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Why is there no language moderation on international servers so others can understand too? Ankama, any intentions to change this?

By Nondeterministic#9767 - SUBSCRIBER - January 21, 2022, 13:45:31

Hello there,

so to avoid any disrespectful comments, I played this game for quite a while (on and off) and I have nothing against various communities and nationalities coming into play together.
Though there is a big issue that prevents new players from coming into this game and from getting acclimatized in this community.

The language barrier.

I know this is a french game, with a mainly french playerbase, I get it. But when you make the distinction of (after merge) international vs french server, then what is the distinction apart from geolocation/IP?

The logical distinction would be to moderate the international servers to the international language, meaning english, so nobody feels excluded. The internet in general is in english, we consume content in english everyday despite it being a foreign language. Heck, this post I'm writing is in a foreign language for me.
What I mean by that is, english is taught everywhere in school, basically. It's the logical choice for international community.

Yet when I look at the chat in international servers I just feel alone and excluded. I at least understand it for the most part, though what about people that don't understand french and want to enjoy this game in a similar manner as they do in other games? Tough luck for you.

I know there are community channels for the respective language, but this concept logically doesn't make any sense. Let's say 10% of the community are spanish, and 90% of the community understand english. Spanish-speaking people would have to get by with 10% of the community. It's an insanely different gaming experience.

The only solution for those people is to either a) find a spanish/english speaking guild which further isolates the community, or b) they just simply quit this game and play something else.
Probably I'm not far off when I say that b) is the more probably outcome as 90%+ of games have an english version.

So my question is first and foremost @Ankama,

Is this how you desire the community to be?
Are there any plans to moderate it (or make it easier for people to volunteer and moderate) ?
At this point it requires a strong signal from Ankama to get the message across, one or two game moderators won't help.

and @community,

How is your experience regarding this situation? 
Do you think this is a real concern or maybe it's a non-issue for you?
What was your experience when you joined on the international servers in this regard?

Again, I want the international community to improve, and I didn't see many discussions in this direction, and since then Ankama improved their community involvement tremendously.
So I have high hopes that this could lead to some ideas or feedback from ankama in this regard.

And to be clear: This is not meant to exclude anyone, quite the opposite: Everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy this game as part of the big community!

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They are working on that, they can't just change how the game was build up to this point. It takes time, but they are already working on server merges. I myself switched from Portuguese Community to the English community so I could transfer from Ily to Echo. You can do the same for all the communities. Of course the separation shouldn't even exist, but that was how the game was built looooong time ago.

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But that is not my point.

When you switch from the portugese servers to the international ones, 99% of what you will read is in french and you will not understand anything outside of your portugese community channel.

Even if we merged all non-french servers together into one, as it is the process over the last few years, we would still have this situation.

People join the international servers instead of the french ones not only because of the IP, but because they expect to be able to communicate with people in at least an international language, and this should especially be true for international servers.
Currently, that is not the case.

Like, imagine this forum, which is split into french language, english, italian, portugese, etc. and you understand english and swedish as an example, then you go into the english forums and all you see is forum posts in french. It would be discouraging, and you would seek alternatives like there's discord servers etc. that follow and enforce english language instead.

Hope I made it a bit more clear smile

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Hey there,

I'm the lead English moderator, and I'm happy to talk about moderation on the international servers.

While I appreciate your concerns on this subject, there is no official language on the international servers and there are no plans to enforce language rules on these servers. There is no equitable way to choose one language to enforce, and run with it.

While English enjoys a certain common language status in a variety of contexts, French and Spanish also share this status in practice. Each language is spoken among hundreds of millions of people in countries throughout the world. Historically, it used to be the case that English was indeed the official language of the international servers. This policy has long been abandoned, as it was inequitable and impractical to force this upon our players.

As it stands, single-account restricted international servers such as Ilyzaelle and Boune (Retro) are among the most popular servers to play on. This is the case for all of the various language communities. It's clear to see that our communities have demonstrated a profound ability to cooperate and play towards common goals, even when people speak a variety of languages. There is no desire to disrupt this functional status quo.

There have been conscious efforts to unite players of a common language on these servers, though. To make it easier to collaborate with players of your own language, the Community channel system was introduced. And more recently, guilds are now able to designate which languages their members speak. It's never been easier to find players who share your language, if this is the gameplay experience you're looking for. You'll notice that both monolingual and multilingual guilds accommodating a wide variety of languages are out there and actively recruiting.

I hope this helps to explain the situation. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


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Thanks for your insightful reply, first of all!

I understand that french and spanish are quite popular languages too, though languages like english and mandarin are significantly more common.

Specifically for Dofus, if we consider that most of the playerbase comes from Europe then those numbers are quite skewed, as there's not many players from e.g. africa - where french is also quite common, or mandarin/hindi/arabic.

Obviously I can only respect your decision to not moderate the language on international servers and let it flow, but to me it seems to be a rather isolating approach.
As an example - A business-owner would try to break language barriers if he had to, since there's a clear monetary incentive behind it.
A casual gamer will, for the most part, stay away and not bother investing money, and just opt for a different game that doesn't require the mental investment of learning a language. That's at least how I see it.

You mention that it was difficult to moderate the chats, and I agree that it requires a clear message and decisive moderation to enforce such a policy. There are plenty of other game communities that manage to do so, though.

I'm sad to see that there is no incentive for Ankama to do so, especially if it would deter its main customer base. Though I'm convinced that otherwise there would be ways to make it work, with a healthier community as a result of that smile

Regarding your last point:
It's getting better, and those guild changes go in the right direction, definitely! I really do hope that the players have an easier time to find the perfect group/guild for them that enhances the game, and that it's not a dealbreaker as it looks to be for me.

Thanks so far! 

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I'll be honest. Having been on the international servers for some time now, I've actually picked up a bit of french. Not spoken or anything. Nothing I can use for if I ever go to France for vacation, but I can see if someone is looking for a group, or wanting to sell something.

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I see your point and I completely agree. When I started playing this game I felt isolated, I speak 5 languages but no French and still communicating to foreigners was difficult for me. I have felt a great reluctance to speaking English from the French community and this was really demotivating. I eventually started to acclimatize and right now it doesn't bother me that much unless people start getting racist towards me. I still wish everyone would simply converse in English, it is much easier since everyone can speak it but there is already a strong 'French dominated culture' on Dofus and it's really hard to change.

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