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Devblog 2.62 - The Eternal Conflict

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - November 26, 2021, 19:00:00
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This 2021 end-of-year update offers plenty of new content to finish the year in style. We've been talking about it for months now: a modern makeover for Bonta and Brakmar. After Astrub and Pandala, now the World of Twelve's two most iconic rival cities are in line for a facelift. This revamp and its geographic upheavals will be accompanied by new additions to the cities' history… and their sewers. It'll also be an opportunity to learn more about the "Eternal Conflict" between them, its consequences and its origins, and the reasons for this endless confrontation and the forces behind it… 

The Eternal Conflict

In the Birthplace of Good and Evil

Inflamed by fanatics, the conflict between Bonta and Brakmar is heating up. Chaos threatens to overtake everything. Huppermages are calling on adventurers to face their worst nightmares and fight the Dissonance… and the Master of Dreams conjures up some mysteries. What role does the guardian of the Primordial Dofus play, and what is their place among the immortal Powers? As the story of the Eliocalypse comes to an end, another journey can begin… leading you to the edge of dreams, and to the origins of the Krosmoz.

An all-new series of quests follows up on the Pandala epilogue and the Pandamonium quests to conclude chapter III of the Eliocalypse and reveal the mystery behind this new area. There will also be plenty of secondary quests to illustrate the conflict between Bonta and Brakmar. Last but not least, you'll discover new consequences resulting from the reunification of the Dofus.

New Area: The Destroyers' Nightmare

This new level-200 area is a chaotic representation of Bonta and Brakmar, where buildings from the two cities combine in unlikely and disturbing ways. As you explore this colorless Nightmare, you'll see the influence of the Horsemen of the Eliocalypse in scorched landscapes, starving populations, violent battles and bloodthirsty madness. As for the dungeon, it retraces the key events of the first Crimson Dawn, which crystallized the conflict between Bonta and Brakmar.

But hopping on your trusty Dragoturkey or taking a boat won't be enough to get you there this time. No, you'll have to use other methods… but we'll let you discover those for yourself.

The Destroyer Family

A new family makes its first appearance. Prepare to meet the Destroyers, the reincarnated demons who populate the Nightmare. They wander the area, goading mortals into battle. These fearsome monsters shamelessly indulge their darkest predilections and protect the Nightmare from offensive enemies.

Eternal Conflict Equipment

No less than 13 new items of equipment will be making their appearance in this new area:

  • The Destroyers set: a level 200 set with 3 items focused on Chance / Agility / Pushback Damage / Critical Hits / Dodge / Range / MP Parry
  • The Relics of the Crimson Dawn: a level 200 set with 6 items of equipment. This set contains:
    • 3 items linked to Bonta, with a focus on Chance / Agility / Lock / MP Parry / Critical Resistance / AP
    • 3 items linked to Brakmar, with a focus on Strength / Intelligence / Dodge / AP Parry / Pushback Resistance / MP
    • This set was designed so that the penalties on the Bonta equipment are counterbalanced by the bonuses on the Brakmar equipment, and vice versa.
  • 3 non-set weapons
  • the level 180 Nightmarish Dofus, with a Support focus

Bonta the Majestic and Brakmar the Terrible

Cities' Revamp

Both cities have been given a top-to-bottom overhaul:

  • Visually, the two cities are now completely different from before. Not a single cell has been left untouched. Brakmar has been transformed to reinforce its image as an artificial metallic city built atop magmatic rocks. The city's visual readability has also been improved. As for Bonta, we've adopted an artistic direction more in line with the movie "Dofus – Book I: Julith". Surrounded by water, the city now boasts a richer, more modern style. The two cities will also come to life in two new Kolossium maps.
  • The size of both cities has also been cut in half to minimize the distance between their many points of interest (from about 140 maps per city to 70). As a result, the zaapis have been removed from both cities. In Brakmar only, a tube-based travel system has been added.
  • Residents have also gotten a refresh. All NPCs in Bonta and Brakmar have been given a makeover so they'll fit right into the cities' new looks.
  • Finally, the cities' structure has also been transformed. Bonta is now divided into 3 areas at different altitudes: the "Promontory of the Heavens", the "Immaculate Heart" and the "Artists' District". The "Ivory Harbours" port area rounds out the city. As for the city of evil, the circular structure with an island at the middle has been kept, but the navigation system has been updated with the addition of cable cars. Brakmar is now divided into 4 areas: the "Anvil", the "Breastplate", the "Pot" and the "Anchor". We've also taken advantage of this revamp to add crafter and lumberjack workshops in both cities (and garbage cans in Brakmar – this terrible injustice has finally been righted).

