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Devblog: Changes to Temporal Anomalies

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 09, 2022, 15:00:00
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To celebrate three years in the World of Twelve, we decided the Temporal Anomalies deserved a bit of renovation! And of course, area bonuses and legendary pets will be part of the change.


A Calm Look Back at the Story So Far

Our original intention in introducing this system three years ago was to replace the old system of Stars (which players could see by mousing over a group of monsters) with a dynamic system. This system was intended to limit overharvesting in certain territories – and by extension, to limit overgeneration of XP and loot – while also increasing the attractiveness of certain territories that normally drew fewer players. Unfortunately, we haven't been satisfied with the impact that the anomalies have had on the game. After conducting long investigations in the forum, watching lots of gameplay videos, and analyzing data collected with our internal tools, we've identified a number of major problems with the current system:

  • The penalties had only a very minor impact on overharvested territories. Other loot-boosting systems provided an easy way to counteract these penalties (lookin' at you, Idols!). Worse yet, the penalties ultimately only affected the players who were at the same level as the territories in question – in other words, the players who weren't as likely to overharvest their content in the first place.
  • The less commonly harvested territories constantly offered very high bonuses. This led to overgeneration of resources, which inevitably resulted in imbalances to the economy on certain servers.
  • Certain anomalies remained open for days at a time (and this was all the more striking with low-level anomalies). This was also indicative of players' lack of interest in fights against anomaly guardians.
  • Anomalies appeared very often in the same territories.
  • Certain steps in the process of creating a legendary pet made it very difficult to access this level of optimization (we'll come back to this in more detail in a minute).

So what's changing specifically?

Changes to territory bonuses/penalties

Loot and XP penalties have been removed.
The bonuses provided by anomalies in different territories will increase or decrease in a passive and cyclical way every hour. The changes to these bonuses will be driven by player activity in each territory. The less a territory is harvested, the faster its bonus will increase; conversely, the more it is harvested, the slower the bonus will increase. Note that if the level of harvesting gets too high, the bonus can decrease all the way down to 0%.
To make the system easier to understand, we've decided to remove map-specific bonuses. There will now be just one bonus for the entire territory. Likewise, the dungeon bonuses will be linked to the bonuses for the territory where each dungeon is located.

Changes to Anomalies

We're changing our approach so that anomalies will now appear in underharvested territories with a big bonus (+90%). We've set things up so that anomalies won't always appear in the same territories or at the same level ranges.

  • An anomaly will now remain open for 2 hours, after which it will close.
  • Fights against Anomaly Guardians can be repeated as many times as you like.
  • Guardians are now level 200, regardless of the level of the territory in which the anomaly appears.
  • The Uchronic Elixir is now divided into three consumables with effects of different strengths (Uchronic Elixir, Improved Uchronic Elixir and Major Uchronic Elixir), and three all-new recipes have been created for the occasion! These consumables will allow players to increase their chances of obtaining certain resources in fights against an anomaly guardian, in exchange for an increase in difficulty. In addition, they can be used in a territory affected by a Temporal Anomaly in order to obtain new loot and XP bonuses.
  • The amount of loot and XP bonuses, the power bonuses granted to enemies, and the duration of the consumables' effects will depend on the type of Uchronic Elixir the player consumes.

Anomaly's effects on the territory and its dungeon

  • XP and loot bonuses increase to 150% as long as the anomaly is open. They remain the same for the entire duration of the anomaly.
  • When the anomaly closes, its bonus continues to apply for another 30 minutes within the territory.
  • Once these 30 minutes have passed, the bonus is reset to 0% and returns to its cyclic progression.
  • We've changed how characteristics bonuses are assigned to monsters in an area when a Temporal Anomaly is open: There are now three variants activated when a player consumes a Uchronic Elixir.
  • Monsters in the area become aggressive for the entire duration of a Temporal Anomaly, regardless of the player's level.
  • For those who prefer to keep things chill, we've introduced a new consumable that allows you to go unnoticed by these ferocious creatures: the "Repellent Potion".
To sum it all up in one sentence, we wanted Anomalies to be interesting opportunities for you to seize when they appear, rather than a constraining system that's ineffective and restrictive for players.

What About Our Pets?

