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I've never expected to be so disappointed when seeing the changes for Unity Port

By Compulsive#6734 - SUBSCRIBER - June 22, 2021, 16:22:38
Live link:

And it seems we have a different meaning of Port as well.

I was expecting:
  • Better coding
  • More FPS
  • Animations through the map
  • Things being more fluid

And that's fine, it is likely to be what's going to change, except, for whatever reason, you've decided to change the classes look as well.

I'm not going to say they do not need to be touched, but this isn't touching, it is literally changing the whole classes look.

And I do not only mean "they look different", they literally have a different art style / coloring / shading that isn't part of this game.

I'm even amazed that you decided to post screenshots of the characters in the world where you can clearly see that they do not fit at all.

Problems that I've seen:
  • Character became "Pop" toys (their heads are way bigger than the body)
  • None have their previous pose (hopefully going to change)
  • Their art style is straight out of another game (most likely Unity 3D)
  • Their coloring is not the same or close to the current game (Unless you're intending to update the whole current Dofus artstyle to fit the characters art style and colors, including maps and NPC's)
  • Characters with the same hair styles (like iop and huppermage)
  • Everyone skipped leg day
  • Some character seem like normal people even though they should be older or shorter
  • Their clothes look less 3D / detailed than the current Dofus characters clothes
  • Some characters just look ridiculous (sadida face, cra looking like pinocchio, sram face you can't even understand if his face is cloth or skull, who the hell is that steamer?)
  • Proportions looking weird
  • In any screenshot you've showed with all the character, in none they fit
  • Sacrier went from the best looking class to one of the worst
  • Everything is less detailed
  • Faces look weird for the game that they're in, don't really fit, looks too serious

Don't get me wrong, I like the art style, but you need to be blind if you tell me it fits the current Dofus graphics. Also it's incredible how something more modern looks quite less detailed than the current Dofus and characters personalities were killed.

I'll go on with my own opinions in each of the classes.

I'll use current for the current Dofus, and new for the changes they want to bring.


Clothes on the current Dofus have more depth and fit it more. It's one of those "dojo" or "master" type of clothes that fit the character.
Pants look more normal (no weird bumps) and shoes look like shoes, not socks for thin feet.
I like both hairstyles but current Dofus has more detail.
Color shading is obviously more fitting in the current version.
I like the color of the new version but it's missing the shading to look more like current Dofus.
Head seems too big in the male version at least.


I like the wings in both, I like seeing bigger wings on the female version but I like the transparent with border look more in the new version.
The belt and pants seem to fit better in the current Dofus version, I like both shirts but would likely go with the current one.
I think I prefer the clothing in the new version (although I like the stitches thing).
Hair in both sn good and at least in the female I prefer the new, head still looks too big.
He looks like a confident fighter or something in the new version, not a potion boy like he should.


The tail is more detailed in the new one although I think the color doesn't fit as well, but that seems changeable?
Hairstyle, hat and horns seem more detailed and better positioned than in the new version.
I seem to prefer the clothes better in the new one although osa looks really weird in those pants, shorts seem to fit him better.
The belt is less 3D than in the current version and doesn't seem to look as good, it also doesn't look like a Paw as much.


He's supposed to be an old man, they look like they're just balding now at their 20's and ready for a fight.
They also have weird proportions that make them look normal height instead of smaller even though they appear to have the same height as the current one.
I think you just made the scale of the character smaller instead of making the character a small person.
The current Dofus pant bumps are how you should do the bumps, not like the new version.
Not sure how you manage to make a beard look worse.
Having the same bag for both characters just seems low effort comparing to the current Version.
I like both hairstyles in the female version but the current one fits it better.
I like the clothes of the female version on the new one but they seem to be more modern clothes instead of the era Dofus is.
Also where the sandals at.


What's up with the new head? He looks like a mad cabbage or something because the beard isn't growing well.
Less detailed hairstyle, are you seriously trying to change probably the best female hairstyle to not be there anymore?
I like the "pants" better in the new version and the arm things as well.
"Bikini" I like both although current has more detail.
The shoes was obviously a step back, not sure why are you trying to remove detail as that just makes it not fit Dofus and look worse.
Faces look weird in almost every character.

