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[Contest] [Entries] Temporis V: Show Papi-Chat Your Best Moments!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 24, 2021, 17:00:00

Here is where you should upload your participation for the forum-based contest "Temporis V: Show Papi-Chat Your Best Moments!". 

You have until the closure of the Temporis V servers on June 22 at 11:59 p.m. CEST to participate!
Good luck, everyone!  biggrin


  • 1 place: A one-year subscription token (360 days) + a selfie emote;
  • 2 place: A six-month subscription token (180 days) + a selfie emote;
  • 3 place: A three-month subscription token (90 days) + a selfie emote.

  • Your creation must be posted here. If you don't know how to submit your masterpiece, feel free to use this tutorial. Please note: Any entries posted below (in this post announcing the contest) will not be considered.
  • Only one entry per account (no multi-accounting allowed).
  • Only entries from accounts in the international community* will be accepted.
  • Forum messages with entries can be edited/modified until the contest ends.
  • All entries must comply with the DOFUS Terms of Use.
  • The winners will be announced a week after the contest ends.
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Score : 16

My adventure of getting the new mounts

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Score : 192

Farewell! Ecaflip City huh I will miss you kiss

Character name: Ur-Nammu
Server: Echo
Temporis XIII
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