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Your game is just plain unplayable

By Compulsive#6734 - SUBSCRIBER - May 16, 2021, 19:41:12

And it has been for weeks (months?).

The ping has just been high most of the time.

The average was always under 70, now the average is most often over 200.

Let's not even talk about the constant times that it is over 1000, sometimes achieving over 10000.

It's just unplayable. In another game it might be fine, but in a click turn based game like Dofus, it isn't.

Runescape combat feels faster than the current combat state of dofus.

You press to attack and it takes seconds to read it. You press to attack twice and it only reads one. Let's not even talk about the AP bug that shows you have more AP than you have because of the ping.

And when farming jesus christ is this slow. It goes from 50-60 dungeons per hour to something like 30-40.

And for whatever reason even speaking to NPC's is slow. You try to open the NPC dialogue? For some reason some dialogue that shouldn't even be server side takes seconds to open. You choose an option? A few more seconds to open.

Everything is just slow right now, I log into the game and I want to quit a few minutes later (and sometimes I do) because it's just unplayable, and unfortunately, it has been for weeks. I feel bad for those who paid for something like a month of P2P just for it to be wasted because of it.

To not talk about sync problems and buying in the market with this lag.

Honestly, it's just sad.

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Typical Ilyzaelle players kappa :^)))))

*Jahash supremacy intensifies*

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True. It was what I noticed the most when I decided to keep on playing on Ilyzaelle, it was way slower when doing things such as buying from the market.

However, it was not like it is now. Currently it is a constant high ping in literally everything, sometimes you can't do much in your turn.

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The issue is well-known by Ankama and they have stated publically they are working on it. It's been addressed through Ankama Live which you can recap via the following links;

Ankama Live #1

Ankama Live #2

Ankama Live #3

Ankama Live #4

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Sure, they say they are working on it, but we still see them making all this random bullshit, rather than just focusing on fixing their fucking game, that we are actually charged to play. Disgusting shit, and yet we still have people simping for ankama and their poor decision making

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