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Do Ankama hates Fecas?

By Dadiriz#3790 - SUBSCRIBER - May 17, 2021, 05:47:23

Why did they butched the invunerability spell so badly? What's the point of this spell half most classes can just nulify it with 1 skill, and they don't even negate the damage of that attack? Isn't it enough that people can just attack from range or melee to get around them?

And why in the name of GOD does your shields last  2 FREAKING TURNS?? And people can still debuff them?? 

The sacrier gets a permanent Feca shield as their health gets lower that CAN'T BE DEBUFFED and we have to waste AP every 2 turns for the same spell that will probably last even less than 2 turns.. Why does the berserker class have a better shield than the protector? If you really want these protection spells to be so horrible, why don't you at least buff the damage we can dish so we can compete a little better with the other classes?

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I don't main a Feca so I don't really know much about the class. I also don't PvP so I really don't know the class's struggle in PvP.

The little data that I know playing a PvM Feca is that invulnerability is mainly for PvM. Invulnerability in PvP is OP so I believe it should be countered to limit its efficiency. In my opinion, PvP Feca are mainly glyph map zoner instead of shielder.

Then again, I am not a PvP Feca player, so my knowledge in this discussion is really next to nothing. I welcome PvP Feca players to correct me coz I am wrong,

Edit: I also haven't played my PvM Feca since the first server merge that made the game unplayable for me, so I have no idea what nerf/changes have been done to the class. For all I know, maybe glyph/zone Feca might no longer be viable also.

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The invunerability already can be countered, if you use range invul, attack them on melee, if they use melee invul, attack them from range, that's the whole point of why they split the spell in the first place. And i don't think 1 turn invulnerability is OP when there are classes that can 1 shot you (xelors - iops - elios) or heal half their hp (elios - ecas - sadis etc). Seriously, my feca had 39% neutral, 39% earth resist and 3900 hp and the xelor just deleted him anyways because he had like 20 AP.

But even with that, if you have any of the invul, if a steamer throw a shark attack on you'll recieve full damage (most of the time 1.5k damage) of the attack regardless, then the spell will sit in cooldown for 4 turns which by that time, the fight will already be over or will just get debuffed again.


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Yeah... Considering shields and glyphs are what make a Feca: I would think having shields that can just be stripped away so easily makes them practically not even worth the AP to cast in a pvp environment. But in pvm those spells are great and save my skin all the time (though again are pretty much useless against anything that unbewitches).

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use ranged invuln if you can make sure they cant hit you in cc. Use CC invuln if you can lock them so they cant hit you in range or at least have to waste ap to releease you. Gravity glyph + lock & CC invuln works very well in pvp. They cant do anything. 

Its very hard to balance a class when its completely different for pvp and pvm. Most of the time classes get a small nerf pvp wise but pvm wise that change might be a huge impact like with the recent huppermage changes. 

Tbh I think feca isnt working for you after reading your post. Because the only reason I think fecas are not good in pvp is they have no erosion. Shields are not the problem because it depends on your playstyle and tactics. Also, I managed to make builds where a feca can dish out 3-4k dmg a turn aswell so dmg wise they are not bad. Depends on your gear. Dont except them to deal as much dmg as iops because they are not build that way.

Sacs are just broken,  not point in comparing those 2.

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I know, the problem is not that the invuln spells aren weak, is just the huge amount of classes that can just make it disappear, i believe 9 (half the classes sleep) have a way to cancel it, and the vast majority of these spells that reduce buff duration doesn't even have cooldown.

Even the gravity glyph where i could at least try to lock people, i found out that there are some that can get away from that too.. Xelor cancel pretty much the whole glyph, ecas can run through it, pandas can just throw me out of it and elios can just put a portal right below their feet and get away or save a team mate, then i'm screwed for at least 3 turns, which they will just repeat the process.

I can count with 2 fingers the classes that gives Elio a hard time (Sadida and maybe enutrof), but the signature move from the feca can be countered by half the classes here

For some reason, the pandas can stop elios from entering the portals, pandas can also attack from behind walls almost the entire map and make enemy unable to heal themselves, but my glyph which depends on me being able to lock the enemy inside is so much inferior..

But i guess it's my fault for trying to make the air build work on pvp, which is pure melee, i guess i should just sell my stuff and buy a ret ap gear and go full cancer on these people, at least i won't feel so useless in 3x3 koli

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