The legendary pet system has also gotten an overhaul! This system turned out to have certain defects that we felt it was essential to correct.
We noticed a huge imbalance between the different legendary powers: certain powers were completely neglected, while others had their hour of glory thanks to synergies provided by other spells and items. This is why nearly all of the legendary powers have been overhauled to make them more attractive as a whole. While this improvement is still only accessible to a small part of the community, we hope that you'll develop an interest in using these various powers, whether it's to complement your favorite exotic equipment, to make gameplay a bit more enjoyable in monster fights, or to counter a certain type of commonly recurring gameplay in your Kolossium battles.
Also, the presence of various imbalances in the recipes for the Babyhemoth Reflection and the different quintessences encouraged us to go ahead and modify not just the legendary powers, but also a good number of the recipes and the way that items are used to improve your pets:
  • First of all, crafting a quintessence used to be very expensive, and the random aspect of the system forced players to make multiple attempts to obtain the desired power. The result was a massive increase in the kama cost of any legendary pet with a particular power.
  • In addition, when a player wanted to trade one at a Marketplace, they were forced to put the pet with the legendary power up for sale. We felt that this was an inconvenient way to have to do things, and we decided to change it to give players more freedom.
  • Previously, you had to use the quintessence on your pet to learn what power would be applied to it; this could become a source of frustration when it led to obtaining an interesting power on the wrong type of pet.
  • The criteria for obtaining the "Time Loop" and "Timeless Loop" resources needed to craft all quintessences were not explained clearly enough, which made it very difficult for players to acquire these items.
  • Unlike the recipes for legendary equipment, these recipes required two distinct legendary resources (available from chests in the Well of Infinite Dreams at a very low drop rate) in order to obtain a legendary pet with a power.

Changes to the legendary pet system

  • The criteria for obtaining the "Time Loop" and "Timeless Loop" resources have been removed.
  • Change to "Babyhemoth Legend": this resource has been renamed to "Babyhemoth Relic" and is no longer available in chests in the WID, but is instead dropped at a very low rate by Temporal Anomaly Guardians. Players can increase its drop rate for 5 fights by consuming a Major Uchronic Elixir. The other two tiers of Uchronic Elixir have no effect on the drop rate for this resource.
  • It is now possible to obtain a pet's legendary power in the form of a tradable item:
    • Introduction of new items which each contain one of the legendary powers: "infused croquettes" (infused bwork croquette, infused arachnee croquette, etc.)
    • The quintessence is now a consumable/chest which, once used, gives the player the infused croquette with the specific effect (chosen at random based on the type of quintessence). The infused croquette can then be given to the legendary pet, or it can be traded instead.
  • It's essential to minimize the impact of this mechanic on the PvP experience for players from levels 60 to 199. This is why we're adding a prerequisite for pets with the "legendary" status, which will now require that the character be level 200 before they can be equipped.
  • Changes to multiple recipes.

Reboot the loot!

As you surely know, DOFUS is currently suffering from overgeneration of the resources won by players at the end of their fights against the various monsters in the game. If we didn't take the opportunity to deal with this issue as part of our revision of the anomalies and the bonuses that go with them, these bonuses would simply be added to the existing ones, which would only further reinforce the overgeneration problem and all of its negative impacts on the in-game economy. So our goal at this point is to revitalize the economy by trying to clean up the loot system as much as possible. We'll now share some changes being made to the loot system, and we look forward to your feedback. Your comments, opinions and criticisms are very important to us – after all, this system is one of the cornerstones of the game, so it's essential that we take your feedback into account!

First of all, here are the various issues we've identified with the current system:

  • A so-called "rare" drop rate may not be rare at all, since the various stackable bonuses are all multiplied together. As a result, certain "rare" resources can become very easy to obtain once loot bonuses have been optimized to a certain level. For example, resources with a basic drop rate of 1% may wind up with an actual drop rate of 40% or higher.
  • While this effect is less critical for so-called "common" resources, which start with higher basic drop rates to make them more accessible, they can still end up being overgenerated as well.
  • As mentioned earlier, this leads to an imbalance in the generation/destruction cycle, which has a negative impact on the economy of many servers.
  • Certain counterbalancing factors linked to these bonuses can be easily avoided.

