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[Giveaway] Entries: Brakmarian Battle Cry

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - December 15, 2021, 14:00:00

This topic was created for the Brakmarian participations in the Bonta vs Brakmar: Unleash your battle cry giveaway.
All participants respecting the event's rules will win a Brakmarian Banner.

How to participate

  • Write a comment with your best Brakmarian war cry/slogan below. It can be a rallying quote, a motivational slogan, a one-liner roast towards Bonta, whatever you think will work. Just leave the long-winded essays and letters to Oto-Mustam!


  • Each entry must comply with Ankama's ToU and the forum rules.
  • Each participant can only enter this contest once. Those entering both Bonta and Brakmar contests will be disqualified.
  • All valid entries belonging to the English-speaking international community* will receive the banner associated with the city thread they participated in.
  • The winners will be announced on Friday, December 17, before 6 p.m. CET.
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Score : 95

Angel wings, more like chicken wings. If I roast you I'll have BFC (Bontarian Fried Chicken)

2 0
Score : 17

We are Brakmar. Always stronger and more evil than the ones in blue. Come to war! Raise your swords! For the glory of Rushu!

0 0
Score : 16

Today, we will paint the white city red, and we won't be using paint. 

1 0
Score : 106
Children of Brakmar, my brothers, I see the same fear that could seize my heart! The day will come when our Brakmarian pride will fail, but this is not the day! When the swords and shields are broken and there won't be a single twelfth left to fight for this dark beautiful land! But this is not the day! Brakmarians I invite you to resist! For Djaul! For Brakmar! 
1 0
Score : 61

Forward! And don't fear the light! Wake up! Rise knights of Djaul! Spears will be shaken .. shields will be shattered .. a day of swords! A red day, before the sun comes up! Ride now! Ride now! Ride for ruin, and for the end of the world of the twelve! Death! Death! Death! Come on, Brakmar!

1 0
Score : 2178

Brakmarians give you wings - the real ones!

1 0
Score : 2146

No white-winged wumpuses here!

0 0
Score : 258

Give in to the Braks within!

0 0
Score : 12

Flameyo hot Brakmarians!

0 0
Score : 26

This is where we fight, this is where they cry, take away their light and in hell let them die!

0 0
Score : 207

This is blasphemy! This is madness! .... Madness?? THIS IS BRAKMAR!

1 0
Score : -11

This... is... BRAKMAR!!! fire

0 -1
Score : 2

No matter how far or how fast your dagroturkey run, The World of Twelve isn't big enough to hide you from Brakmar.

0 0
Score : 1

You either fear Brakmar or become one and be feared.

0 0
Score : 44

Ad Rushu! Ad Brakmar! (For Rushu! For Brakmar! in Latin, since Latin is de-facto language of demons tongue)

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Score : 1

We are Brakmar, we are red. Do not listen to those bontarians, you are being misled.

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Score : 80
Braks, grab them by the Gobballs and wear them on your backs! 
4 0
Score : 501

Moms spaghetti

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Score : 83

Getting out of bed, always wearing red. Brakmar, Brakmar!

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