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Is Xelor's Hand broken?

By Sinesy#7306 - SUBSCRIBER - June 20, 2021, 16:12:58

So, I just got back after being off for a few months. I had seen the upcoming nerfs to Xelor, and I was not thrilled with the changes, especially since I had just sunk a massive amount of Kamas into a new set for Intelligence. But still, back then it was just a loss of range and damage, which I could mostly handle. But now, I return, and according to the patch notes, Hand's telefrag damage only occurs when you Hand some other target? But I log into the game, and it doesn't mention that at all, the description for how Hand works seems to be the same, it just clarifies it only works three times now.

But then, I get into fights... and Hand does NO secondary damage. Not on telefrags like it used to, not when I place Hand on a different enemy, not when I re-cast Hand on the same enemy. So not only am I doing less damage in general, while having less range for positional manipulation, my damage has gone from massive single target burst to "Eniripsa without the healing". Now, I can only assume there's either something I don't get, or there's a bug. I'd like clarification on that.

Also, I recall there being notes from Ankama that Masque was due for a buff sometime in the future, but no progress had been made on that. Does anyone know about that? It was my favorite class on my original server, and I've leveled it up a bit on the single-account server me and my friends migrated to, so I was thinking of switching my main, but Masque does feel a bit weak where it is right now (not to mention, spreading out it's moveset so that an element takes so much longer to get all 3 mask attacks makes leveling feel like it'll have a late payoff). If it's got updates coming soon enough, I could go over to that class. I'm also considering Osamodas, since the Summon Control skill makes it a lot of fun, any words on nerfing Osas based on that?

EDIT: So I've learned how Hand works now. It relies on Telefrag state expiring, whether over time, or by being consumed.

This is horrible. I'm mono-element Intelligence. I have one consume spell in my repetoir, and I'd have to choose it over Temporal Dust, part of what makes Fire Xelor so fun. And I'm only level 116, so I can't even choose it if I wanted to. I could use Clock or Dark Ray, but those are very expensive, and without being dual element, they lack punch. Loss of Motivation is probably the best option, not caring about it's damage, and it dewitches a turn. But diagonal only is fairly limiting.

This is extremely depressing. I loved Xelor when I stopped playing. I could have handled losing damage, but Hand being turned into this overcomplicated mess is just too much. I'll have to switch build or just play a new character now. And I had sunk a fairly large amount of money into my current build shortly before my hiatus.

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I think the Xelor's entire body is broken since they are covered in bandages.

(I'm deeply sorry for this post)

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They've spent years making nearly all the classes overcomplicated and a pain to use when most players just want a character that's simple and streamlined to relax and play with after work etc.

Now whenever I log in it feels like a chore at times.

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