In light of this situation, there were a number of different principles that we felt we should keep, add or improve:

  • Encourage players to optimize their characters and their performance to increase their chances of obtaining various resources.
  • Diversify the optimization options.
  • Reduce the cases of excessive bonus stacking that have a harmful impact on the economy, but without completely changing the way people are used to playing.
  • Also encourage people to diversify the range of territories they target. More diverse and balanced resource generation means a healthier in-game economy.

First and foremost, we need to distinguish the two types of bonuses that affect drop rates in the game. On the one hand, there are the so-called "controllable" bonuses, like Idols and Prospecting; on the other, we have the "uncontrollable" bonuses like Almanax, Challenges, Temporal Anomalies or Shield. Controllable bonuses allow players to optimize their characters for resource acquisition. Each player can make their own decisions on whether or not to use these tools. Uncontrollable bonuses, meanwhile, are partially random, and therefore do not depend entirely on an explicit player decision.

Controllable bonuses represent 50 to 90% of the total bonus value applied to drop rates. We believe that these bonuses are too heavily weighted, so we want to slightly reduce their influence on the formula to something closer to 50%. An unfortunate side effect of weighting controllable bonuses too heavily in the calculation of drop rates is that uncontrollable bonuses lose much of their importance. If players can simply ignore uncontrollable bonuses with no real impact, we lose an important tool for encouraging them to regularly switch up the territories they target.

Another important point is that the bonus provided by Idols is the only one affected by the difference between the player's level and the monster's level. We will now be extending this approach to Prospecting and Uchronic Elixir bonuses as well. Being at a higher level than the monsters you choose to fight gives you an advantage, so it's fairly easy to "sacrifice" equipment in favor of Prospecting. At any given level of optimization, of course, a player who's close to the monsters' level will have a better chance of acquiring resources than a player at a higher level than the monsters they fight.

Here are a few examples of how resource drops would work before and after these changes to the formula:

Examples for a level 200 player with Prospecting 250 and an Idol score of 180:

Bubotron Beak

For now, this is all purely HYPOTHETICAL.


Other steps

At this point, you may be wondering why we didn't just change the Idols and/or the loot drop formula.

The first reason is that we can't go changing everything at once. To get a bit of perspective and be sure we're making the right choices, we need to give the economy time to adapt to our actions, and we need your feedback on the results. The other reason is that we have deeper changes in mind for these two systems. Considering how important they are, we think it's essential to keep you involved in the process as much as we can.

Therefore, we'll now present the changes we're planning as a way of sounding out your thoughts on this first draft of our current plans.


The Idols system has been controversial for a long time. This feature has not entirely achieved the results we originally intended, and that's wound up hurting the in-game economy. But while Idols haven't worked all that well in practice, the intentions behind it were laudable:

  • Provide an alternative to Prospecting and Wisdom for character progression.
  • Offer a fun system to adjust the difficulty from one fight to the next.
  • Incentivize risk-taking through increased rewards.
  • Provide a way to increase rewards without compromising on characters' effectiveness.

Some of these points have worked out as intended, like offering an alternative to Prospecting and Wisdom. Others… maybe not so much. Over time, we realized that the intended increase in difficulty wasn't actually working. It's too easy to set up a combination of Idols that doesn't interfere with a character's fight strategy. To take one typical example, a character who faces their enemies in close combat can equip a Kyoub/Yosh/Dynamo combination to make ranged monsters more dangerous. In this situation, the character's existing strategy doesn't change, but they still get the increased drop bonus.

There are also problems that make it unclear and difficult for players to understand how Idols are supposed to work, especially when they start playing in groups. Another issue is the many incompatibilities (necessary though they may be) that require players to change their Idol combination when they move to a different territory.

Here are the major categories of improvements we have in mind:

  • Change and simplify the Idols' effects so that they can't be easily worked around.
  • Remove the different types of Idols (Minor, "Normal", Major, and Masterly), as well as group Idols, to bring more clarity to the system. The mechanics of these Idols would stay the same, but the concept of a distinct category of group Idols could go away.
  • Eliminate as many incompatibilities as possible between monsters and Idols. To maximize the diversity of the fights available to you, we'll need to avoid asking you to switch up your Idols every time you change territories.
  • Going further, we may even look at linking Idols more closely to temporal anomalies. Idols would still be usable throughout the World of Twelve, but they would become more effective and profitable when used in anomalies and in territories subject to anomalies.