So, what do you think? Will this revamp tilt your loyalties to one side or the other?

The Sewers and the Rat Family

Like the cities themselves, the Bonta and Brakmar sewers have been completely updated and reduced to about a third of their previous size. The sewers now have a much more distinct visual identity that aligns more closely with each city's defining features.

Of course, reimagining the sewers also means a revamp of the iconic White Rat and Black Rat dungeons. Both of them have also received a complete visual overhaul.

While we were at it, we also remodeled the rat family. Currently, there's just a single family that is found in both the Bonta and Brakmar sewers, but also in the Amakna Castle Tunnels. In this update, three distinct families of rats have been created:

  • the current level-50 family, which has been renamed "Amaknian Rats". This family has been removed from the sewers in both cities, and will now be found only the the Amakna Castle Tunnels. The monsters that are exclusive to the White Rat and Black Rat dungeons have been removed from this family. The Gleaming Rat has been removed from the game, and the Hyoactive Rat will now appear in the Amakna Castle Tunnels.
  • two new level-110 families have been created: the "Bontarian Rats" and the "Brakmarian Rats". These new families will be found in their respective sewers and in the dungeons. One monster from each family will be exclusive to the dungeon, just as in the old dungeons.

The resources from these families have been updated (you can convert any obsolete resources in your possession by double-clicking on them).

Finally, rat equipment items and their set bonuses have been modified and the recipes have been adjusted (Boots, Cloak, Belt, Amulet, Mask, Weapon, Ring). Two new equipment items have also been created: 1 ring relating to the Bonta rat family and one for the Brakmar family.


Dofus' most iconic sport is back in the game: GOBBOWL. Those of you have seen the Wakfu animated series are sure to be familiar with the two cities' intense passion for this sport. A stadium where anything goes, a roaring crowd, and a gobbowl ball… that's really all you need for a truly epic match.

In Dofus, the rules are simple: gather a team of 3, 4 or 5 players and bring your gobbowl ball to the Bonta or Brakmar gobbowl stadium. Positions are assigned at random (Captain, Attacker and Defender), and the match can begin! The goal of the game: The captain or one of the attackers tries to get the ball into their opponents' goal. To do this, use the Gobbowl-exclusive spells available to you. Depending on your role within the team, you'll have from 4 to 6 spells: "Carry the Gobbowl Ball", "Toss the Gobbowl Ball", "Lock", "Heaviness", "Amplification", and "Proximity". 

You're probably saying to yourself: "Wait, aren't you missing two of Gobbowl's most important aspects?" And you're right! First, there's a seventh spell that only the captain can use: Cheat. Use your cheat to get random bonuses or penalties to use in the match. The Crowd also has a role to play. They'll grant you a bonus or a penalty that will depend on the cheat you used during the match.

Will the fan favorites win the day, or just the sneakiest cheaters? Hit the pitch today to find out!


Information on Gobbowl Spells: 

  • Spells Shared by All Players
  • Defender
  • Attacker
  • Captain
  • Cheat Spells (Only for the Captain)

Your Houses and Paddocks

The whole geography of both cities has been turned on its head. As a result, the houses and paddocks are no longer in the same places. Don't panic, you'll still get to keep them with this update. But breeders beware: the shapes of the paddocks have changed, so your existing breeding items will still be there, but placed randomly within the paddock.

To compensate for the lack of space after the sharp reduction in the size of the two cities, a new building has been added: the paddock tower. This tower – about 10 stories high and equipped with an elevator – contains all the paddocks that were previously located in the cities.

