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Please Ankama Open Jahash Transfers to Illyzalle.

By iamyomoma#8924 - SUBSCRIBER - June 23, 2021, 04:24:13

Hello, I started playing Jahash from day 1 of the server. It was an amazing experience rushing a mono server and even found a great english community inside that server. Just like many other servers this server use to thrive and was extremely populated and packed with things to do and people to explore with. 

Skip to now. Log on to the server, I dare you. Everyone but maybe some kama mules has now been practically forced off the server to completely start over on ilyzaelle if they want any kind of human interaction on the game. I put so much time and effort onto this account I really cant come to terms with throwing it away - but I really don't have much of an other option (and I don't see how this is the case). I think it is important to know when a server dies and when things should be done about it. 

I see 2 clear options that should help the many people I've talked to that are in this same "boat". 

1. Call it a loss, and merge the servers - Like I said ankama, log on to Jahash and tell me that its worth saving.

2. Open transfers from Jahash to Ilyzaelle - They are both mono account servers so its not a crazy advantage the transferring player has, we just want to play the game with people. 

Please consider this if anyone takes the time to read it - anyone left on this dead server is just praying for a transfer there or anything close.

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I can see them not doing this because Ily is already way overpopulated, but they should look into a way for the two servers to play together as it isnt fair. I hope they make a merge a possiblity for you, rather than just a transfer - I guess a merge would help with overpopulation as they can utilise more resources

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I fully support you. How to play on a mono server if you can't beat  the Giant Kralove there...

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