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[2.63 Feedback] - Class Balancing

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 08, 2022, 17:30:00

Hello everyone, 

Please reply to this topic if you wish to share your feedback on the class balancing content of the 2.63 Devblog - Bosking In Evil


In an effort to organise all community feedback of this update per topic, we have created different feedback topics for you to participate in. 
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I am very happy to see the changes on Srams "Epidemic" Now hitting with indirect dmg <3
Also Iop finally becoming viable in PvP is reason for celebration! 

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nerf sadida's wodoo curse  and remove panda from game or just ban it from pvp jokes beside carrying state should be fixed other than that i liked the aproach of buff iop and enu while nerfind eca/ougi


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  1.  I feel like Sadida class should definitely be changed. There isn't a cancerous class like Sadida in the game. Every time I see one in pvp I want to leave immediately. MP reduction ability is way too high for this class, at least in pvp.
  2. I was so happy to see Iop balancing. Just to see it's almost nothing... Iop used to be the best damage dealing class in the game, strength path being the most common and strongest in damage (wording seems proper). With other class balances and new classes coming to the game it stopped being anything good. There are classes that can deal as much or even more damage than average iop. Other classes also have mobility, healing, shielding, buffing spells... which iop doesn't. Mobility? Yes, jump for 5(!) AP! Want to heal? You can just temporarily increase your vit, sorry. Wanna shield? Sure, give power away for that 2 turn shield and voila! There is of course one huge advantage of being an iop... Nuking. This is what iop does the best. Other than that? Nothing better than almost any other class. I'd have changed years ago if it wasn't that expensive (I still keep dreaming of Ankama doing one-time free class-change!cool).
  3. I'm surprised of Enutrof change to be honest. I feel like the class was well balanced.
  4. I am still waiting for big change for Pandas. Literally 99% of pandas used in end game dungeons are tanks. That's extremely sad. I feel like it's be awesome to have tank panda removed completely (imagine how different panda would be!). IF not that, perhaps damage capabilities of pandas should be improved a lot? Making the class OP in damage would definitely attract players to use it as a damage dealer and not a lame boring tank.
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oh i have a lot to say about class balancing. 

Firstly: why are fog turrets still the way they are? there is absolutely 0 reason as to why they are the ONLY 'summon' that hits allies and buffs enemies. it has gone on long enough and as a fog player i am personally sick of it. why is this still a mechanic that hasnt been fixed? fix it, for the love of god.

Secondly, you need to seriously just separate the world of PvP and PvM. other games do it, and they do it pretty well. the spells do different things or more/less damage based on what the player is doing. by not separating these 2 things, all of this balancing tends to screw over the people who are just doing pvm things, where 80% of the nerfs/changes shouldn't even be considered. 
Paired with that, when you do heavy nerfs or spell changes, do you even take into consideration the majority of the quest fights players are supposed to do? a lot of them are pretty hard, to the point in which other means are used to do these fights then using your actual class to do so. because the spells get screwed up. 

Thirdly, reduce an ouginaks ability to tank a little bit? why would you even do such a thing, the way you have designed these classes gives VERY little room to even make a proper tank, because apparently yall just do not even want a class to be able to play the tank role properly. there are about 3 classes that can tank properly, and have to use a certain set to do so. which i can only assume, is because of PvP nerfs as well. 

Long story short, seperate the worlds of pvp and pvm because you are quite literally making the game worse every time you do one of these 'balances' with 0 regard as to how the classes function in the realms of pvm. 

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Fecas are useless, 11 classes out of 18 can debuff them with in 2 turns by using 3 ap max only, what's the point of being a protective based class if everyone can unbw them and get out from their glyph's too

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Tank Panda nerf when? happy

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Buff Masqueraiders:
Give the Masqueraider two different builds: A build that stays on a single mask for the whole fight and gives incentive to not change the mask ever at all, and another build that incentivizes changing masks every single turn. 

Here's my proposal for the first build:

Cowardly Mask: After staying on this mask for 4 turns, gain an additional 2 MP.
Poltroon Mask: After staying on this mask for 4 turns, gain an additional 20% ranged damage and 3 range.

