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Tank pandas are incredibly broken...

By undinesoul#9729 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 21, 2021, 19:44:19

Tank pandas make pretty much the vast majority of dungeons a joke. Dungeons that I find to be very interesting and dynamic like Turtlelonia, Solar, Talkasha become pretty much jokes if you add a tank panda, who simply gets surrounded by 3 or 4 moobs, and for the most part those moobs will barely tickle that panda.

Tank pandas make the game so easy and boring... Like, a lot of times I have an Eniripsa and a Ret Enu with very good sets be made almost useless because the panda already controls the entire moob with almost no issue at all, and that makes removing mps and healing completely redundant.

In the recruitment channel, people will almost always ask for a tank panda, which makes combat ridiculously easy.

Should tank pandas be nerfed? I think they need to be nerfed.

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   While I wont say anything about 'nerfing', I will say that I find it particularly interesting that the pandas play this roll in every group instead of Fecas -- whom are 'allegedly' THE tank class in this game. Tanking (to me) just doesn't feel like the correct roll-play for the class. Alcoholic acrobatics, a perfect mix of body and mind (martial arts and meditation) is how I envision the class. I picture them playing more like the damage aspect of current Xelors -- I.E. moving stuff around while/to hit stuff. 

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Fecas have always been more of a paladin. Their thing was always temporary shielding with damage and utility. The classic tank class was always Sacrier. They've become more berserkers now, while tanky utility skills and better positioning tools have been concentrated on Pandas instead.

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While I wouldn't nerf them, I'd either add more positioning skills to 1-2 more classes (so not only pandas were the best tanks) OR increase pandas' power in overall so people could finally use it as a hitter and not only the tank. I really hate and I'm really sad about the fact people look for pandas for end-game content ONLY because of tank aspect. Try telling a group that wants a panda for end-game dung that you're a hitter and they will kick you out. Sad reality sad

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Yeah that's so lame.
The vast majority of times, if there's a tank panda in the party, fun is pretty much over.

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It feels like a deliberate design choice. The devs know all about Panda + Rogue too, and have done nothing to stop either class or the combo.

At the same time, if they were to severely nerf Pandas, they'd have to make some major adjustments on most endgame monsters (and Dreams...) to compensate.

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I think the playstyle of having a tank that soaks up all the damage is nothing special. You see that in a lot of other MMOs as well.

It's just a pity, that everyone only uses Panda for that role. Feca, Osa, Sacrieur, Iop, Masq. There are a lot of classes, that could also fulfill the role of a "tank".

I'm not sure if it is, because the utility of Panda is too strong, or just no one is creative enough to come up with something else.

But to be honest: As long as Ankama doesn't make it mandatory to have a tank-panda and balances new dungeons around one class/playstyle, I don't really care if something is OP in PvE.

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None of those classes can't hope to compare to a panda.

The panda by the first or second turn will surround himself with three or four moobs due to his positioning abilities.

They  might be effective as pure tanks in some occasions, but the difference is abysmal.

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