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[Contest] [Participations] Green Light for Saint Potrick!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 15, 2022, 16:00:00
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My biggest stroke of luck would have to be dropping two 20 crit turqs in consecutive Dragon Pig souls, back in the day.
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Score : 19
My biggest stroke of luck was defeating Dark Vlad in less than 5 tries laugh
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Score : 546
My biggest stroke of luck is meeting my lifelong (hopefully) best friend on Dofus! 
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Score : 21
I think my best stroke of luck was like 1 year ago while farming dreams for my vulbis dofuses, stepped on a dreams stage with big purple chests and not only I dropped 2 out of 3 vulbis items on that fight but also got a Jahash Legend from one of the chests, got so excited that couldn't even screenshot any of the occurrences laugh
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Score : 313
My biggest stroke of luck was finding this unique but wonderful game. It is the first game I fell in love with back when I was 9. Now I'm 17 and I'm still playing. I've met a lot of cool people on here that taught me not only about the game but also about real life. Shoutout to Skits, Grace, and the Ice guild was the first guild I stayed with for a long time, lots of great memories.
Shoutout to Defy, I kept encouraging him to get into Youtube and I've been a great fan of his.
Shoutout to Tisrock, Astrognome, Paulsicle, Misai, Viper. They keep me excited about the game and I really enjoy their streams. Big thank you to the Dofus developers for making this amazing game!
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Score : 29
My biggest stroke of luck is that I found Filipino players and ended being friends with them even though were not living in the same country. I always thought that I was the only Filipino player in the game because it's mostly french and some other countries. Game is more fun, now that I don't have to go to google translate and translate other languages to mine HAHAHA.
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Score : 208
I've had a lot of lucky moments over the years, but I'd have to say my biggest stroke of luck would be finding a Turquoise Dofus (18 Critical Hits) on my perceptor, back when that was possible. I had decided to login before going to sleep for the night, to check the value of my perceptor (back when Dofus could have an average value, from merchant mode sales I assume). I was amazed to see an average value of over 37 million kamas, and so I knew there was a Turq on my perc. I raced through the Dragon Pig's dungeon slaughtering everything at breakneck speed, and I made it in time to collect my perceptor, before anyone had a chance to fight it.
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My biggest stroke of luck was getting paragon dropped in first fight <3
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Score : 66
Hello beautiful people of Dofus and ankama in general,

This is a short story about how I came to know the game that I still play today.

Back when I was 9 years old, our school had very few computers, let alone any in the classes, ours was lucky and privileged enough to have 2 computers in it, which got many of the students into online games!

One of my close friends was relatively new in town, they moved a year prior and we've been good friends since we met. I never asked much about his past as my 9 year old self didn't think to, but after a holiday vacation, I learnt he had family in France, and was gone during the holiday to visit them.

During this holiday vacation, my friend talked to his cousin, who was recently introduced by his own classmates, to the game Dofus. weeks later when my friend was back in class and mentioned a game he learnt of, I was intrigued.

Before you know it, we're both sitting in class, after exploring incarnam, running around the outskirts of Astrub, a sadida and an Iop, two 9 year old kids trying to figure it out while learning English through the game.

Now, in 2022, as an adult. I still play the game, I have my own team of 4, I've explored mines, caves, dungeons, other realms and even the Sufokian sea, finished many questlines, even Eternal Harvest recently.. I have made countless friends throughout the years, many of which I still talk to nowdays.

The circumstances surrounding my discovery of Dofus, and later Wakfu were very unique and memorable to me, which is how I remember things to clearly to this day, about 15 years later.

My luck was actually the slim chance of this story happening just the way it did and being able to meet all the wonderful people that make our community, while spreading positivity.

Good luck to everyone, hope this was readable tongue
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Score : 2749
My biggest stroke of luck was definitely hearing about Dofus. Here in Malta, VERY few people play Dofus, which goes to show how lucky I was to learn about a game that ended up being worth over 15 years of entertainment!
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Score : 5491
My biggest stroke of luck started with my worst moment in Dofus... many years ago I got hacked!
There was a problem on my Ankama shield and it had to be deactivated to fix the issue. Enough time for a hacker to take what I had.

Of course I was devastated but my guildmates were very supportive and tried to cheer me up: they gave me old equipment they were not using anymore and a handful of kamas... and off we go for a DragonPig dungeon to ease my mind!

Guess who dropped a turquoise dofus huh
A few days later I also got back almost everything that was stolen, I couldn't have been happier!
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Score : 2961
My biggest stroke of luck, wasn't even mine?

Back in <1.29, a monster event occured.

That event had 2 groups with a dragon pig and a soft oak, I believe?

A person friends and I knew had 2 characters, so he entered both fights, 1 character per fight.

Guess who dropped a Crit Dofus, in both of the fights? Yeah...

So far, that's been the biggest stroke of luck I've personally seen.

For my own... uhm... I've once dropped a event pet onthe first fight.

Now that I think of it, I might not be very lucky at all.
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Score : 14
my paragon dropped within 2 fights biggrin that's some solid luck
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Score : 4
My biggest stroke of luck was dropped three quest items for the dofus vulbis in one hour.
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Score : 810
I'm hoping my best luck is getting chosen for this ceremonial pet! My luck was probably finding this game when I was working overnights shifts in college and being able to play it for 8 hours a night while getting paid. The rest came with grinding. (200 lumberjack, miner, Turq drops back in the day) Luckiest random drop in version 2 was probably aspen sap or maybe some ceremonial gear without using idols. 
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Score : 155
My stroke luck biggest was beating piwi dungeon on first try with 1 hp left to spare.
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Score : 95
My biggest stroke of luck was the Paragon drop for Vulbis. I was really concerned about getting it since my guild mates were spamming dungeons with idols to drop it and some were complaining about doing over 100 Merkator runs and still not getting it. And I just got mine while helping a guildie do Anerice for a quest without any idols and it was the first dungeon I did after getting to that step. They still hate me for that and I love it <3
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Score : 17
I was spectating a friend's battle and this is probably the biggest stroke of luck I've ever seen in Dofus history to be honest. I know dropping paragon is a huge thing for everyone doing the Vulbis quest line (and it does take quite a bit of luck even with idols/challs/prospecting), but for 4 people to all drop it on the same battle, it was out of this World (of 12) fearfear
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Score : 7
Back in the old days, being able to drop 20CH turq, and the Vulbis dofus from Crocobulia
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Score : 18
my biggest sort of luck is find after 12 year of playng the same people that was playng 12 year before XD 
(and obviouvsly the trash full of the equip of someone that have missclick on the transfer all )
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