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By AmenhotepIV#9760 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 10, 2021, 23:08:10

Hello there.
I have problem with getting achievment. I am grinding kwakwa nest dungeon juest to get fire bwaks. It is like 15th time I am doing this dungeon but still no fire bwak check. How many do I need to kill them? Also, is there somwehere information how many monsters I need to kill to get every this type of achievment?

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You have to complete a fighting challenge (the orange boxes that pop up, usually on the left of the screen - such as Scanty/Barbaric/Focus) to get the monster to have the check mark.
If you fail the fight challenge, you dont get the checkmark.

For information about Achievements you could try the Dofus Wiki page:

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You need to complete a challenge against them

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