Intrepid Mask: After staying on this mask for 4 turns, recover a large portion of your missing HP every turn and gain a shield equal to 20% of your current HP.
Tireless Mask: After staying on this mask for 4 turns, you gain 1 AP (1 turn) for every spell you cast.

Psychopath Mask: After staying on this mask for 4 turns, gain an additional 20% melee damage and heal for a portion of the damage dealt.
Hysterical Mask: After staying on this mask for 4 turns, each time you cast a spell that would damage an enemy, that spell inflicts additional neutral damage equal to 10% of your max HP.

Now for the constantly changing masks:
To get this effect you must end your turn with a different mask every turn. Each buff only lasts one turn.

Cowardly Mask -> Psychopath Mask: Your next spell cast on an enemy reduces their MP.
Cowardly Mask -> Hysterical Mask: Your next spell deals neutral damage equal to 15% of the targets max HP AND 15% of the targets missing HP.

Cowardly Mask -> Intrepid Mask: All allies in a 3 cell AoE gain a shield equal to 10% of your max HP. All enemies in a 3 cell AoE lose power.
Cowardly Mask -> Tireless Mask: Gain a portion of AP based on how much MP you used before changing masks.

Poltroon Mask -> Psychopath Mask: Attracts all units in a linear AoE of 10 cells by 5 cells.
Poltroon Mask -> Hysterical Mask: Halves the max HP of all enemies in a linear AoE of 6 cells.

Poltroon Mask -> Intrepid Mask: Gain a shield equal to 20% of your max HP and reduce the power of all enemies in a 2 cell AoE.
Poltroon Mask -> Tireless Mask: Break the shields of all enemies in a 2 cell AoE, and gains AP for each shield broken. 

Psychopath Mask -> Intrepid Mask: You and all allies in a 2 cell AoE gain a shield based on how much damage you did this turn.
Psychopath Mask -> Tireless Mask: Increases damage dealt to the target by 15% and you gain 1 AP for every spell you cast this turn that damages an enemy.

Psychopath Mask -> Cowardly Mask: All enemies more than 9 cells away from you take 20% more damage.
Psychopath Mask -> Poltroon Mask: Gain 3 range.

Hysterical Mask -> Intrepid Mask: Inflict neutral damage to all enemies in a 2 cell AoE equal to 30% of your missing HP, then gain a shield equal to the amount inflicted.
Hysterical Mask -> Tireless Mask: Each spell you cast this turn gives you a shield equal to 5% of your max HP.

Hysterical Mask -> Cowardly Mask: If an enemy has less than 25% of the max HP,  you gain MP equal to the number of cells between you two.
Hysterical Mask -> Poltroon Mask: Each spell you cast this turn pushes enemies back 2 cells. Each time that enemy suffers pushback damage this turn, they take an additional 5% of their max HP as neutral damage per cell.

Intrepid Mask -> Cowardly Mask: Pushes all units in melee with you back 4 cells, and makes you unlockable.
Intrepid Mask -> Poltroon Mask: Gives all your spells 50% life steal this turn.

Intrepid Mask -> Psychopath Mask: Each time you take damage this turn, after damage is dealt, gain a shield equal to half of that damage.
Intrepid Mask -> Hysterical Mask: Reflect 100% of all damage inflicted to you in a 3 cell AoE as neutral damage. If an enemy is hitting you from outside the 3 cell AoE, half of that damage is inflincted to them.

Tireless Mask -> Cowardly Mask: For this turn, gain 1 AP for each MP you use.
Tireless Mask -> Poltroon Mask: For this turn, gain 1 AP for each spell you cast on an enemy 4 or more cells away from you.

Tireless Mask -> Psychopath Mask: For this turn, gain 1 AP for each spell you cast on an enemy in melee range with you.
Tireless Mask -> Hysterical Mask: Each spell you cast on an enemy teleports you symmetrically to that enemy and then deals 10% of your max HP as neutral damage in a 3 cell AoE.

