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[ EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS SERIES ] Q2: Where do the bank fees, and market and merchant fees go?

By bohemia#2044 - SUBSCRIBER - September 17, 2021, 10:01:09

[ EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS SERIES ] Q2: Where do the bank fees, and market and merchant fees go?

Good morning,

Many times, I have been wondering, what's the purpose behind having bank fees, and market and merchant fees (especially before selling and having a guaranteed sale)?
What is the reason behind them?

Having bank fees pushes players, especially new ones/ new accounts to sell (or even to destroy or drop on ground) all they can, to avoid paying kamas as fee to bank, when they're quite low in kamas income at the beginning.
From this, a bit hard to start later leveling a/ some professions. Just saying ...

As for market and merchant fees, while pay them before the sale, with a time limit, and without having a guaranteed sale? 
Not once I've met players who didn't even have kamas to put their stuff in market, and/or needed kamas quick, which kindof pushes many to rush to the initiators of the " achete offre d'or/ buy % off " spammed even in /c /r etc where it aint supposed to happen ... in theory ...

And while there's nothing done with those kamas?
A monthly/ seasonal contest of w.e. kind? With those kamas as prize/s ?
Or anything ...

Have a good day, all!
And don't forget about the DG (Dungeon Rusher); it is LeChouque, this weekend.

PS: I do apologize for using abbreviations sometime; do believe me, my chat used to be even more abbreviated IG (in game); till I have been told that it aint exactly 100% clear and understandable; so, please, do accept my apologizes for that; I shall try to correct it.
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the money goes to the city government, the city staff won't work for free, the phoenix statues need maintenance to resurrect you, the buildings need repairing, the NPCs need food and clothes

jokes aside, I think the taxes are designed to help the economy flow. People would simply stack everything in the bank and put equipment for sale for crazy prices if taxes didn't exist

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It is called a "money sink" and it helps keep the economy regulated. The game can't keep creating kamas without a way to also remove them from the game, otherwise, it would create inflation. You can read more about it here.

You can think about it in a role-playing manner as dedehdalaje put it. The money goes to all the NPCs that work to maintain every public building, road, or other infrastructures such as zaaps or carriers, in perfect working condition. biggrin

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