Loot formula

We've already explained the changes we hope to make to the loot drop system. We'll keep an eye on the consequences, but be aware that we're looking at different paths forward that will make fundamental changes to the system in order to resolve the following issues:

  • A so-called "rare" drop rate may not actually be rare at all.
  • Common loot can often be obtained at a 100% drop rate once players have reached a certain level of optimization.

First of all, we are making a change to all the resource drop rates available from monsters in the game. Each basic drop rate will be associated with a second drop rate that represents its maximum allowed value. For example, a resource with a 10% basic drop rate would have a maximum drop rate of 55%, or another resource with a 4% basic rate would have a maximum of 23%. Of course, these values are only presented as examples.

Next, a new characteristic will be added to the game: Speculation. This characteristic varies from 0 to 100, and increases with the character's accumulated drop bonuses. The idea is to add up the Idol score, Prospecting, Temporal Anomaly territory bonuses, Almanax and the territory control bonus (via Alliances). These bonuses are then converted into fixed Speculation points: for example, a 50% challenge in the current system would grant 50 Speculation points, or a 90% territory bonus would grant 90 Speculation points.

The goal with this new characteristic is to group the various drop bonuses into a single indicator that's simpler and clearer for you.

This characteristic goes up and down dynamically based on the character's bonuses. The more bonuses you accumulate, the higher your Speculation will be. However, it will take more and more bonuses to reach the maximum value (diminishing returns). Speculation will then determine the drop rate for each resource at the end of a fight. The higher its value is, the closer your final drop rate will be to the maximum value set for each resource.

For those of you with a taste for numbers, here's one possible formula with a concrete example. Suppose your character has 50 Speculation and wants to pick up a resource with a basic drop rate of 10% and a maximum rate of 55%.
Here's the formula:

  • Ratebasic+((Ratemax-Ratebasic)*Speculation/100).

In our example, this would work out to 10+((55-10)*50/100) → 10+((45)*0.5) → 10+22.5 → 32.5.

The final drop rate would therefore be 32.5%.

If we do go ahead with putting these types of changes in place, it will of course be necessary to review the base rates for certain resources accordingly. Our goal is not to artificially reduce your winnings or increase the time you spend in-game. To maintain a "healthy" balance, rare resources (currently 1%) might increase to 5% (with a maximum of 28.7%). Similarly, common resources (10%) might increase to 20% (with a maximum of 100%).

This system could give us a way to balance resource generation in the game – on the one hand, by maintaining a non-trivial advantage for characters who are more invested in the game, and on the other hand, by providing easier access to resources for the least optimized characters. It would also make it easier to understand what you can expect to get from fighting various monsters in-game, and how the different bonuses interact. We would also make UI changes along these same lines.

If you've made it this far, thanks for your persistence! We hope we've been clear about our intentions, and that our planned short-term or long-term changes seem appropriate to you. We're looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments, so fire up your keyboards and we'll see you there!

Sabbo & Khal

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Drop and economy related changes... Good luck guys, is all I can wish you.fear

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Score : 450

Very nuanced and structured article. The thing that I'd like to get some insight on and that seems to be a topic that IMO does not get addressed enough are bots. To name an example: On Illyzaelle right now lord crow is flooded with bots to the point that if I place a perceptor there it'll be filled within 3 minutes (level 200 3k percs) with an estimated value of 200KK. The bots make harvesting resources as well monster drops and that's extremely hurtful to the point that professions other than maging are only really relevant for crafting purposes and I imagine it has a huge impact on the in game economy. While at the topic of bots; they are in all text channels, send PM's and spam their external websites/discord servers on the high traffic locations. It seems the algorithm that determines bot behavior is in need of some improvements .. The proposed changes look interesting, too complex for me to have an opinion on.

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Score : 358

First, thank you for this in-depth post.

While I think switching up the final drop rates can be a great idea, I think the problem of overgeneration of items lays less with idols and such, and moreso with multi-accounting.

Having recently started multi-accounting, it's amazing just how much easier Dofus has become in terms of resources. I hardly need to use the market anymore, because in a single fight I can get multiple copies of an item for each monster and character.

