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Devblog – 2.61 Update

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 13, 2021, 17:00:00
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"Damage from walls has been sharply reduced outside of the Rogue's turns and the turns of their Boombot, Megabomb and Walking Bomb summons"

It is reduced for summons as well.

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Amm, can somebody tell me what changed under today's "bug fix" . Because now the rogue can only buff +2 AP instead of +4. What else changed ?

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Maintenance changelog please?

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Remission push is still not working for Rogues. Also, I honestly don't get why the class does not just have 1 bomb that hits in the best predicted element like other class spells -- I.E. Fogg's Ambush extra hit. With the extra spell slots one could just give it spells that buff it to do the AP/Mp/whatever buff/de-buff one wants it to be doing.
As it is though, the Water and Air bombs only buffing 1AP/MP each now is really dumb. I get the need to limit the buff, but just cap it at 2(as it is now) and leave the buff as a +2 per bomb. idk maybe I'm just crazy...

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A very good and positive analysis of the class and areas for improvement, but the nerf to the dmg is way too much. You tried to make it more playable in 3v3 PvP but the change of 'damage dealt outside the rouges turn, is down to 1/2/3' is a massive nerf which makes it pointless in PvP due to the little dmg it can make. ie. previous to update (turn 3, 2 explobombs buffed could deal 2.4k dmg, this is at lvl 140 with reasonable set build) now (turn 3, 2 explobombs on rank 6 deal 1.4k dmg, same lvl and same set build) a reduction of 1k damage (relative to lvl, gear and element) in my opinion makes the class pretty useless in PvP (you don't deal enough dmg because of the outside of rouges turn). We're now having to move bombs all the time in order to buff them, if someone is already in the bombwall you have to break bombwall or take character out of bombwall and put back again or move them inside bombwall which is difficult without moving bombs, in order to make dmg in rouge's turn!! I think this was thought to address leeching and way to easy PvM, but has ruined PvP effectiveness (Not to say it was very effective prior to update, but the little dmg it deals makes it pretty useless because you need to deal good dmg in order to be effective in PvP)

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when are you gonna add sms service for Hungary?
cant play this goddamn mono server without a phone number

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As some of you might have already noticed, 3v3 Kolossium ladder now displays players’ rating.

Until now, we chose to keep that information under discretion for several reasons, the most important being that some players use that information to manipulate the matchmaking system.

We have brought improvements recently at the sanction system level, it allows us to have a better control over that sort of abuse and negative behaviors. We can now let you see a ladder with this feature. It is an improvement that we have been nurturing for a while but was never a top priority in our Kolossium to-do list of bugs to fix and adding that new ladder won’t solve everything. However, we know how important this ladder is to you. This morning, we have implemented the last modifications to the sanction system. We are confident enough to let the players use it now. We will keep on following how the system evolves and how it is used, of course. We are not excluding new changes if need be.

As for the league system, new modifications are planned with the future patches. We do not have more details to share on that topic today or how long you will have to wait. Our only goal is to establish a better correlation between a player’s league and its rating.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

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Here's some friendly feedback. As a rogue player since it's release 8 (?) years ago, this most recent change to Rogue has made me want to quit the game. It has been absolutely butchered. If this isn't immediately obvious, let me break down Rogue in a nutshell:

Rogue is ANNOYING to play. It always has been. You are constantly pushed into your bomb lines, targeted by mobs, rushed, and having your setups 1-shot by nothing more than accidental crossfire. However, what made it all worth it was the reward for being hyper-strategic: the sheer power of the bomb lines was the prize for playing absolutely everything right. This is the nature of what makes high-risk, high-reward fun.

The new update has done no less than completely gutted what made Rogue... well, Rogue. Why worry about bomb placement or kiting when I can summon 3 bombs every turn, and fully buff all of them by the end of their 2nd turn? Why work to play strategically when even when fully buffed your total damage is capped at a pitiful fraction of what it used to be? Why learn how to play around the turns of your teammates when they can't even utilize the power of your bomb lines? 

If I am going to waste the majority of my AP and MP on positioning, I better damn well be able to do some damage. Unfortunately, Rogue no longer has that kick that made it viable, in pvp OR pvm. 

Please revert the changes. I can't think of a way to rectify the issues that this rework introduced other than reverting it entirely. It is just so far off of the right track for the class. I've played for almost a decade and this change is finally going to make me quit for good. I don't want to say goodbye to Dofus, but if the devs are this blind about what makes the core gameplay rewarding for their most dedicated players, it might finally be time to move on. sad


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