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Six out of six: The End... or the Beginning

By Dofus-chan#5155 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 18, 2021, 05:13:33


I'm currently trying to finish this quest but I can't enter the waterfall. I'm using dofuspourlesnoobs as a guide and it seems I have all the pre requisites which are;

Lvl 200
All 6 primordial dofuses in inventory (also tried entering with all equipped)
Quest: Armed against destiny
Quest: Identity crisis
Quest: Lumberjacks in distress

Are there any other pre reqs needed or is this a bug?

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Did you complete all primordial dofus that are acquired through questline or did you buy them?

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Yes I did all the quests. I think you can't start the quest for it if you haven't completed the quests anyway

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you have to complete the beginner pandala quests, or at least most of them to get access to the waterfall.

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I presume you are referring to the waterfall in Pandala at [21,-33] ?

If you havent completed "Pandala Awakens" it will block you being able to access Pandala.
Pandala Awakens quest guide at Dofuspourlenoobs

Completing "The Dofus Receptacle" gives you access to the rooms behinds that waterfall.
The Dofus Receptacle quest at Dofuspourlenoobs

For Six out of Six you need to complete all the quests to gain the following Achievements: Then complete the following quests:
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