Steamer / Foggernaut

I like glasses in both.
Hairstyle seems to be equally good but the first one seems to fit more.
The new version looks like a budget armor, the current one fits the character and its skills quite better.
Overall just worse, the amulet seems to have more detail (and the shoulders) but that's it.
You really seem to like to make everyone poses and proportions the same, also his right leg (left for us) is broken.
And what are those gloves made of? latex?


Doesn't show as much skeleton.
Skeleton is way less detailed, mostly in the legs (although body kinda looks nice)
Shoes became meish, no shoes kinda fit, not sure which one I prefer on the female.
You removed the skull belt from the female for whatever reason, plus the cape.
Cape looks cool but I think rags fitted a skeleton better.
Pants seem kinda better in the new one.
The hoodie is just... yeah.. kinda awful. The female is wearing a balloon, and the sram in most of the hairstyles, the clothe seems to be part of the skull, it looks awful.


Thanks for bringing pinocchio to Dofus.
Male cra clothes seem to look quite a bit better, although the bottom part (pants bottom and shoes) look weird, just like in most characters.
Current version hairstyles seem more like an archer than the new ones.
I like the arrows addition.
Belt seems a little bit less detailed.
Opening of the skirt in new version is upfront instead of at the side, are you trying to make her show her private parts?
Shoes look worse in mostly every character, they are socks now, not shoes.
Seriously what's with the pinocchio face.


How do you manage to kill the swaggiest looking character is astounishing.
They look like 13 year old kids with a more developed body.
Seriously, look at that male sacrier face.
Also what's with the new marks? They are so round ans look more a little bit painted with some circles left unpainted. They do not look, they look ridiculous.
And the pants... You manage to kill the look of the pants... Why is everyone wearing the same pants now.
Hairstyles look worse and less detailes, the bandanas look more like war helmets or something and a little bit more childish, the proportions look of course wrong, most likely due to the pants, I like the added belts.


They look like toddlers.
Fat toddlers.
I already though male rogue looked bad but ti just became worse.
The skull looks less detailed on the belt, the skirt seems to look better but the boots not looking 3D look weird.
I like both shirts but gloves also had more depth.
I know it's about bombs but you don't need to make their heads look like they're gonna explode.


The belt banner is suffocating, help him.
Pants too short on the new one, old one looked better, suddenly everyone likes fit clothes.
Tail looks nice but not like a cats tail, would be nice to be able to change it.
Weird looking faces but most likely mainly because they are too big.
Old female clothes seemed to look better.
Everyones feet became thin looking.


I like the new scarf bandana thing.
Belt is nice.
Rope in the wrist is gone, why is it gone.
Sandals were better. Pants were too.
New version skirt is nice, and clothes as well.
Faces look nice but look like they have a lot of fur, more than what they should.


Same thing with enu, they have the same size but seem really wrong and normal size looking.
I like the hat, although the female version seems to have less detail.
Male xelor became scottish.
Belt has less detail, star became quite smaller.
Boots look less detailed in both.
In the other faces / hairstyles, they look really weird compared to the current one, probably too thin.
I like the clothes better in the current one (gloves are better in the new one) and like the new hat.


Female version head is also going to explode.
I like the hairstyles in both.
I like the masks in both, although no shadow in the new version makes it look like they're not masks.
I like the clothes in both although I prefer the belt in the current one, maybe the clothes in the male version as well, they are simply more detailed.
The sandals fit the previous clothes but not sure which I like the most.


They went from warriors to slaves or something.
All the detail is gone, literally everything that made them look cool is gone.
They are really hungry, probably because they are slaves, where the muscles gone to.
I don't think there is anything I prefer in the newest version, it went from 10 to 0 really fast.


Kinda digging the new one although eye color is gone (that made them look cooler), hoodie drawings are mostly gone (at least have an option to add some), but overall look nice.
I prefer the older hairstyles most likely.


To be honest I've never liked huppermage so it seems better to me, although the current hairstyle seems to have more details, the boots seem to have more details as well, but the rest seems better in the new one.


Hair spikes look almost gone due to the new shading, which looks worse.
Much like sacrier (do they have the exact same face?) looks like a 13 year old.
I like the clothes more (the female has a weird bump on the waist).
Female new hairstyle looks gorgeous.
Boots look less detailed as always but look nice.

