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Devblog 2.60 - Pandamonium

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - June 21, 2021, 15:30:00
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After a focus on bug fixes in update 2.59, we're back with more traditional content for update 2.60: the continuation of the Pandala and Eliocalypse storylines, a new area, and new equipment. Get ready to take on hordes of opponents who are just itching for a fight!

ELIOCALYPSE: Reminiscence.


This update presents the final chapter in our fantastic apocalyptic saga. All the portents seem to indicate that evil – true evil – is on the rise to consume everything, devouring the hopes and dreams of all Twelvians with a side of samurai sauce.

Draconiros observes the world with his starry gaze. As Pandala grows stronger through the influence of Imagirorukam and the elemental spirits, Twelvians are mysteriously disappearing.

Certain adventurers in the World of Twelve have reunited all six Primordial Dofus – clearly an important event, but one whose consequences the mystics have thus far been strangely quiet about.


New Area – Port of Pandamonium

Located off the coast of Pandala, just a short sail from Nolifis Island, the "Atoll of the Possessed" is the perfect place for a fun family vacation… if dying in miserable torment is your idea of fun.

The Destroyers are raiding entire villages, capturing Twelvians and possessing them. They sail the seas of the World of Twelve in their demon boats, leaving terror and chaos in their wake. The appearance of these demons seems to be linked to the Eliocalypse… has its final chapter already been written? Did saving Pandala only hasten its dismal fate?

These are the questions that the adventurers of the World of Twelve will have to find answers to.

This level 200 area includes a whole new family of monsters, a new dungeon, new equipment, new resources, new quests and new achievements!

The 13 epic new quests in this area, with a clear emphasis on combat, will require you to be at least level 180 – and have the guts to match.

The Possessed.


New equipment

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.. We're still suffering from last update

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Yo! For real though! xD actually dying right now hahaha!

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Thanks for the quick English blog

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That neutral and earth steal weapon and 10% fire resist on shield will be the tits, can't wait to get my hands on them

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The latest update promises to be great and in many ways I am looking forward to it. Do you plan to restore the corruptet runes? I greatly regret the loss of this part of the magic of magic. Or to enrich the magic element with new static ones, such as holes in rune items like in diablo III or the patch of exile? Welcome reply.

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Can anyone that plays on Ily tell me how the ping is doing these days?
I ran out of p2p a few weeks after the "great bug fix patch" and I don't feel like resubing to find myself playing with 200-300ms ping spikes all the time.

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Is there a changelog available? Even in Frence is fine, but can't find it atm smile

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