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Fogger/Steam Ambush spell nerf

By Medo#2481 - SUBSCRIBER - May 05, 2022, 15:02:57
I don't know if there has been a topic about this or not, but here I am.

Can we agree or at least discuss about this spell which makes enemies cringe and depressed that costs only 4 ap?

We've seen nerf on Drill going from 30 to 20% erosion, needless to say it was a healthy nerf. But more and more, facing foggers in pvp is becoming ridiculous how they win a game in a single turn by doing dmg with 4ap and effects like erosion on top of that.

Even if someone argues me "kill the Drill/Harpooner", the dmg alone on ambush for 4 ap is ridiculous that more and more is looking like a big troll coming from ankama.

Fogger has ridiculous pressure on the map with his turrets, utility and finally his melting damage.

Make ambush 5 ap, anything less is just troll.
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I disagree, I don't play a fogger but from my experience the key tactic is to focus the fogger.
Split him/her from the team and then focus damage with some Ap reduction. Typically this strategy works.

Fogger is in a good place and very balanced. To even hit an opponent the fogger must move closer and risk getting damaged.

The erosion of drill is very constant though and since ambush hits very highly I think it would be better to change the erosion from every turn to every other turn.
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only good spell fogger got is ambush no one will aggree with you bro  you get a thumb down from me and everyone else

btw i have a fogger with 22 range % dmg and my fogger still get rekt cuz of the low resis 

everyone give this guy a thumbs down 
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enu abuser
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Y'all just shaking in fear that you won't be able to abuse this bullshit spell for such a low cost. Both pvp and pvm. 

But fine, I'll take all this bad feedback on my behalf.

And to my nigerian friend saying "enu abuser", I've been Enu player since my first days and I've been part of this game for whole 14 years now and counting.

Not expecting anything from ankama anyway, but I stay with my thoughts, Ambush 4ap is a top troll and you're all troll denying it.
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does anyone else eat ass?
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Yeah I think the spell does a lot of damage for having a decent range and only costing 4ap. No class has such a powerful spell without boosting themselves or having major drawbacks.
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