Get Your Finest Attire Ready

If you love nothing more than spending hours and hours picking out the perfect attire, we've created a new Marketplace just for ceremonial attire. The two cities will each have one, where you'll find every kind of ceremonial item there is, including living items and costumes. In your inventory, the various types of cosmetic items are moving from the equipment tab to a new tab of their own, where they've been separated into multiple categories.

Plus, for those who like to hang out near the Astrub zaap and show off their Witter Beanies, two new buildings have been added that are exclusively dedicated to ceremonial attire. A stage, curtains and a fitting room will be available for you to put on a fashion show.

Quests and Achievements

Along with all the changes to the cities of Bonta and Brakmar, we'll also be adding new exploration achievements. The old achievements will be deactivated. Players who have completed these achievements will lose the points granted, but will keep all the other rewards they earned. Achievement point counters will be updated, but the achievements they are associated with will remain confirmed if they have been unlocked.

Quests from the old versions will still be present after this revamp, except for the library quest in each city: "Breeding Culture" in Bonta and "The Pen Is Sometimes Mightier" in Brakmar. Amayiro and Oto Mustam's dialogues have been completely revised to remove the inconsistencies that have accumulated over the course of various updates.

Finally, to make the most of these areas and give them some added content with a narrative structure, we've come up with 3 new quests in each city's sewer system. A new associated achievement has also been added. In these quests, you'll discover the close connections between each city and its sewers.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts will be deactivated in both cities. Since the cities are now smaller, and have no direct horizontal or vertical connection to the rest of the continent, it's no longer possible to pass through them during a hunt.

Class Balancing

We're continuing our work on balancing the various classes. For this update, 5 classes will be modified: Osamodas, Rogue, Cra, Sram and Sacrier.


For the Osamodas, we wanted to keep pushing forward with the changes we initiated with the last update: restoring the value of certain spells that were struggling to compete with their variants, and simplifying the mechanics of multiple spells. This simplification allowed us to correct the way these spells work on a technical level, and to eliminate some slightly (or completely) unintuitive behaviors that sometimes occurred with certain spells.

Over the course of various updates, the class has started to accumulate more and more effects to manage the strength of its spells (like Gambol, for example), to the point where these spells were becoming difficult to use and making the game less enjoyable. The changes we've made should make the class stronger in certain ways and weaker in others, both in PvP and PvM, but should also improve the overall gameplay experience.


With the changes we introduced in the September 2021 update, the Rogue class's main mechanics and all of its spells were changed to one degree or another. But even in light of all these changes, certain spells or mechanics were still causing problems, and either didn't meet the objectives we had set for that update at all, or only met them partially.
So in response, we're continuing this important overhaul with the following changes: modification of the Combo and an upgrade to start-of-turn bonuses, changes to wall damage, replacement of Latent Bombs, changes to AP & MP reduction, a new way of managing Kaboom bonuses, and reorganization of several spell pairs. We've also done various nerfs and boosts on spells that needed them.


For this update, we wanted to reduce the class's strength in PvP, where it's been overpowered for some time now. One major issue was the infamous Tyrannical Arrow, which adds too much damage to the class and allows for excessively "easy" combos with other classes. The Cras also have a very strong AP reduction ability that's both area-of-effect and ranged. All of this makes the Cra one of the best removal classes in the meta, if not the very best, without really having to sacrifice on damage, as explained above. The ability to inflict damage with Tactical Beacon that can't be parried, right from the first turn, is also highly problematic in all game modes, especially in 1v1. Finally, we've thoroughly revised how the Reprisal spell works; see the changelog for the details of what's changed. The goal was to reduce the spell's immediate power, while still maintaining its highly dissuasive aspect and adding an improved tactical and teamwork aspect.


After we nerfed the terrifying team comp of 1 Enutrof + 1 Sram + 6 Cras in PvM back in July 2021, Mist found itself constrained by an initial recast interval. Since one of the main problems with this composition was the Enutrof's Retreat spell, we decided to reverse this change for Mist to avoid penalizing Srams unnecessarily in PvM and PvP. Meanwhile, Wily has now been slightly nerfed in terms of its range to make it a little tougher to place, since its area of effect is already very easy to exploit.


