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[ C5 - MAY ] When the mice are away, the kitty will play !!!

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - May 31, 2021, 19:33:08

Good evening,

Last day of May ... first day of [ C5 - MAY ] !

( So sorry for the delay, I haven't been so well lately ... Bronchistis, chronical sinusitis, tooth infection, and so on ....)

I know, I know, the saying goes :
  • When cat is away, the mice will play ...
  • the mice will play ...

But we are here to celebrate kitties, and Ecaflip City, and Temporis V !

So, here, for the next 2 weeks or so :
  • While mice are away ...
  • the kitty will play !!!

Participating to this contest is fairly easy:
1. first of all, you are strongly recommended to follow and respect the forum rules, be polite, kind, nice, try to be a source of inspiration to others;
2. you are not requested any kind of payment to take part in this contest, all you need is a valid Ankama account and a character on Echo to collect the prize, if you win;
3. only one entry per account/ player. but you may edit it and/ or add multiple pictures;
4. take a picture of a kitty in front of / or next to a pc/ laptop screen running Dofus, preferably with a kitty even in the screen (even a bow meow!!! if you lack inspiration); kitty might be yours, your neighbor's, your gf/bf's, your bff's, a run away homeless kitty, that you "borrow" for a couple of minutes; you may edit the picture (cut the background around the screen, in case you don't want to show it, which is perfectly okay);
5. optional, not compulsory, you can add a few lines (or even a short story) about your kitty, or of how your kitty would be/ what would s/he do, if you had/ were allowed to have one);
6. you may be subscribed or unsubscribed, it doesn't matter; so if you're unsubbed and you're looking for a relatively fast and easy way to sub a week or two, this might be a way you should consider: participating to this contest ; )
7. deadline: June 14th, 23:59 PM , DUT.

Prizes pool:
- 2 mil kamas from last contest;
- 5 mil kamas from dear friend Heart again, like on last contest (leader of alli Above and Beyond, and guild Invincible, on Echo);

- and also, from Heart too:
  • 1 coulive buckler lev 10;
  • 1 greenegool shield - ceremonial item;
  • 1 major air carapace

Then, also, from me this time:
- some random incarnation weapons, and maybe also some ceremonial items ( I have to check what I got in bank, and my sells while I have played fairly less than usual, sadly): 
  • 1 rogue seemywool harness
  • 17 lottery chests
  • 12 superior chests

Refereces of previous contests:
[ C1 - JAN ]
[ C2 - FEB ]
[ C3 - MAR ]
[ C4 - APR ]

So ... looking forward to see you participate to this contest!

- hugggzzzz @ all !!!
- virtual hugzzzzz tho, to keep social distancing ; )

bohemia#2044 , aka, Sleeping-whip, lead of guild Utopia, proud member of alli Above and Beyond, on Echo

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You're a real gem, Bohemia - huge applaus for your work!

Unfortunately, I can't participate this time around. I wish you and all the contributers best if luck!

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Many thanks!
You're really kind! Making me even blush and smile irl and all !

In case some might be allergic to kitties ... 
... or if they really can not find any kitty in area of 10 square km...
... ... or are forbidden by building rules to get a kitty inside, etc ... ...

8. Well, for prizes of just random incarnation, no kamas tho, players can post drawing/s of kitty/es made by themselves, picture/s being in front of / or next to a pc/ laptop screen running Dofus (you may even cut corners or some area around kitty drawing area, if you fancy), preferably with a kitty even in the screen (even a bow meow!!! if you lack inspiration).

So, if anyone wants to have some fun and post their kitty drawing creations and their fav kitty ig, feel free to use this Kitty Amendment to the contest.
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I have to say that 2007 was THE year for Dofus and me   biggrin
What started as casual night time gaming for many months before, Dofus had me hooked at the Gobball Dungeon and my first Bow Meow Pet..... so I paid for my first subscription..........

Then got a real life Bow Meow........ Ryu

and unashamedly hacked up a cheap costume and made my youngest dress up as a Xelor for Halloween 
 Then we got our own Tabby Bow Meow - Kody 

Ryu and Kody were best friends, but sadly Ryu passed away at 3 + 1/2 due to a sudden illness that caused his organs to rapidly shut down

Kody, was sad for a while and he isnt the big baby he used to always be. Kody is now 12 and a bit of a grumpy old fart but I love him and I think he loves me too because he will sometimes show me his belly and purr as loud as a tractor!

We have Fostered 18 Bow Meows whilst they waited for their Furr-ever homes, 2 of which were pregnant and we were honored the Momma's had their babies (3 for each Momma, 6 babies in total) here, 1 that flew here as a special case all the way from Romania.

We have 4 cats of our own, Kody, Kyo, Freyja and Fynn (Freyja's son) and a diva Bearded Dragon called Drake
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Love the kitties, @Angelsnow ! I really do!
And the post too! It does look like coming from the heart! You do really love your furry /scally friends for real and a lot!

PS: I am being a bit jelly, I don't think I can have an extra kitty home, we live in an appts building atm, and we got one already, a Russian Blue girl, she just made 1 year last month (we think ...) :



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 wub She is extremely adorable and I bet she is spoilt too (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ but so worth it!

