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Heaven bag ideas

By DEMONZ-aka-aiden#8485 - SUBSCRIBER - June 22, 2021, 10:08:28

So recently iv been working on my heavens bag, like hours and hours haha its something to
do instead of zaap sitting and iv made a few really nice rooms. i was wondering if there will be any new ones that will be linked to achievments or in the shop and i have some other good ideas for this if your planning on doing more towards them one day, one idea is a heavens bag compitition, would maybe make allot of players do theres up since not many people use them or even know how to
access the other rooms.  
i was also thinking if we could purchase a npc for heaven bags and use them to sell items such as a equipment npc and recource npc and then give people the option to save that heaven bag and can use them as local shops i think be doing this allot of people would buy more heavens bags since having your own personal shop would be really good. next idea is probly one i imagine you hear allot and that would be pouch's in heaven bags so people
can show there dmg while chatting because sometimes i have people in mine for hours and i think iv made a few people want to upgrade theres like once u start its hard to stop so could be some good profit for the company and some new content for the players. i hope this is a topic that comes up often and iv really been wanting a campfire for my 3rd room and im hoping one will come with a new heavens bag smile

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