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[2.63 Feedback] - Treasure hunts

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 08, 2022, 17:30:00

Hello everyone, 

Please reply to this topic if you wish to share your feedback on the Treasure Hunt changes of the 2.63 Devblog - Bosking In Evil


In an effort to organise all community feedback of this update per topic, we have created different feedback topics for you to participate in. 
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With this update, treasure hunts have been revamped. Featured changes:
  • Hunts will return to Pandala, Bonta, and Brakmar.
  • All clues will be replaced!

The phrase "if it aint broke, dont fix it" comes to mind with the back-slide of how Treasure Hunts worked - especially those from Bonta/Brakmar.   
Perhaps before removing something from the game that is a "big part" of the game (same with Zaapiis) ask the players their opinions before removing something?  This would save a lot of headaches from all the complaints that tend to pour in after just simply removing a feature that was much loved and much used. And after all the players are the ones who are paying money for the game so is their input in major decisions not a wise thing to seek in advance?
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If I'm not mistaken the Bonta/Brak/Pandala-Hunts were removed, because the locations got updated and they needed to do new clues for them.

Seems like they are done with that now, so we get them back.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but Bonta and Brakmar treasure hunts are only giving one chest at the end? I think I heard someone mentioning it during the live stream, but I'm not sure if I understood correctly.

I'm looking forward to testing the new treasure hunt clues during Beta and I can't wait to see all the new clues Ankama came up with. I assume the revamp had something to do with all the bots doing treasure hunts. Learning all the clues again will definitely take me some time, but if keeps bots from doing it, I don't mind at all. I'll comment again once I actually get to try it out. huh

Edit 1: After having done several treasure hunts in different locations around the world of twelve.

Let me start by saying that Treasure Hunts are one of my favorite activities in Dofus. I have spent many many many hours doing them without ever getting bored. I understand that it might be either boring or a frustrating activity for many players, but more than the reward at the end, I enjoy the process of searching and finding clues. I don't want to use some website that gives me the clue location like some people repeatedly suggested to me. However, sometimes it was the only way to solve broken clues.

After watching the Ankama live, somehow, because maybe I misunderstood, they made it seem like Treasure Hunts had gone through several changes, not just the introduction of new clues and the removal of the old ones. That is not the case. The mechanics of the Treasure Hunts are exactly the same, just with different clues. The hunts are still the same and so are the rewards. 

It was also mentioned in the Ankama Live that Bonta and Brak would no longer have a 2 chest reward? In Beta there is still a 2 chest reward for Bonta and Brak. PLEASE KEEP THE 2 CHESTS!!! <3 <3

As for the clues themselves... where to begin? I did several runs across different areas: Bonta, Brakmar, Pandala, Cania, Frigost, Amakna... etc, and the new clues do stand out, thankfully. They appear to be completely new and in some areas, they really stand out because they look so out of place. In other cases, like Bonta and Brakmar, less so because there is way more information in cities/villages, making it hard to spot clues.

Amongst the new clues, that come in all shapes and sizes, there are some that are way too small in my opinion, such as Golden Ring, Golden Key, Golden Needle (these are just a few examples). When you put these in places like Brakmar or Bonta they become extremely hard to spot.

There is also the issue of poor contrast in some places. Green clues on a green background, a beige clue on a similar-looking background, like a wall or a stone. The Wooden Dofus or the Skull Engraving (or any other engraving) are examples of this. Metal cuffs on a metal plate. They blend in with the scenery and it's hard to tell them apart.

Another issue that I found and one that apparently still persists is clues being hidden by elements in the scenery, like walls, houses, NPCs, trees, plants, harvestable resources, or any other elements. Clues should appear completely visible on the map, not covered up by anything, nor be in-between map edges or corners. Several times in the past clues have been ambiguously placed in edges of maps where only a pixel would appear on X map but it would still count as being a clue for that map. Other times clues would be hidden behind other elements like crates with only a little bit showing, making it barely noticeable. Let me reiterate: Clues need to be COMPLETELY VISIBLE.

I have found several situations where I had problems completing a treasure hunt, where it either failed or if completed, it was by the process of elimination or by guessing pensive

I'll post here some coordinates where I noticed some issues:

[-20,-59] Yellow Paper Star - Actually, the clue on the map is a Red Paper Star.

[-17, 34] Yellow Paper Star - Actually, the clue on the map is a Red Paper Star.

