monkiki'Ng Shield from my part; all winners but one received the prizes and notifications of their win within few days from end contest, but one player, to whom I apologize, to whom I announced the prize and give it far later; but all prizes have been distributed now.
Thank you all for participating and for your attention and views of this thread!
   x 5
 x 1

8 / 10 mil kamas distributed as prizes

Cocoa Dofus x 1 - for the story added as extra, which was optional (again, donation from Heart)

Now, since they're 2 mil left, and I still got some kamas (plus, I am still looking for sponsors ... ; ) ... time for a new contest, C5, before the month is over!

So ... looking forward to see you to next contest!

- hugggzzzz @ all !!!
- virtual hugzzzzz tho, to keep social distancing ; )

bohemia#2044 , aka, Sleeping-whip, lead of guild Utopia, proud member of alli Above and Beyond, on Echo
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