In the wake of our (many) recent changes to this class, the Sacrier is now in a satisfactory state, except for one detail: the Berserk spell, which is much too perfect for ending a fight as things stand now. So our goal was to slightly increase its AP cost so that it's not a total no-brainer to use and breaks certain spell combos in the same turn. The damage bonus has also been slightly reduced. However, this is balanced out by the increase in the HP cost, which is there to increase the risk for the Sacrier in using this spell. Sure, the Sacrier will hit harder and take damage better, but their vitality will be even lower, making them easier to eliminate – especially if their opponents manage to unbewitch their shield points.

Until the English version is available, you can find the details of this round of class balancing on the French beta changelog.

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Score : 30

Really appreciate the speed in which the english translations came out for this devblog. Thanks so much!

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Score : 772

Thank you for this!

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Score : 1813

Lets GOOOOOO! I'm so ready for this update

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Score : 2495

So no areas in treasure hunts will give two chests anymore?

1 0
Score : 112

Best update I've seen so far

1 -1
Score : 701

No more fun on rogue. Back to the beginning. Latent bombs were one of the most strategic sh.t in the game unless you knew how to use them. That's very (very) bad that you took them away.

Congratz on nerfing AP reape and tyra arrow. Unfortunately, the only thing I liked in this update. Every time I see a changelog containing anything about Rogue, I get mad af. There's always a strong reason for that.

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Score : -27

Rouge buffing abilities is completely useless now, cant possibly be the final result

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Score : 1078

not complitely useless, just 33% more useless

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Score : 12132

With regards to the White/Black Rat set pieces, what happens to items you already own (either have equipped or in Haven bag chest, House chests or Bank), do they instantly get modified or will they become obsolete? And will this have a "knock on" effect on the Lord of the Rats Ceremonial set?

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Score : 1033

I have one question after playing the beta and exploring the new Bonta and Brakmar. Which look fantastique! Zaapi?


Angelsnow#6707|2021-11-27 17:06:07
No zaapis, each city has been reduced in size by around half so I guess there is no use for them anymore.  I hope the main Zaap is still there though...... pensive
" As a result, the zaapis have been removed from both cities. In Brakmar only, a tube-based travel system has been added."
"the navigation system has been updated with the addition of cable cars"

Edit: After having a look around on Beta I see that yes the main Zaaps are still there, but the Bonta/Brakmar travel potions were unusable, I hope this is just a Beta thing because I have thousands of them, I dont want to be forced to join an Alignment just to use them fear

It is still very inconvenient to have to run everywhere now. The thing that was nice about Bonta and Brakmar is everything was there and accessible at just a few clicks. I did not see this noted before so thankyou. Very disappointed now.
2 0
Score : 12132
No zaapis, each city has been reduced in size by around half so I guess there is no use for them anymore.  I hope the main Zaap is still there though...... pensive
" As a result, the zaapis have been removed from both cities. In Brakmar only, a tube-based travel system has been added."
"the navigation system has been updated with the addition of cable cars"

Edit: After having a look around on Beta I see that yes the main Zaaps are still there, but the Bonta/Brakmar travel potions were unusable, I hope this is just a Beta thing because I have thousands of them, I dont want to be forced to join an Alignment just to use them fear
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Score : 5510

I'm actually really disappointed with this update. The feeling of bonta and brak, which were so integral to dofus, is totally gone.

First and foremost: Please bring back zaapis in both cities.

Why is bonta surrounded by water like this and cut off from the rest of the continent? 

For bonta, the outside of the houses look nice and all but the inside are so dim, because apparently there are no other light sources in bontarian houses besides the windows and whatever little light they allow in. Seriously, I'm struggling to see every time I enter a house.

The new layout of the houses are also  just inconvenient in terms of chest placement and honestly the houses feel so crowded and small. There were some beautiful houses that were so nice and open and are now just so cramped in comparison. 