[-19, 30] Horned Helmet - The NPC Calm O'ver is covering the helmet. Only the tip of a horn is visible. And switching to transparent mode does not help.

[-17, 31] Puppet - The clue is on the paddock. If players are using a paddock, sometimes the breeding items can cover up a clue, even if Transparent Mode is being used. (which many players do since Drhellers can sometimes appear behind buildings)

[-35,-57] Golden Ring - By process of elimination I managed to guess that there is a golden ring on this map, but I still can't see it. Either it's hidden or I'm blind.

One of my failed treasure hunts was in Frigost and the clue that did it was Frozen Tree. Everything is either frozen or covered in snow in Frigost. There are trees on every map that look frozen. laugh

These are just a few examples, but for a good number of players, it's enough to make them use some website with the exact locations of clues. It's only a matter of time before players compile all the clues once again, and not long after that, bots will again start running around completing treasure hunts. Removing and replacing the clues will only delay the problem. 

Edit 2: I had already pointed this out previously and now I keep finding clues such as in the screenshot below.

Clues are placed against backgrounds with similar colors, making them really hard to spot. Is this being done on purpose? I would really like to know what is the criteria for choosing and placing clues for treasure hunts. Are there different levels of difficulty for clues? Like their sizes, color, placing on the map? Is it random or is there a clear intent when choosing the clues and locations? I would like to understand the thought process behind it.

I love treasure hunts but I find some of the new clues too small on top of being placed against similar colors.

[5,-2] Studded Belt

[-79,-45] Blue Wheat  - Another tiny clue. Is this blue?

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Well that rules out Treasure Hunts for me!  Those clues were hard to spot even with pointing out!

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Some games/companies adds "colorblind" modes to their games, to make it eassier to see stuff, etc....Ankama adds those Treasurehunts... <3

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Considering over 1/4 of the worlds population have vision impairments/disabilities (source: WHO) its disappointing Ankama have not put more consideration into the TH clues.

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No wonder I quit treasure hunts!

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I agree with previous posts; some of the treasure hunt clues are tricky and hidden in the background, 'chameleon' versions of items. A small green folded star hanging in tree with green leaves and green grass background for example.

You found nothing here.
You found nothing here.
You found nothing here.
You've failed - this treasure hunt is over.

Again left empty handed after one hour good effort.
Ankama, do you realize that this is not a good game experience?
Making the clues so hard to find will push players away from participating. 
In order to keep enjoying the game players will wait for 'treasure hunt bots' to show up and buy the roses they need on the market instead.

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I HATE new hints. They are way too small and hard to notice. Also you can't really know what does the game wants you to find (as sometimes there are more than 1 of these items). Because of that you can't even be sure what does certain item look like.
I am a disabled person (mostly eyesight related). My eyes are extremely weak. I would now need to ask my parents to do the legendary hunt for me because I am not able to spot the items. I have already failed like 8 times and the furthest I went was to 3rd step... And then I fail and retry, and retry... Can't make it myself sad
Ankama, PLEASE bring the old hints back sad

Example of another new hint that is either bugged or something else. Could anyone point at "Black and White Wheat" on this screenshot? Was lucky enough to not fail the hunt but I have got no idea where it is on this map:

Edit. I've already wasted over 5 hours doing 2 treasure hunts (and managed to finish just 1)... I know I'm terrible but having 10% FOV makes it extremely hard for me. With a help from my sister and then from a guildie who looked for something for me I managed to finish first legendary hunt after tens of tries. I started another one after and it's been 2 or more hours already... Just failed at 5/6 step... I seriously hate these new hints sad

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To the left of the squid poster on the left side of the bus station - sitting behind the grassy rock.

24 seconds to find. tongue

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I don't know how this will impact bots (if they read the game data I guess not at all) - but if it does - I think the clues should be replaced semi-regularly. I understand that'd be inconvenient for the average player (me included), but anything to make the life of botters a little less convenient.

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I am still seeing many of them running in and out the treasure chest building to start a hunt sadI doubt they are all players since it's usually enu or sadi (for some reason).

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My right eye is blind and my left has reduced vision. As others said, the clues are often either obstructed or put against similar colored backgrounds, making them extremely hard to see. Not to mention that they are often rather small (Golden Needle, Golden Key). After 2 treasure hunts, both my eye and head hurt.

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Half of the hunts I do the clue isn't registered as a clue, leaving the hunt unable to be completed.  The team should probably take a very close second look at all their clues to make sure they are properly registered.

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