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Live impossible on Echo!!

By Dagonhar#4405 - SUBSCRIBER - September 18, 2021, 23:30:48

Dear Ankama, on the Echo server an unpleasant situation is happening, that is, prisms and percs attacks by other alliances (always the same two) every day, at any time and even in multi log, these people forget to play the rest of the game. In my opinion they are a little exaggerating, you can't even have time to do dungeoun, kolossei or missions that they are always there to attack continuously, long ago the prisms after making a koth in that area were invulnerable but I don't know for which reason has been removed this state, Dofus is becoming unplayable, not to mention the excessive use of legendary items and dreams items!

From a veteran who has been playng for 12 years now smile

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First you say that they're not enjoying the full game and prisms/percs are only part of the game, then you say the *whole* game is unplayable because of that reason alone? 

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do you understand what he said or is it just controversy about a more than legitimate thought by an old player?  he is referring to a particular situation and speaks of pvp pensive

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I can't log on any second char on Echo. It gets stuck in the logging in phase.

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You will need to contact Ankama Support if the problem is persistent for more than a few days.
You can also post in the
Problems and Solutions section of the Forums, unfortunately this section isnt the right place for it.

Ankama Support:
Problems and Solutions forum:
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If you or your Guild/Alliance truly feel that you are being specifically targeted and it is making gameplay unpleasant contact a Mod for assistance.  They will probably ask for screenshots and /whois information if it is a select few players.
Have a look at the pinned post at:
for some more direction on what you and your fellow guild/alliance players can do.

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Actually I solved it and it's easy to solve! Instead of logging on to the screen that lets you choose your character, I just changed it to log in directly to the player. Anyways, all my players are on the same server, so I can change to another player from in-game.

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I know the problem and I know how annoying and frustrating it is. Sadly, current system allows such things and we can't do much.
The only thing that could potentially save us is the Alliance system revamp but I have got no idea if it's planned at all sad

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I fear that this shall be till AvA gets revamped ... Probably not during Dofus 2.xx ... But on Dofus 3.xx ...

I doubt they'll invest human resources from dev team into this, when they are about to move game to another platform.

PS : Any clue if there shall remain some "retro" 2.xx servers? Even for our International Community?
After over 10 years, seriously, I don't see myself starting new, leveling profs and characters and w.e. all over again, and learning a new game
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Hopefully the port to Unity will pretty much go the same as the move from Dofus 1.xx to Dofus 2.0  we all kept our characters as is, we kept our gear, kamas, houses, paddocks etc the only real differences that affected characters were that you could have all professions instead of 3 x regular (there were basically 22 different ones) and 3 magus (11 different ones) and each account was credited with an xp stone for each professions they had put any xp into.
There were changes to the visuals and interfaces, then map transitions (there used to be those gold glowing navigation "stars" on the floor for each map and you could only change to another map by walking on it, now it is just an arrow mostly for map transitions.

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bohemia#2044|2021-09-21 18:53:59
from what I recall, Dofus 3.xx will start fresh new chars, all, so vet players from Dofus 1.x / Dofus 2.x do not get a surreal advantage over new players ...

There is an interesting article here that explains things (can be translated from French to English/preferred language on Google Chrome) from the AnkaLive that Logan and Djinn did after the last Temporis.
"Reminder: You keep your progress, your characters, only the engine changes when you switch to Unity."
They explained that Dofus 3.0 will be a move of the current Dofus 2.xx game over to the new game engine Unity instead of the old Flash engine, then later "upgrades" to Dofus 3.0 will probably come as each new visual upgrade happens
"DOFUS 2 ON UNITY - CARD BY CARDYes, you will keep your characters and your progress in full. Only the customer will change. It will be just a switch, and which would be invisible if there were no visual changes! Logan even shows us new environments. There are 13,000 maps to redo, not everything will be animated, but the majority will be in blocks. Be careful, it's in Work in Progress!"
Logan's post about Dofus' future as we play it today and the port to the Unity game engine: also says;
"So, once this port is completed, there will be no major changes to the game or to your characters. Your in-game experience will be almost exactly the same as it is today, just a lot more pleasant. This consolidation will allow us to keep developing the game from one update to the next with no problems, to add to your characters' adventures year after year, and to provide improved technical stability!"