For brak, I hate the neon signs. Like why? It feels so anachronistic, so against the type of world dofus is set in.  Some iconic maps, like the one with the hooded statue and the prison cells to peel potatoes have been totally trashed and are so underwhelming. I really dislike the decision made to switch from stone to metal for brak.

Honestly I miss the color schemes for both cities, brakmar especially. The neutrals, the purples, everything was kind of in harmony without one thing being so overwhelming like it is in the new style.

Also the fake npcs make the game feel cheap. 

I get that this is the direction the art style of the game is moving in and I've resigned myself to either accepting it or switching to playing retro  but I would really hope that the team would try to retain what makes dofus, dofus in terms of art style.

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Score : 35

They are just trying to slowly make us accept the way dofus will be on unity.

But yeah by now a lot of players didnt really play for as long as we did, so they dont have the same affection and then, dont care if things stop being what they were for years... progress for them, i guess.

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Score : 271

i really hate how the rats look in this update

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Score : 5510

Agreed! Also hate the dungeon entrances!

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More Osa nerfs, bruh

Duster only able to be cast once per target now??? rolleyes
Dragonic's range going from 8 to 3???

Osa actually just gets nerfed literally every update, not even an exaggeration

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Score : 21

I got a question: Why there is ONLY 9 languages avaible for guild recruitment. There is no "other " option either.
I will have a problem with recruiting players for full Polish guild in the game.


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Score : 12132

Your best bet is to put a notice at the top of the Guild description that it is a Polish guild, perhaps use Google Translate to translate it to the 9 languages Dofus show available and add that to the notice? 

1 0
Score : 38

Revert rogue thanks! <3 

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Score : 2781

I never thought I'd resent being Brak, but here we are.

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Score : 254

Osa is becoming less and less fun to play...   I'm not switching class and giving money to incompetent company. I'd rather quit until you reflect on your decisions.

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Score : 2475
Since I haven't tried Beta, for now I am worried about houses and padocks and their new placements ?! (And related bugs, at the beginning ...)

Then, as someone said before, about the impact on "old" resources/ "old" pieces of equips/ sets?
Will it be like for pandala revamp, when for "old pandala resources" we got all sort of crap, really, just not "new pandala resources", as it would have been rational?
Then, for most of those "old" resources, we had to do 10 k trips to npc in pandala, to exchange the "obsolete" for "new" stuff?
Well, I am just hoping the transition from now obsolete resources and equips to new one will be smoother and more fair, than in panadala revamp case ...
1 -1
Score : 12132
From what I saw on the Beta houses are now squashed together so for every house in the new Bonta and Brakmar there are up to 20+ owners for each house,
**Ankama also didnt seem to use any logic to the placement of houses, especially Guild houses and group them together (even if they were before the new update)** ohmy 
the list of owners is also annoying to try and navigate because there are so many per house so you are constantly mis-clicking.........

As for the paddocks, all paddocks from within the city walls for Bonta and Brankmar are now in a tower - think skyscraper - with a lift (elevator) to get to your paddock, I'm hoping (but not holding my breath) that some logic was used and Guild paddocks were grouped together, but going on the houses I wont hold out much hope for that. Paddocks at the Breeding area's outside the walls appeared to still be in the same place on Beta.

For the rat resources they said "The resources from these families have been updated (you can convert any obsolete resources in your possession by double-clicking on them)."   so by double-clicking them they will be converted to other resources -
probably crappy low priced stuff that has nothing to do with what the rats will now drop - just like they did with Pandala resources <_<

Hopefully the new rat changes wont impact current equipment a character has too much, especially considering White/Black rat stuff was needed for the recipe's for the Lord of the Rats Ceremonial set
2 0
Score : 1

So in this update treasure hunt will be useless. We were doing it for Bonta or Brakmar. Now there are not double xp&chest option and did not make any change the reward. It is weird. I was having fun while I was making money&xp. Now there will be just fun. Which is make me weak in this game.

Alos new bonta and brakmar is make my eyes bleed. I guess there were no need to make any changes in that area. There are many more areas(Stontusk Desert, Eltnegwwood and many more...) need to change. Those maps is empty.

Day to day Dofus made changes that not needed.

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