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Devblog - An Eternal Harvest

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 21, 2022, 16:00:00
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what happens to my filled soul stones that i own before the update?

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Since quest will be totally makeover, what will happen with already started and progressed quests?
Are they gonna be reseted with some kind of compensation? I  assume compensation in token/boxes for each archmonster step started would work pretty fair, but what with previous steps? They also require a lot of work/souls stones, etc..

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i am sure of it that it is as  usual a bot problem what makes Ankama change the Quest (the Elephant in the room no one is talking about), i was looking for arch today and in absolutely every area i met one of green fast arch searching bots, you can´t report them because they are too fast, so as long people are buying/using such bots and buying kamas illegaly, changes like those will continue, blaming Ankama is not solving that problem rolleyes

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If you're struggling to get the name of a bot (or any player in general) who's crossing a map too fast for you to mouse over or read the name, a good solution is to do the following;
1) Press 'P' to display names above people's heads.
2) When a bot is in the same map as you, immediately take a screenshot.
3) Check the name on the screenshot and then do a /whois of that character name in chat.

Now you have all the details you need to report that pesky overly-efficient bot I wish I could travel as fast as.

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As someone who has finished Eternal Harvest, these changes are not enough.. Especially for people who have teams who need to do it on multiple characters

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Just remove the quest and add Ochre to the ogrine shop. That'll fix it.

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On ilyzaelle stones for gigantic souls have reached 58kk price, can you guys do something, that's crazy. You find solutions but non considering new problems like that.

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58kk isn't that much to be honest.

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