The Dofus 3/3D/Dofus Unity is a different 3D game set in the Dofus world where you will start at the very beginning again, but supposedly it will be slightly different to the Dofus game we all play now. But because the change to the game engine Unity is needed sooner, the Dofus 3/3D/Dofus Unity project has been put on hold. This game is where the quick gameplay video of an Iop running around with Gobballs in a 3D world comes from.

bohemia#2044|2021-09-21 20:33:44
Then I suppose I didn't know latest news on it, sorry, my bad.
But I've seen lil pictures, like the above one ... Not my fav kind of visual thing ... Fades, compared even to Dofus 1.xx ... not to say compared to Dofus 2.xx ...

Dofus 3/3D/ Dofus Unity apparently will be playable on pc, game consoles and mobile devices, so I think it will be reasonably basic for a 3D game considering the graphic differences between each method of playing, I guess especially for mobile devices. But then again technology is moving (and improving) at faster paces than they did 15 years ago, so they might make it "prettier" like what we know as the World of Twelve at the moment. 
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Then I suppose I didn't know latest news on it, sorry, my bad.
But I've seen lil pictures, like the above one ... Not my fav kind of visual thing ... Fades, compared even to Dofus 1.xx ... not to say compared to Dofus 2.xx ...
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not to mention the fact that now the pvp is based exclusively on the meta, this takes away any fun or feeling of happiness on the pvp, the classes are distorted, now they only focus on the red ap so as not to play the opponents, it is all very frustrating, then I don't understand why the attackers have to start and not the defenders in pvp fearfearfear

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Theres this wild stat called ap parry, heard of it?

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no one forces you to attend koths or defence . Since when there is a limit on how many attacks u can do . If you place a perc be ready that someone will attack it same with prisms . Pvp is not mandatory u can live in peace zaapsitting pvm or any other thing u want to do . You are free to do whatever you want to do

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Explanation from one of the people who attack you guys Prisma's regularly:

We hit any Prisma we come across, it is nothing personal, we play this game to enjoy the fun of PvP because we feel like that is the only competitive way to show our skills. Just because you cannot win certain fights doesn't mean that your claim of anyone of us "multi log" is true. It's a childish allegation to make, and Ankama should take actions for these false claims towards players if you got no proof of this. You made this statement publically, so we (the people who hit your alliance on the regular) want proof of these words.

To continue on about your claims of this game being unplayable because *YOU* are in a dungeon or any other content and find it annoying. Besides that your claim is kind of egocentric, it's also false, because you can TURN OFF the notifications in your Dofus menu. If you are interested, we would even help you find it if you would Private Message us in game.

As a third argument: You choose to be in an alliance, your guild made the decision to participate in that. If you have Prisma's or Perceptors that are available to be attacked, then that is your problem as an alliance or guild. You can choose to leave the guild too if you don't want to be bothered with any attacks.

To come to a conclusion: It's part of the game, many people enjoy to PvP and test their skills versus another. You are not in any way, shape or form obligated to participate in any of it. Don't complain about it because you cannot defend or don't want to defend, and back up your words with proof if you feel like something is unfair (especially publically).

Have a good one.


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the problem instead exists when we make a koth and after 5 minutes the same prism is attacked again, a problem is because before the prisms were invulnerable for 24 hours (if you don't know this, you started playing dofus yesterday), but maybe someone has forgotten it. we know very well that pvp is part of the game, but the point is that whoever does competitive pvp does not attack the prisms but does kolosseo lol

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PvP contents? Git gud or git out... I am not good at PvP so I don't PvP. 

If you can't defend your perc or prism, then don't place them. Git gud or git out! LOL 

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