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My thoughts and review of Dofus Unity

By CoolRay#6774 - SUBSCRIBER - June 23, 2021, 18:58:15
Dofus Unity was controversial almost immediately after it was revealed. The players, myself included, didn't like its 3D look, and new style. Also doing away with the map system for something more akin to Wakfu wasn't well liked either.

But today we have been given another look at Dofus's future port, and also they clarified that Dofus 3D and Dofus Unity were seperate games.  And it appears it was probably just as controversial, mostly for the character models though. Ankama LIVE revealed to us what they intend the new game to look like, and even gave us work in progress images of each class of both genders.

People have been going haywire over how the classes look, stating that they look like bobbleheads, and their feet are like pins. What we have to do however is understand Dofus's original aesthetic. The characters on live servers right now, arguably, are probably less "Dofus" than these new models. 


I'm probably going to get a lot of people disagreeing with me, but I want you all to know this is my personal opinion. That's why I called this topic: "My thoughts and review of Dofus Unity"

To understand why Ankama went with these new designs with a simpler appearance we have to understand Dofus's origin, which we can see in Dofus retro. In the original Dofus design, everything had minimalistic detail on it. The characters looked like this:
When Dofus 2.0, the Dofus that we all play now, came out, a lot of players quit. They said they didn't like the new style or direction that Dofus was headed in. The characters appearances was one of those factors. I also personally didn't like the new appearances of the characters. They didn't seem Dofus-like anymore. I made a post on this matter a while ago, but I can't find it currently.

For those of you who haven't yet seen the new models, you can find a tweet with all the character models here
On first inspection, I personally like the models. They look more Dofus to me than what we currently have. They also appear to have a bit more personality than the current models. The models on the live servers look static, but these ones look more fluid. Is this because I've seen these old one for years on end? Possibly. But that doesn't discount my opinion in that I like these models more. 

That doesn't come without my gripes though. I disagree with the notion that their heads are too big... except for Eniripsa. That model truly does look like a funko pop. The other models don't have this issue to me. The other issue that everyone is having is their feet. This is quite understandable, and I would like to see Ankama give their feet a bit more mass. But I do understand what Ankama was going for. Smaller feet on a character implies they're very agile, and ready to jump away from a threat at a moments notice. This works very well for some characters, but not all of them. 

"But why do the character models look so different than before?"

Dofus is an old game, I believe we are currently approaching Dofus's 20 year anniversary. Over those years the artistic style will no doubt go through changes. However, in the past few years, Tot had mentioned that the change from Dofus 1 to Dofus 2.0 had caused them to lose "something". This "something" is undoubtedly the overall aesthetic and feel of the game. So, in an attempt to regain what was lost, they looked back at Dofus 1 and designed the newer models to be more like that era of Dofus, but still modern. I'd say, for the most part, they succeeded. 

Overall, I would like to say that I am quite happy with that is currently shown for Dofus Unity, aside from the Eniripsa's head, and maybe some particular feet. The game does look more polished, and having seen one of the maps from the live game actually animated looked very refreshing. 

For those of you who don't like what you saw, give it some time. Each of the images did come with the disclaimer "Work in progress" which means that there is a high chance that something will change. Ankama no doubt has seen all your criticism and will very likely implement some of them, if not all. 

I give Dofus Unity, as it stands, a A-. Points for good aesthetic. But a small deduction on some particular character models. 

That concludes my TED talk for today.
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I didn´t like the changes and i guess we will have another " 1.29 to 2.0" all over again
I thought they would just keep the game as it is and port it to unity without changes
Looking at these models i can´t help but i feel like it is a huge downgrade and 2.0 models are way superior
It is also not a matter of being superior or not , the point is that they´re changing the game again just like 1.29 to 2.0 and i just don´t like it

I wouldn´t want 2.0 to be changed like 1.29 was

Ankama is just mad , they received a lot of backlash from the transition to 1.29 ->2.0 and they´re still willing to do the same thing now

Bad move and a lot of players could stop playing , just like before (myself included)
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Character style looks way more cooler and simpler doesnt mean ugly. I mean, the style of the character design seems to go in the Wakfu direction and for me it's just a bonus. I agree that may some character doesn't look great in this new version (i just don't like the aniripsa),  but overrall i think that's a great upgrade: the combat stanches, the new animations and the look overall. 
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Unity is going to bring a lot of improvements. Animations and the world itself may improve a lot. Improvements are always welcome.

However, I really hate the character designs. The new characters look infantilized (the "feel" is totally different from what we had in 1.29), disproportionate and less detailed. It's a (big) downgrade. Also, they are a long way from fitting the game's scenarios. It's just my opinion, of course.

I'm glad it's a work in progress, because I hope they give up or change their minds completely, trying another style. However, I'm starting to feel worried, since NPCs in Bonta and Brakmar - considering the recent update - were designed according to this new concept.
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Did you really said that wakfu's map system is worse than dofus one?
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I would love them to revert to the old character models, the present ones look awful and even though the new ones may be a slight improvement there was no need to change them at any stage.
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My biggest issue with the new characters is that their faces are completely different than the choices we have in 2.0. Are we gonna get a chance to change our characters faces once we move over or are we just gonna get forced into a different face we didn't choose?
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