Overall, you went with a less detailed version (that I don't really like, seems simply low effort) and a coloring / shading that does not fit the current Dofus art style.
Every character lost all their personalities in their poses and their proportions look really weird sometimes.
Their faces look really weird and don't seem to fit the current game.

I think you could use the same detailed and coloring/shading style than in the current Dofus but with improved design.

Example: Huppermage with the current artstyle but the new clothes and hairstyle.

To be honest, it seems like you just decided to use Dofus 3D characters in the current Dofus.
In my opinion, that's a bad sign. It makes me think you will want to make what you did from 1.29 to 2, which is to close 1.29.
They do not fit, please don't update them to what you have.

This is not Wakfu, this is not the new Dofus 3D, so please, keep on being Dofus.

Although customization and stuff looked like a nice change.
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"Everyone skipped leg day" <<<-------- This right here!

Couldnt agree more with everything said. I am classified as a "mature" player 

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

being 43 
and all those characters look like children!

My Sacrier who is a bad-ass looking female will look like a tween with the new character designs mellow

I get that the game has always had an "anime" feel to it but do the characters have to be (age) scaled down to such an extent that the true heart of Dofus Characters is no longer present?
Fans have loved their characters for over a decade, why decide now that we need to all be tweens? Considering that vast amount of thinly veiled lewd content in the game, the last thing you would want to add to that is the impression of characters being children.
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Maybe Ankama is looking into the future of gaming. The "Old Guards" are nearing the age of extinction so they are trying to attract the attention of the next generation. 

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

I'm 46
Let's face it, the old dofus players are getting too old to keep playing, so if Ankama wants to keep the game afloat, they need to change to something that younger players  find interesting. 

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I was going to start a thread but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one appalled by the character changes. They did state that everything they showed us is a work in progress but looking in-game you can already see the change in style with several NPCs all over the world of twelve. I'm personally not a fan of the huge heads/torso and tiny legs.

I carefully looked at every single character design and almost every change irks me. I'm not going into every single character, because Compulsive already made a very detailed and comprehensive list for each one. Just to name a few, Pandawa, Masqueraider, and Eni for example. I really love current Masq's sandals and Panda's flip-flops. Same for Eni's adorable butterfly wings. I find that those details really fit with the character. Why remove it?

And Sacrier... I don't even know where to start. What have you done? Why do the hair, bandana, and pants look so weird, I mean everything looks so strange, even the eyes are different. The body proportions and the way they stand is off-putting. I'm seriously disappointed.
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Gunnerwolfang#2406|2021-06-22 17:28:02
Maybe Ankama is looking into the future of gaming. The "Old Guards" are nearing the age of extinction so they are trying to attract the attention of the next generation. Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)I'm 46Let's face it, the old dofus players are getting too old to keep playing, so if Ankama wants to keep the game afloat, they need to change to something that younger players  find interesting. 


In my personal experience I have encountered (and encouraged) younger players that mostly started playing because their parents or their friends parents played. In my house there are 2 "younger generation" who have both taken up the game, the oldest of the 2 started playing at 13 and got friends to join too.
So the "word of mouth" method of attracting younger generations certainly works.
But! Ankama need to advertise more outside of France, especially towards the Anime/Manga loving community (I myself discovered the game in 2005, started on Rushu them moved to Shika, after a full page advert in an Anime/Manga magazine called Neo, the advert was there for about 3 months then never again). Of all the conventions for Anime/Comic/Gaming etc I have only seen a handful of times an Ankama presence, yet there were a lot of fans, young and old.

And they kind of tried to give Dofus a new feel when they created 2.0 and Wakfu and that flopped (hense the "birth of Retro") to the extent that servers were dying and they merged them to what we have today.  

Cant really see kids getting overly excited about playing a tween character if they could play WoW, FF,  Fortnite or Minecraft, or (if youre that type of parent who lets them play whatever) Call of Duty or Apex Legends etc.

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You do realise manga is not a thing outside france and japan, right ?
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Yeah, the community in the US is very very small, especially in the western time zones.

On topic though: Oh wow! I'm thrilled to see the enis STILL have wings! I think I like the new clothes, but prefer the older more detailed wings. Speaking of potions: Neither guy nor girl have their potions hanging from their belt hehe. Granted, I really like the new design as a first draft. No shoes.. would be ok if they flew! Will they fly? Time shall tell.

