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Imps Village Forum - Introducing Private Guild/Alliance Forums

By marsstomper#1032 - SUBSCRIBER - May 23, 2021, 01:36:52

Hi all, 

Rob (Kikn) here from Imps Village Forums,

For those who have not previously come across Imps Village, we have been the largest English speaking Dofus fan forum since 2006. You can check us out at Our site is completely free to use, displays no advertising and is run by the community. Sadly over the past few years we've seen a dramatic drop in activity on our forums. This is partly due to the decline of the English speaking community on Dofus but more significantly from changing trends in how players interact with the game and it's communities; with Discord having the most dramatic impact.

While I cannot see traffic returning to the golden-era of our forum, it's reached a point now where we must dust off our cobwebs and begin to advertise ourselves to new players if it is to be sustainable (not financially but with respect to community interaction). With that in-mind I'm happy to announce that our private 'Guild Forums' (formally clubs) are once again available.

The Guild Forums feature allows users to create personal spaces within the Imps Village site allowing you to manage your own forum communities for guilds and/or alliances. The functionality is open to all Imps users. Anyone can create a forum for their guild, but all new forums must first be reviewed and approved by an administrator.

As a general rule, new Guild Forums will only be approved for guilds or alliances. However, we will consider other uses, such as major tournaments or other events, on a case-by-case basis.

Features include...

  • Private forums within the guild. You can even create multiple sub-forums within your club.
    • Guild owners can designate Moderators and Leaders (admins) within their guild forums. Moderators have forum mod powers within the guilds, Leaders have mod powers and guild member management powers, including the ability to approve and remove users.
    • Guild forums function exactly like the regular forums. This includes our suite of topic and post moderation features, polls, image hosting and more.
  • A custom forum icon and cover photo may be used to brand your forums.
  • Membership requires manual member approval by leaders or elected guild moderators. You can also invite Imps users to private guild forums, allowing them to join without having to wait for an approval. Owners therefore have full control over who is permitted to view content within their guild forum**.
  • Private calendars and events for guild members.

There is a sample forum here you can check out to see some of the features.

Please take note of these important guidelines for clubs:

Imps Village rules still apply to private guild forums. Content promoting kama buying/selling, account trading, and other violations of Ankama's terms of use are not allowed in private guild forums.

**Imps Village administrators have the ability to see guild forum content and moderate posts within guilds if they are in violation of our terms, however, all information posted will be treated with upmost confidentiality in-line with our privacy policy for personal data. You may see a list of such administrators here, designated by a blue username. We may apply forum bans if appropriate. We also reserve the right to delete a club if it is being persistently misused.

Imps Village moderators cannot view content posted to private forums.

Please feel free to reach out to me privately either here via Ankabox or over on Imps Village @Kikn if you have any questions!

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I'm glad someone is trying to revive the village. Its members gave some great advice over the years but as you mentioned, it died a death due to the decrease in players and discord.

I do pop in now and again and its sadly stagnated, let's hope it can improve again.

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