Naturally, this leads to a massive imbalance of item generation, not to mention an unfair competition between solo players and multi-accounters. I think fights with a larger amount of players should receive slight penalties on their final drop rates, and perhaps slight bonuses for solo players

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Score : 142

I love the ideas behind Temporal Anomalies! Always felt like doing any Anomaly below lvl 140 is useless because the droprate for the loops was abysmal below that level (even with optimization).
Also making them a 2 hour "rift" that you can challenge repatedly makes it pretty much a new type of content, I will definitely be farming them.
Good choice on making the elixirs into 3 tiers of difficulty AND making them craftable!

Another thing is the Legendary Pet rework - About damn time! These pets were not only extremely expensive to craft but also full of rng which meant you either got that 1 good bonus or else the pet was trashed. I am looking forward to the bonuses that you came up with for this update. 

As for the drop rate adjustments let's hope you are telling the truth when you wrote this:
Our goal is not to artificially reduce your winnings or increase the time you spend in-game.
On that note maybe one system (prospecting/idols/uncontrollable boosts) should give a chance for another item if you are going to nerf the overall drop rate compared to now. Because I feel like more people would be inclined to farm a specific area if instead of having +25% drop chance there, they had standard drop chance AND +25% for another item from each mob. Given that most if not all recipes for high level items require 60-90 common drop rate items, it would help a lot. Not to mention some of the mid game recipes can have a ton of material requirements too. 
Players cannot in any way shape or form exceed 1 item of a specific type per mob. You can do that in Retro with Enutrof. Multiple chances provide opportunities for jackpots and these often feel good. But that is just my idea.

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Score : 628

If you are going to be reducing the drop rates of things, you will completely ruin the economy rather than trying to fix it. On echo, there are dozens of items and resources that aren't even in the markets kick anymore because of the decrease in player population. Our resources are actually quite expensive for a lot of them, simply because noone goes to certain areas much anymore because there is no reason to. And as stated above, the bots are always an issue. I've taken it upon myself to keep seeding in names to the mod Twitter a lot, to try and keep them at bay.

But the loot system is actually terrible right now, not oversaturating the markets. You HAVE to throw on full prospecting sets to even be able to drop most of these things at a decent rate, andnthen also pair that with idols. And for things like dungeons? You seriously think people want to go kill a dungeon boss like 10 times to get the resource needed to craft something? Because achievements only go so far. If you reduce the drop rates of resources, I can almost guarantee you will completely screw echos economy rather than fix it, in my opinion.

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Score : 117

Wow, what a read. I am not used to this level of clarity so I greatly appreciate it!

The new temporal anomolies sound amazing. Up to 150% bonuis? That is a lot, and I would definitely consider going to places with this bonus to farm or for exp. Aggression on monsters sounds cool, it has a cool theme to it. The potion is nice too for people who might get annoyed by it. Wonder if it'll be cheap for them though!

I also like that the whole area will be considered for the total bonus, instead of every sub-area. It does make things simplier which is really key to reaching a wider audience.

The changes to drops and the idols is cool. The drops I fully understand and the prices will adjust to be cheaper/more expensive for your time spent. Some resources that you guys want to be plentiful in the game can be adjusted to be 100% if needed. Sounds like an overall healthy change that can actually reward lower level players more, as they rarely have optimized gear for farming meanwhile level 200's one shot everything, get 100% drop rate, and reduce the price for low levels.

Overall, sounds great. I didn't know there was a resource problem in dofus, as I am pretty new, as I thought there were plenty of sinks for them. Nice to see there is still work to be done.

Overall, I agree with every one of your changes. Very well explained and understandable. Keep it up! I think the community appreciates it a lot, as do I.

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Score : 61

On the loot changes:
The rationale is good and the goals are great. But the presented solution is unfortunately lackluster. The players can and will, by choice, make rare drops from one monster more common than common drops from another. The changes ultimately accomplish one thing and one thing only: they force players to diversify areas to loot. (This has the unfortunate side effect of hurting small-time players with fewer accounts, as their options in terms of what they can hunt efficiently are much more constrained.) To control existing economies of scale, it is a far better choice to control the demand rather than the supply. Why not just make loot you feel is underharvested more useful?

