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Smithmagus Level?

By ShyNHigh#3484 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 04, 2021, 03:36:41

Hey guys!

So I quit Dofus years ago, and I just started playing again. I noticed there's been updates to professions, the max level is now 200. I found a few consumables in my inventory that restored some of my jeweler and alchemist levels, but there was nothing for Smithmagus. I could've sworn I had some type of Smithmagus profession either maxed or leveled high, probably Jewelmagus. I even found the ton of signature runes I used. I very much vividly remember having some type of Smithmagus profession leveled, but I can't find any consumable to restore its level anywhere. Was Smithmagus professions in general just reset? Or was there a glitch at some point? I'm so confused...

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probably  a full reset since they changed how the proff work aswell back then. + its been a couple of years since this change so I highly doubt you will get anything back. Just gotta start over.

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Dont take this comment as anything but a grain of salt...

''Proabbly a full reset'' like how is that helpful? Either dont comment at all because you dont have the information, or find it and provide a solid answer

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