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Rocky Nightmare (Vulbis Quest)

By Dadiriz#3790 - SUBSCRIBER - May 20, 2021, 19:16:07

I got to the point where i need to fight the serpent and protect the suicide panther, i'm watching a video where a guy did the quest in 2019 and he did just fine, but when i tried it today, me and the tiger were getting a debuff that would deal fire damage for each MP used, which makes the fight borderline impossible because the tiger is 100% of the time using all his PMs, which means he takes 500 damage per turn no matter what.

Am i doing something wrong? I'm air feca so i am already screwed in this quest but is this debuff supposed to happen? Or am i doing something very wrong?

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Idk about the poison change but as an air feca you most likely wont stand a chance anyways. You have to go with an int build using a healing weapon to heal the tiger. Use leek pie or any other low ap spell like bubble to teleport the totems to lock the serpent. Use shields and imunity to save the tiger while you killl the serpent

good job

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I managed to beat it using water build and using 0 pm every turn, the poison is permanent now and if you move an inch you'll get damaged badly. 

I had to try several times until i get lucky and the serpent just sat on line with the towers and i was barely able to finish it

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