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Did game become laggier in the last couple of weeks or so, or did turns become shorter, or did net connections all over world become slower?

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - July 28, 2021, 23:59:15
Good evening,

As the title says, in the last couple of weeks or so:
  • - did game become laggier ? or
  • - did turns become shorter? or
  • - did net connections over the world become slower? or ...
  • - ... did some of us players become a bit ... more silly (due to cov vaccs, global warming, thinning of ozone layer, or w.e. ...?

Me and some of my friends have noticed that starting a couple of weeks or so, most probably after last big update, our gaming become a tiny bit slower, often having juuuuuuuuust enough time to use all ap/ mp points ... and sometime not even enough to use them all in some turns.
Also, game seems to be getting laggy and need a restart of client and/ or launcher too, quicker than before.

If one/ some of you players all over the world have been experiencing this too, pls comment below,  on how is it on your side: like before / laggier (more quickly)/ quicker playing, in last couple of weeks or so?
Thank you in advance for your kind input.

Have a great evening all, and happy lag-free gaming! kiss
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Game's been running normally for me ph34r

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gg for you then ...

... but criiiiii!!! for me and some of my friends!!!

PS: For example, now it seems to be running ok.
Yet, last nite, after midnite, needed 1:40   hr :min, to do capt scarlight, 8 man team ... cuz of lag ... unable to use most times all ap/ mp ...
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I've found it harder to multi account. Since the update, playing causes my computer to overheat or encounter huge lag spikes after being online for some time. The warmer weather could also be a factor and my computer aging but it is reletively new.

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