I like the new girl sadi hairdos. Guy sadis still look ridiculous lol.

I think I love the new spell animations. Fecas need more staff stuff - just like the lore!

I agree the cel shaded characters don't exactly match with the maps.
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The characters are not cell-shaded, what are you saying ?
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  I agree with everything mentioned in the OP!
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totally agree, thanks for the details!!

....and i still hate the hat on female osa´s, no metter which version 
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lebouffeurdetetes#9716|2021-06-23 11:33:11
You do realise manga is not a thing outside france and japan, right ?

I think all the people who buy online and from bookstores (even Libraries, including school libraries, have Manga available to borrow!)  and/or attend conventions would beg to differ.

Conventions dedicated to Anime and Manga alone:

UK/Ireland has 26 mid-range to major conventions to be held for the remainder of this year.

Europe has 43 mid-range to major conventions to be held for the remainder of the year.

Australia has 17 mid-range to major conventions to be held for the remainder of the year.

USA/North America/Canada has 239 mid-range to major conventions (of which 62 are *established* convention/event providers)  to be held for the remainder of the year.

Some of these conventions are held multiple times a year.

And that doesn't include conventions that are held for fans of Comics, Sci-Fi, Gaming and Furry, which usually have some sort of Anime and Manga presence, or the smaller events held all over the world!
(Obviously over the past 18 months a lot of conventions have had to either be cancelled or rescheduled because of the pandemic, but these figures are for what is planned for the remainder of 2021 from 23 June to 31 December)

Then there is the rest of the world!

France and Japan do not have the exclusive rights and use of Manga, it is world wide, anyone who is naive enough to think otherwise needs to do some research before trolling the forums.

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Ok, I do have to take the L here ; I genuinely thought Japan and France were ahead of most countries in per capita consumption of weeb stuff

I didn't say that anybody have exclusive rights on anything though, I *merely* implied that going full weeb advertising would be missing something.
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I think the male Eni in particular looks a bit ridiculous. But the other models are ok to me. I know someone else said it, but Dofus has been going in this direction with NPC designs for awhile now so this isn't super surprising.

Overall, I think they'll look better in full motion, and zoomed out on a full screen like normal. It's not like our current models look really good when you zoom in even a little...

As an aside... Does anyone else from back in the day remember when everyone complained about the 2.0 models with the exact same criticisms being used here? Suddenly the kiddie cartoon nonsense 2.0 models are the best thing ever? My, how things change after a few years tongue
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I used to not like the new graphics back then but ended up growing out of it and preferring, yes. I like the new graphics too.

But from 1.29 to 2.0 the detail increased, this one is decreasing.

From 1.29 to 2.0 the whole game graphics were remade as well, so the new characters fit in the game.

I like some changes, but they should've kept the same graphics (unless they are intending to swap the whole game graphics, but they said this is not supposed to be Dofus 3D so if they decide to swap I won't be able to believe them too much, as it's like they said back then "We aren't going to close 1.29" and ended up closing it).

I just think improving the current designs is better than remaking them in a new art style and weird proportions (even though they say they're more realistic, which doesn't seem very correct).
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Unpopular opinion, but I actually like the new designs for the characters. It feels more in line with Dofus's aesthetic than the previous ones. 
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I just now noticed the map changing transition:

I hope you can disable it at least, as this will lead to sickness (honestly, this transition in every map?), it doesn't really look that good but yeah.

There's also zaap transition:

And heaven bag transition:

Considering some might be instant (like the bag) disabling would be nice as it takes longer than it should, if I go to my bag it's often because I want to do something fast.

All could be improved somehow.
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Were these the actual transitions or cinematic transitions? I would also be a little ill if I had that aggressive of a motion blur switching maps.
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Hello there,

I was wondering, I assume you watch the last "show" from Ankama (=Twitch) and are you satisfy with the switching language Fr to Eng from Djinn? It's very nice to do so I think and i'm glad Ankama think about other people than french.

I'm asking because if you guys are curious, I can subtitles their show. A summary is great but maybe you want a sharp and accurate view about what logan said (cuz he's the lead dev of Dofus).

My english will certainly have some mistakes (like this post lol) because I'm not fluent but if it helps I'll be glad to do it ! But if you guys are happy with Djinn's summary I will not do it of course, just tell me. smile
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To be honest I don't know french so I have no idea if they said something we who know english didn't hear about.

