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Ankama live Dofus Unity Eng Sub

By Strakan#2033 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 24, 2021, 17:42:11


I have finished my translation from the last Ankama Live's show about Dofus Unity.I am aware It's far from perfect but at least I think (and hope !) you will now have keys to understand what they were saying about Dofus Unity ! Or at least having an idea if you didn't get me.. xD

Maybe your opinion will change, maybe not, this is not the goal of this translation to be honest. I wanted to show you the honesty and simplicity from Ankama's devs, I think it's rare nowadays (or I am playing the wrong games sadly) and I hope you will appreciate their show as I appreciate it in my native language.

Hope you enjoy !

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Watched and subbed. Keep up the good work!

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Okay I come back to you, I translated 50% of the show (around 40min) so I hope I will finish it before next Saturday, depends on my motivation and my free time.

Sorry if it's a bit long.


I have finished my translation so I've edited my main post. I have also deleted the previous video I've made because It's no longer necessary obviously.

I hope you will appreciate it !

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Tbh, it's a truly good job! The english speaking community was a bit off and there's no true effort to translate this stuff. Thank you!

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WOW! Thank you so much, it was certainly easier to follow and understand what and how things were said, and yes most certainly there was things talked about in better depth in French than the "English summaries"

Now that I understood the whole stream, my take-away/thoughts...........

laugh  at timestamp 5:58 - Logan completely had the wrong slide there, was supposed to show Dofus 1.0 vs 2.0 side by side, instead we get just one picture or the Astrub Zaap at the beginning of 2.0

Djinn says that Dofus 2.0 remains the highest played version of all available today - that might be because all the "veterans" from 1.29 were forced to move their accounts to 2.0 when it was released and 1.29 practically completely removed, although 2 servers remained for the Hispanic community.
So basically players were forced to resume their Dofus lives on 2.0 from 2009 - 2016 when Eratz and Henual was opened to all communities.
This desire for the old version back in turn brought about Retro, 3 years after players begged to have 1.29 restored. BUT! those veterans were already completely immersed with their characters on 2.0 for the 7 years it took to make the 2 remaining servers on 1.29 available to everyone, not just the Hispanic community and total of 10 years before Retro was released.

Djinn saying that everyone will keep everything on their characters (kamas/equipment/resources/pets etc) but everything will look prettier - pensive them there pictures leaked of the new character skins, they there be fugly lil kiddo's!!!!

Transitions = everybody stock up on motion sickness medication if you get dizzy from fast moving screens in games and movies!

My concerns around the coming Bonta/Brakmar reimaging is will all of our owned houses and paddocks remain on the same map? Because it looks like they will be less of them per map, at least for the houses!

I will miss the drop dead face plant animation when a character dies, I always find it amusing and feel it breaks down some of the aggravation felt when you die! That falling to the knee's and disappearing just doesnt do it for me personally.

fear who knew Osa's didnt have bottoms?!?

Character styles = oh we wont say much because just like our characters all skipped leg day, we will also skip and explinations! But please, give female Eni's their butterfly wings back, along with their skinny legs and miniscule feet they look like they are gnats! I do like that the male Fogger's have lost their pantaloons and the Cra's look good (except the miniscule feet and poor nose/jaw augmentation!) and female Sacriers got breast implants, male Ougi's turned from ferocious adversaries into lap dogs, Enu males all look like they have been lifelong alcoholics and have "winers nose" ?! But in reality though, they talk about modernisation and upgrading graphics, the newer characters as they stand right now have less detailing than the current versions and are a far cry from being "more realistic".

Yay Osa's will get their bottoms laugh

Why are majority of the characters wearing Astroboy boots?   

OMG! fear mellow why oh why are their feet so darned small! In comparison to their hands they look ridiculous!!!!! 

Time stamp 52:58 is that Feca on the far right constipated?

So with all those possibilities for customising the head alone, will people have the option to customise the feet, because I personally believe that A LOT of people will prefer something other than those tiny twinkle toes!

So Dofus Unity wont be "released" in 2021...... my feeling is it will be after the New Years when Kwismas Island closes. PC/Mac compatibility is quoted as any from the last 5 years, so perfect excuse to upgrade/buy new systems for the release of Dofus Unity wicked



D'oh! Thats what I get for watching it in the wee hours of the morning!
But your edit to the picture is a sound one and would have been better to differentiate between the two, especially for tired brains! laugh

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Angelsnow#6707|2021-07-02 00:30:27
WOW! Thank you so much, it was certainly easier to follow and understand what and how things were said, and yes most certainly there was things talked about in better depth in French than the "English summaries"

You're welcome ! smile I'm glad it was helpful.

Angelsnow#6707|2021-07-02 00:30:27
laugh  at timestamp 5:58 - Logan completely had the wrong slide there, was supposed to show Dofus 1.0 vs 2.0 side by side, instead we get just one picture or the Astrub Zaap at the beginning of 2.0

About this, Logan has the right slide. If you take a closer look you can see his picture is split in half with a fading diagonal. I put you what I mean here:

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

So Logan was talking about the evolution of this map between 1.0 and 2.0. :p
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I enjoyed watching this, thank you! 
Personally I would have been fine with a forum text version +pictures. It would be easier on you too.

Hope they wont lean into bobble head look as much, right now it doesn't look very appealing.
They reverted character proportions from  △ shape to ▽ shape. Making all your characters into an upside down triangle only makes sense if you are making a platformer which Dofus is not.

If Eni look like sexy ladies now why do they will look like malformed toddlers in Unity? Eni's head is half the size of its body and Eni feet are as big as its eyebrow!

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I do hope they will reconsider some of those points later on. 
Slow map scrolling and multiaccount Hero system are things most people would really like.

And i do approve of this <3

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I think most people hate multiaccounting, that's why Ilyzaelle is so successful. Who enjoys running 4-8 accounts and clicking the same texts while talking to NPCs when you do quests? Give us a great story that will captivate us and change the island like Fortnite does. And not sure what you mean by slow map scrolling but I  would love the maps to load in a split second.

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I think by slow map scrolling they are referring to what we currently have, as opposed to a warp/swish map change proposed in the live stream or a continuous rolling map like in Wakfu 

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The thing I am finding it hard to wrap my head around is,
1. they want a skeleton base that they can just put a "skin" on for each character,
2. they want "living" looking characters that appear to breathe and move fluidly,
3. they want characters to be more customizable and utilise "costumes" 

Didnt they already achieve that with Wakfu characters, without taking too much away from the "signature" base skeleton/body frames of Dofus style characters?

Why not just use them in Dofus Unity but change up the skins and custom elements instead of the mockery of Dofus characters theyre trying to be "smart" with right now.

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