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Let’s Catchoken the Catokens! (Temporis V Secret Quest #1)

By Angelsnow#6707 - SUBSCRIBER - May 09, 2021, 23:40:20
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Spanndam#6721|2021-05-25 21:31:50
Literally what the hell is that. Does the french version give any hints I'm not picking up in English?

Or is it just like "Haha, number of each color goes brrrrr" and its [-21, -33]?

EDIT: Ok no, that's in the middle of a mountain.

This should be correct. If you bring an Unlucky Pick and at least 6666 kamas, the NPC at [-20, -34] lets you get into the tunnel.
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The next set of co-ordinates are [-34,-11]
Ankama failed to tell the International Community (but posted to the French community forums ohmy ) that if you find the next set of co-ordinates, you can put them in to the Code entry on Game>Gift Code to get Sharivaken.
exclIncorrect co-ordinates give the message 
This code is invalid.excl

"The code will always be MEOWFIA, followed by the numerical values ​​of the geo-position that you will have found. Attention, the "0" are not to be taken into account. Here are some examples:
If the position is [12.13] the code will be MEOWFIA1213
If the position is [10.09] the code will be MEOWFIA19"

This week's code is MEOWFIA3411, it should be valid until the start of the next maintenance (Tuesday 1 June 2021). You can also claim the code/tokens on non-subscribed accounts wink
You get 3 Sharivakens that can be spent at  [1,-20] Lhambadda Manor by going: inside first room, taking door in middle of screen/same floor, first door on your right. Speak to Feather the giant Tofu.

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Score : 10323
At [-34,-11]

[16:13] [Chetons-nous sur les Chetons !] Un Ecaflip qui vous est peut-être familier laisse tomber un parchemin à vos pieds avant de commencer un sprint dans la direction opposée. Il devait être pressé.
[16:13] [Let’s Catchoken the Catokens!] An Ecaflip who might be familiar to you drops a parchment close to your feet before sprinting in the opposite direction. He must have been in a hurry.

I am presuming this could be one of 2 ways to find, either count the 2 stack casino chips and hearts in the picture or find them on the maps for Ecaflip City

Casino chip stacks = 5
Red Heart = 1, 2 , 3, 4 or 5 (Zaap, framed picture back of chair - back shaped like a heart with a cut out heart, standing roulette board)

If you use the Code Entry to see if it is the right co-ordinates ([5,1] = 51)

MEOWFIA51 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA52 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA53 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA54 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA55 = Invalid Code

If you include the pink/purple casino chips in the larger piles = 11

MEOWFIA111 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA112 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA113 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA114 = Invalid Code
MEOWFIA115 = Invalid Code

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Score : 30

You have to count all casino chips = 35 and 5 hearts 

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Score : 30

Does someone know how to get this [Meowfiamulet]??

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I asked around and got told several times that it was no longer obtainable <_<

Apparently, some Game Masters gave the special card needed in order to craf this item one night.
I believe it was a one-time event... Hope I'm wrong though

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So the 4 co-ordinates:
# 1: [-12,7]
# 2: [-64, -51]
# 3: [-34, -11]
# 4: [35,5]

Only real cross overs are around [-26, -10] or [-26, -9],  although nothing is around those areas. I guess the only thing to do is to wait until after maintenance on 8 June.

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Yeah it is supposed to end on 8th June so no clue what to do or where to go.

Nothing is popping up at any of the 4 co-ordinates or around where the lines cross over.

Ankama are being extremely tight lipped about anything that may indicate on next course of action and their community (forums, Discord, Twitter etc) are all closed of from anyone who isnt part of "their" community.


I basically got told to get lost when trying to get some clues / further information.

sad So much for Temporis V and its in-game events being for everyone on Temporis   ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯  

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AlbynnB # 9632 | 2021-06-07 19:43:57Hi, i've used Excel to calculate the point, and it seem the answer is x = -26 or -27, and y = -9 or -10
I've tried the 4 combination with the Meowfia Dofus Gift Code, but none of them work (261, 271, 269 and 279)
Maybe we shall wait tomorrow evening like the other updates?

June 07, 2021
I'm going to be hovering around waiting for the servers to go back up when maintenance ends tomorrow.  ph34r I'll " park " my character at the co-ordinates at Moon Island and see if anything pops up * fingers crossed *

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

June 08, 2021 11:30 am

So I Started at
[35,5 ] left the map and returned = NOTHING

Went to: [-26, -10] or [-26, -9] and checked surrounding maps by 4 squares around, checked behind big rocks etc for a possible hidden hole in the ground = NOTHING

Checked around [-20,9] in case the lines meeting were to create a "V" on the map instead of an "X" = NOTHING

No sets of co-ordinates (MEOWFIA261 etc) are resulting in a correct code into the CODE ENTRY webpage either.

UPDATE 9 June:

At [25,5]:
[19:59] [Chetons-nous sur les Chetons !] Un Ecaflip que vous n’avez jamais vu vous fait signe de vous approcher : « Psst ! Ce sera ce jeudi 10 juinssidor à 21 heures. Ne sois pas en retard ! Et si tu ne vois pas de quoi je parle, renseigne-toi ou oublie. Je ne fais que passer le message de toute façon, je ne sais pas ce qu’il veut dire. »

[19:59] [Let’s Catchoken the Catokens!] An Ecaflip you have never seen before is asking you to come closer : “Psst! It will be this Thursday 10th Junssidor at 9pm. Don’t be late! And if you have no idea what I am talking about, ask around you. I have no idea what that means, I am a messenger, that’s all.” 

 excl water I've heard that for the Temporis XII server it is Thursday 9pm FRANCE TIME! water excl

excl fire For the Temporis XIII server it is Friday 9pm FRANCE TIME! fire excl

(so check when that will be FOR YOU if you want to join!)
Vlady#8789|2021-06-10 00:47:14
Hello, it seems [25;5] is in the middle of the sea, surely you meant [-25;5] or [-25;-5]

I went to [-25;5][-25;-5] and [25;-5], but none of these resulted in a secret message.


It is[35,5] the boat at the top of the beach on Moon Island near the Imps Carrier - there you will get the new pop up about the event tonite.

We know [35,5] was correct because the gift code MEOWFIA355 was accepted as correct and gave everyone who used it 3 x Sharivakens, (both subscribed players and unsubscribed players could claim this gift code)

The next co-ordinates where the event will be is around 
[-26, -10]
or [-26, -9]
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Isnt the event supposed to end on 08.06.? So i´d assume we only have this week to find them as we have all 4 pos now that are needed

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so someone went there i'm late

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Same here, had to work. Kinda dumb if the event went on for weeks just to stop at a specific date where a lot of people might not have time.

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The [Catchoken] event on Temporis XII has certainly finished, the one on Temporis XIII will be Friday at 9pm DUT

have quite a few voluntary "Role Play Game Masters" {lets call them GM, theyre kind of like a Moderator, both are voluntary and do their "jobs" in their own time for free, and can spawn special mobs and give special rewards etc for events) on the French servers/forums, but they sorely lack anything on the International servers/forums.

The thing that got my hackles up so much was that it was a Temporis wide Role Play "event" but it was never shared by any GM outside of the French forum. So if those pop-ups never showed for anyone from the International community, we would never have known pensive

Perhaps anyone who has previously applied to be a Moderator on any of the International servers could see if they could apply to be a GM, especially if they like role playing within the World of Twelve ?!?
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