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Incorrect Damage Preview

By Lost-Worldz#5344 - SUBSCRIBER - June 13, 2021, 05:59:05

I'm sure many people are aware, but the damage preview is always showing me numbers that are higher than what I'm actually hitting.

For example, if my preview shows that I'm going to hit a minimum of 600, it's normal for my attack to actually hit somewhere around 540; which is certainly less than the minimum roll showed, let alone the average rolleyes

Also, the damage preview for Osa's summons is just totally wrong, and has been ever since the recent "bug fixing" update. Their damage preview shows them doing like 5-9 dmg, which is lower than their base dmg.

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For me, it is the opposite:

I get sometime the max crit hit, let's say, 600, and then I hit 675 and kill some stuff I shouldn't, for chal, failing it.

So, basically, I am getting less max crit dmg than what I end up dealing.

It doesn't happen too often, but enough to be annoying.

PS: Should I write down which class/es   has/have  this happening, and come back to this post to tell you/ report it?
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I'll save you some time and the text wall, it has happened to me on every class in the game both cases where the numbers shown are too high or too low 

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