But translating that takes quite a while so don't worry about it! Unless you're trying to practice your english it most likely isn't worth it (unless some people really want it).

Thank you though!
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Agreed the character models (i know it says work in progress) look pretty much copy paste, then sticking a different skin on. As it currently stands theyre all unique and give them personality & character (heh). I really dont like that change.
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I know the new models make this especially obvious... But, this is literally what they've done with the 2.0 models. It's all the same skeleton, scaled up or down, with a skin, so they could make emotes and gear easier. This is something the devs bragged about in the early days.
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I think some of the classes look OK and some may even look better, but there are some that look bad and I agree with what some of you already said - they look like a generic art from some mobile game, with no depth. It's the classes that have very little details and lighting/shading/contrast on them, some look very dark and the colors are washed out, but maybe that's the work in progress aspect.

I think they tried to go for the old 1.29 look with some classes which I appreciate (coming back to the roots), especially with Xelor but I think it looks a bit plain and could use a little touch.Some head shapes are weird but I don't mind the smaller legs and bigger head, although they could tone down the difference a bit. Male Feca's hair/head looks weird like he had a hydrocephalus, male Osa's head shape looks weird, old Enu's head was cooler with that bold shine, Cra's face is so ugly and pointy, male Iop's hair was better. I think as I look at them I realize it's the lighting details that are missing for me on some characters.I think My favorite transitions are:
Eni, Sram, Fogger, Saddi, Sac, Eca, Rogue - both male and female look niceMy least favorite are Enu, Elio, Male Osa, Panda and Cra.I hope this feedback helps someone and appropriate changes are made before the final release.
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I know there will be a lot more customisation later, but the current faces look like every class is perpetually angry and judging me. I'm overall not a big fan of the change of looks; Your characters' appearances kinda grow on you and forcing plastic surgery on them makes your characters feel like imposters. I still remember the horror of seeing my 1.29 characters transition to 2.0.
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It looks really bad and certainly a downgrade from 2.0
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I agree about the class appearances so far, I personally prefer the visual aesthetics of the present 2.0 character designs. Separately the animations look incredibly smooth and fluent and I love the shaders and the main body clothes designs, the development team have a fantastic job from what we can see from the work in progress.

My main concern is the the size of the heads appear slightly too large for some classes. As if their heads carry on too much weight. Additionally, I find the - pointed face shape for the male characters to be very similar from one to the next.
By comparison the male Xelor head look far too small for their bodies as well.

Both the hands and feet and the wrist and ankles for all classes look very small and pointy in the presentation. The design of the current characters have boots/feet and glove/hand designs that look as though material is formed around their hands and feet.
Postures of characters and their arms for the new designs also appear a little stiff, as if they have dumbbells in each hand. Current designs from 2.0 have their limbs shown in a much more relaxed manner when standing still.
I'm positive the final decision on the updated character designs and animation will look fantastic once finalized. They are all coming along beautifully at present.
All the landscapes, animated elements and discussions about Dofus running more smoothly on newer systems look and sound wonderful! Very exciting!
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When a child first go to kindergarten without (or inadequate) prior positive conditioning, the most common reaction is to not like the new environment.

I also don't like the new looks, but I can get use to it in due time. It is not as ugly as the Osa disfiguration. It could be improved later in the future.
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That's not a fair comparison though.

We have been aware of Wakfu for years (Ankama rightfully pushing it on us some times more then others).
One of the main reasons I personally couldn't get into Wakfu game is its Pophead look. And I tried on multiple occasions.
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I agree with most of your points. Though lack of desalination probably has to do with this being WIP.

About Sadida:
New male models look sucky to me too. But did you see this one though?
My main character is male sadi I played for 8 years. But I might be buying a genderswap for this even if new males didn't look terrible.

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Thanks for opening this thread! I agree with everything.

I really hate the designs. The new characters look infantilized, disproportionate and less detailed. Also, they are a long way from fitting the game's scenarios.

I'm glad it's a work in progress, because I hope they give up or change their minds completely, trying another style. However, I'm starting to feel worried, since NPCs in Bonta and Brakmar - considering the recent update - were designed according to this new concept. They look bad and disconnected from the world.
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