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Mod assistance on Echo

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - May 19, 2021, 00:46:29

Hello! I've reported two of them already to Fiora, but there seems to be a lot of bots popping up around the stone tusk desert area looping all of the millet. I'm not claiming to understand how or why the process to rid the world of these things takes so long, but around 00:00 Dofus time quite a few of them begin there purge of the area and some help would be greatly appreciated. I would also really appreciate any tips that could help expedite this process in the future. So far all I know to do is to report them with a /whois and a screen shot. 

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Hey there,

Thanks for your messages! I did receive them, but it can take some time to verify bots on our end. In general, we monitor that area and a number of other hot spots for bot activity. I'll be sure to thoroughly pass through there next time around smile

Also for bots, no screenshot is necessary. Name + server is all we need for those!

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All you need is ONE active mod on the server, it's simple as hell and wont take much resources.. player satisfaction is just never a priority for you guys

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Awesome! Thank you for the help/confirmation. Good luck in the never ending fight~

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