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Summer Sales: Reel In These Latest Deals!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 21, 2021, 11:00:00
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The special offers in the online Ankama Shop are about to sail away… Don't let them pass you by! Surf the final wave of the summer sales that will steamroll prices, and don't return to dry land until you've found treasure!

Whether or not you've landed a big catch, don't head back to shore just yet. Your jaunt through this ocean of sweet deals isn't over! The Ankama Shop summer sales are re-embarking, with a third and final mark-down. This is your last chance to take advantage!


* Offer valid while supplies last. The Ankama Shop summer sales run through July 27.

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Could you guys and gals, pleaseeee, look into other carrier firms/ companies for goodies packs?

There's so much cute.cute.cute stuff on the website, often at okayish prices ...
Then you also have sales often enough ...


But the postal fees are just way too high...

I donno, ask some carrier firms/ companies to make you some price offers?
See if you can diminish yours, maybe?
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I agree with Bohemia the shipping price is way too high,i'd be buying more often if this problem got fixed wub

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There, we are giving even lil hints, to help you guys find other options for transport of irl items from shop:

Would you please look into a few transport options?
And let us pick on web shop for irl items which transporter we choose, from 2 - 3 -4 available, maybe, in the future?
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I agree!
Why is the shipping costs so high when a parcel is within France it is handled by their own mail carriers, then when it reaches the destination country, that country's mail providers pick it up.
For the price paid for shipping and handling you would expect it to have been sent via ParcelForce Worldwide/DPD/DHL/UPS!

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