Numbers are obviously not final at all, this was all conceived as it came to me.
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Why does it feel like chance Enu is getting a huge nerf? After 3 months leveling and 3 saving for my dream PvM and PvP sets, I just got to a point where I can enjoy the fruits of my labors. But apparently Ankama wants to "buff Enutrofs" by reducing healing from summons, removing both healing attacks from the chance build (mineral shovel and hard cash), and leave chance with 0 sustain, mediocre damage, and 0 choice but to go MP red. Now MP red is incredibly useful in some fights, but it's barely useful at all in most. It won't get you far in 1v1 PvP, it won't help much against ranged attackers, it won't be very useful at all at low levels, and it's not really a fun route to go in solo PvM. Hyperfocusing each element has led to chance Enus so hyperfocused on MP red that other play styles really aren't viable anymore. 

I recently soloed Tengu Snowfoux, Korriander, and Kolosso, with a chance Enu, and I've been working on soloing Spirit Abode. This will no longer be remotely possible with a chance Enu. Making chance builds really good at one very specific thing, but unable to do much else isn't a buff, it's a nerf. 

The changes to other elements look really interesting, but the chance track looks like the thing you'll only want to have for hyperspecific fights and nothing else. I'm left with my high damage set that's low in MP red. It will be pretty useless after this update. 

Do I throw all of my IRL and in-game money, time, and effort away and get a new set? If so, I better start the process of saving all over again, cause I won't be able to earn much when the new chance Enu rolls out. Kolossokens will be incredibly hard to grasp. And do I really want to start over again anyways?

Or do I throw in the towel and turn to a different game altogether? There are lots of free ones out there, with less buggy updates, too... 

Ankama, I don't know if you'll read this or you'll care, but please, please at least have the decency to take back calling this an across the board "buff." It's only gonna disappoint Enu fans. I want to love this update, and there are things I really do love about it. I'm glad you're trying, but I hope you see just how much functionality you are removing form a build that many have loved since the early days of Dofus. 

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Hupper needs a purpose, right now does everything and nothing. Balancing the overpowering through nerfs just result in a mediocre class to play outside 1v1.

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The description of Huppermage in the dofus encyclopedia claims the Hupper is something that it is not anymore...a damage dealer. It also claims that Huppers are able to combine Fire, Air, Water and Earth to cast spells with multiple effects. The sad truth is, they cast spells with little effect since the nerf. Runic overcharge is good in some pvm and sometimes in 5 v 5 pvp, but that's it. Ankama could have at least given Huppers more range in their movement spells so they can run away, since they aren't good damage dealers anymore. Iops can hit for 9000+ in one turn in pvp, Sram's traps, ditto, Eca and Cra, not so shabby either. Even before the nerf, Hupper could not do the damage these classes still can do. They were similar to Cra and Eca damage before, but now, they literally are not damage dealers. I still use mine, as it is my only character. I feel so cheated by Ankama, because the nerf came shortly after I got my 200 set.

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Iop and enu will continue to be niche classes in pvp. The core issue with this game's approach to balance is that they don't do changes holistically . It's far easier to read off spreadsheets than to play their own game and experience how things are actually are.

 Ap/mp reduction mechanism in this game shouldn't exist in pvp, the idea that you can deny a turn is too strong of a concept. It offers no counterplay unless you whaled off on ap/mp parry (in which you'll have to sacrifice stats). But ya I would say that sadida is currently the biggest example of something performing too strongly in the pvp meta.

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Enu will still be great in PvP, but chance Enu will not be able to do much in 1v1. No sustain anymore. Degraded heals from summons, and only one self-target heal spell. :\ I agree on AP red though. It's broken in 1v1. MP red not as much imo anyways. There are so many spells various classes have for reaching you anyways or hitting you from afar. AP red cancels everything. 

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... when AvA , KotH, perc and prism fights, etc, balancing too?

Since you guys like to balance something at e.a. update ... cool

Noooowwwaaa, pwease, don't shoot the messager (in this case, the one asking the question). tongue
I'm just curious, when the promised (I think?!) AvA etc balancing will pop up?!
I do hope it will happen during my lifetime tho.rolleyes

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