Smooches for kitty  kiss  

I'm a sucker for all animals  biggrin  which is probably why I hoarded so many Dofus pets and mounts for so many years, likely caused my addiction to Dragoturkey's too laugh
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Here is my dear friend billie's kitty. If it were my kitty it would rule the household,
and we would treat them like royalty. Snacks and tuna all day baby! But
were not allowed pets. So this is just my friends cat. Anyway good luck everyone <3

-Heart (you know me)
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Here's some more kitteh

Relaxin' around some undies i guess

He dosent like being woken up clearly

Thinking about cheese or mice probably
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hello everyone here's my entry

I think the image is too large. here's the link for full resolution:

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I really have to thank you for your entry, cuz of two things:
  1. - first, cuz it shows absolutely unconditional love for your kitty friend, whom I don't believe it was just a random pet for you, but a real friend for you and your gf; it is rare, in relation with anyone/ anything, to love and value somebody/ something so much, to have the inner strength, even if it breaks your heart, to give that somebody/ being/ thing away, for his/her/its own sake and better fate;
  2. - and secondly, but of same importance, it made me realize, and maybe others too, how often we complain and get pissed off and annoyed with small issues in our daily lives, and cuz of that argue with our friends/ families/ loved ones for small insignificant unimportant issues, when they are people on this planet who are going through real life challenges and yet they manage to maintain a calmness and inner peace and understanding which should be attributes for all of us, as human beings.
Thanks a lot, from the heart, for sharing your story with us!
Really appreciated!!!

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Me and my friend have played a bit of Dofus a few years ago, but we never really went too far and because my friend didn't have the time to play more at that time, we ended up not playing anymore. However, we got the hype back about 1-2 months ago and started playing again. For the first time playing again Dofus together we decided to meet up somewhere, so we decided to do it at his place. Now about that kitty, his name is Tonerre (which means thunder in french), he got him 2 years after we stopped playing Dofus, so up until now, Tonerre had never seen my friend play this game before. So when we started playing, he came up to us and was really curious about what we were doing. He decided to stay with us and watch us play. We found it pretty funny so we thought of taking a few pictures and there we go. 
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Smart kitty, your friend's kitty!
But then again, Dofus is a good game!
So the kitty has taste ! wink

I wish mine was interested in Dofus like your friend's kitty!
I wish I could train mine at least to harvest stuff for me ig, lul xD !
Or, at the most, I wish I could drag my sis to the game to gather resources for me, haha xD
But none of that is happening, sadly ... x(

Thanks for sharing the pcts with us!
And I hope you and your friend manage to rediscover Dofus and its beauty, and play for the few next decades to come! :-]
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Hello everyone biggrin this is my cat Miso, she's very calm and hçui:à,è,;tb-_'c( évx
oops sorry she just stepped on the keyboard as always.

Well, i never dreamed of having a pet in my house because of my parents. until we found her <3  She's my friend now jumping all over the house. her job is to not let me play in peace and waking me up at 5am because she can't see the food in her bowl.
PS: she mastered hide and seek so well that she became a ninja cat. shhh don't tell anyone.
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Yay, thank you for sharing the pcts! She is so adorable and lovable!

Our kitty would fancy wake us up to play at 5 am, haha.
Or when I play Dofus till late, she sleeps somewhere near most of the time, and when I want to go to sleep, she looks playful and meows for some games.
I cheat tho, cuz I give her some of her fav treats when I go to bed, so now, when she sees me closing laptop and ready to go sleep, she comes for treats.

Sis and me were threatened by parents to have to live under the bridge of the city river if we bring her home, when we went on a 2-3 hrs ride by train to another city to get her.
First day: Dad only gave her a few frowning looks while mom refused to even look at her.
Now: If parents aren't home, when they call us, they ask first if kitty is well and fed and if she played, lul xD Only after, they ask how are sis and me ...

PS: My kitty loves hide and seek too! Sometime, she "punches" me two front paws on the head when she finds me, then runs to hide again, haha! (I do get "on 4 legs" to play hide and seek at a "height" more close to hers.)
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Good morning.

Again, like we say here, I managed to kick myself with the right foot on the left foot!
Kitties! Yeshhhh!!!! Kitties contest! Double Yeshhhhh!!!

But then again: how can one say one kitty is prettier/ more adorable/ more cuddly/ more lovable, than other kitty? Or how can one say, that somebody seems to love their kitty more than another person?

So, yeah, again, all entries were winners!
Winners of this random forums contest!
And winners in my heart, both kitties and their respective owners!

I thank you all for participating to this contest!!! It really made my day to see some of your kitties!!!
Also, I thank to the "shy" ones, who only viewed the posts; I hope they'll get some courage and also participate to the next contest/s! :-]

The prizes were, in the end, and they were distributed already last week, I just couldn't find time to also reply in here and update you all (errr... you know ... Dofus keeps us all busy sometime, lul xD] ):
- 7 sewn shields;
- 7 break wind emotes;
- 5 bow meow emoticons scrolls;
- 5 bow wow emeoticons scrolls;
- 1 purple piwin;
- 7 beaniewool;
- 7 cloowk;
- 7 bandit archer bow;
- 7 swashbuck. swords;
- 7 kwismas goblimp sword;
- 5 ektope hammer;
- 1 coulive shield;
- 1 rogue seemy harness;
- 17 lottery chests and 12 superior chests;
- 1 major air carapace;
- 1 greenwol shield;
- kams for ogrine for a novice pack for one of the participants;
- 7 earmufs.
(Not sure if I wrote all the prizes, they were quite some; I had to make a list of prizes, participants, assign them numbers then split whom gets what; also, where they were 7 and not only 5 items, it was meant to share prize with kitty owner, in case that the participant "lacked" own kitty.)

PS1: Thanks again to Heart, for donating kamas and items to contribute for the prizes of this contest!
PS2: Also, thanks to AuraOfMadness for donating in advance 2 m for next contest!

Have a super day and a mega lovely week all!!!
& Looking FWD to see you all at the next contest/s !!!
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