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Questions when you have M % xp to mount, at same time with G % xp to guild; How do they get applied?

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - July 26, 2021, 17:45:02
So, supposing one character has, at the same time:
- M % xp to mount,
- G % xp to guild,
- R % remaining xp % for character.

Q1: Can M % + G % be 100 %, and R % = 0 % ?

Q2: In which order, and how do they apply?
  1. - from 100% total, do you simply calculate M %, G %, R %, having M % + G % + R % = 100 % ?
  2. - from 100 % total, first character gets R %; then from remaining xp, mount gets M % and guild gets G % , having M % + G % = 100 % from remaining xp?
  3. - from 100 % total, first mount gets M %,; then from remaining xp, guild gets G % and character R % , having G % + R % = 100 % from remaining xp ?
  4. - from 100 % total, first guild gets G %; then from remaining xp, mount gets M % and character R %, having M % + R % = 100 % from remaining xp?

Q3: If I remember well, both M % and G % are calculated based on char level, respectively lev of mount and lev of guild; and the closer is char lev to mount or guild, the more numeric xp it gives?
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I think mount has the priority then guild then character, percentages are calculated from the previous remaining xp

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I've never been able to work out the xp distribution. I've always found that there is an xp defecit no matter where you allocate it, be it mount or guild.

I did ask about it a few years ago at *THIS POST* but never really got any answers. So I've stopped relying on the numbers that are quotes in fights/quests etc because they never add up, even if you take into account character/guild/mount level gaps and multipliers. 

BTW apparently the xp multipliers on extra account characters (x2,3,4 xp etc) arent included in the "donation" towards guild and mounts, it is only base level xp. 

This link explains xp distribution to MOUNTS 

This link explains xp distribution to GUILDS

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It would be great if we could maybe get some day some official answer to this, from Ankama?

Cuz it aint the same:
  • - if M % + G % + R % = 100 % and they are simply calculated as % of total xp;
  • - if M %, G % or R % is calculated first, then the reminder is split between the remaining two, according to their respective %.

So, some light into this, would be greatly appreciated.

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There is certainly a huge XP discrepancy! And a lot of XP that just disappearspensiveohmy Which has always been a point of annoyance for me for over a decade!

I was training Dragoturkeys up yesterday for breeding and
forgot to apply the 90% XP boost on the first fight.
1 fight on my lvl 200 chara with a monster fight of lvl 197 and the XP boost to the DT at 0% gave the DT enough XP to go from lvl 1 to lvl 3 and half way towards lvl 4 fear

Almanax was quoted to give my lvl 150 chara with X4 XP multiplier bonus: 5,544,000 XP.
She has a 
lvl 100 DT set to 0% XP gain and for the Guild it is set to 90% XP contribution.
Of the
XP gained from the Almanax quest alone:
554,400 was given to the character
12,473 was given to the Guild
That is a deficit of
4,977,127 that has disappeared.

Even without giving any of the XP multiplier bonuses to either the Guild or mounts, the missing
4,977,127 should have been allocated back to the character as well. angry

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