In a fixed market, everything is relative. Relative usefulness of a resource translates to relative price difference. No matter what changes you end up doing, the market will equalize. Supply will equalize to match the demand – that is to say, if you change drop formula and keep existing resource sinks identical, the only differences in prices you will end up with will be the result of players needing to spend more/less time generating the same demanded amount of loot. This is the only thing the proposed changes accomplish – a reshuffling in profitability of different areas. Overgenerated resources will still end up being overgenerated, because them being overgenerated is a symptom of a demand for these resources to be high, and not a symptom of high drop rates. Demand for these resources is a function of usefulness (income) and availability (cost). Fine-tuning the drop rates will lower/raise the availability, but boost/reduce the usefulness to the point where, in the grand scheme of things, they end up equally profitable as they were before. Like I said, ultimately the only thing this change of drop rates will achieve, is force players to diversify areas to loot (and hurt the little guy along the way).

In the end, the market will equalize, because it is what it does. The game economy will be "fine" no matter how you change the precedent. But what is vexing to me, is that you are investing so much resources trying to intervene in a self-balancing mechanism of the market, instead of addressing the most destructive problem the Dofus economy has – the rampant bots that are flooding in-game markets hundred-fold times faster than any group of players ever could. And, what is perhaps more worrying, bots that absolutely do not care, not even in the slightest, about the changes you propose in this devblog. In fact, bots actually profit from the proposed changes, at the cost of players' time and game experience nonetheless.

On everything else:
Sounds good, looking forward to it, especially the speculation characteristic seems like a great quality of life improvement.

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Score : 282

I would love to see some new effects for legendary pets. Some of the current ones literally destroy your pet. I would also welcome some cheaper to craft, legendary variants for pods or prospecting pets. It wouldn't be bad if we had to constantly feed legendary pets as opposed to just feeding them for lvling up. That would balance the economy a bit too - if you want to be an end game badass, you have to pay instead just accumulating wealth.

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Score : 5447

unfortunately, when there's a certain array of items that are the best, and those items can only be crafted by a specific array of ingredients, then those specific ingredients are going to be farmed regardless of what bonusses are present in the area.

perhaps a more suitable solution for all involved would be to expand the crafting system to allow for certain substitutions in recipes that allow for the same items to be created using different materials, increasing the value of materials from neglected zones and causing those zones to become valuable to gather materials from, rather than trying to push players in certain directions.

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Score : 684

First, I’d like to make clear that I am under no impression that anything I say here will be considered by Ankama, and I believe Ankama will do whatever they desire. Now that I have set the tone… Am I the only one who thinks this could be a really bad rework of the loot system? 

I feel like Ankama is taking a really limited scope on an issue as large as the economy of Dofus and not considering many other factors that could be at play.

As noted, DOFUS is currently suffering from overgeneration of the resources, but Ankama does not indicate that this could also be impacted by Achievements giving out far too many resources into the game, bots being a forever problem, or lack of demand. As far as I can tell, the last two major changes to resource generation were Achievements and Idols. 

  • Idols, as Ankama has more or less implied, have completely ruined the looting system and has allowed players to more or less circumvent any intended rarity. 
  • Achievements are basically the only way to farm boss resources and they also generate a fair number of normal mob resources as well.

From the examples shown, it is being proposed to effectively half the drop rate of items by emphasizing uncontrollable bonuses and deemphasizing controllable bonuses. However, as the term uncontrollable implies, that is basically RNG and more than likely the drop rate for items will be cut by more than half in most cases. 

Ankama more or less implies that Idols are the primary cause of overgeneration of the resources, I would love to see other factors such as:
  • Lack of demand: In my opinion, the last couple years worth of gear that has come into the game is incredibly niche. I cannot imagine most players are making these items for their sets.
  • The percentage of boss resources generated by achievements vs dropped naturally: I cannot fathom the idea that most boss resources are not coming into the game from achievements. Additionally, any boss materials being dropped post the influx from all the achievement resources are worth significantly less due to the lack of demand for these resources. 
    • I mean there is a reason that bworker nails and kimbo sphenoids basically cost the same as any of the Elicalypse dungeon boss materials despite the giant difficulty gap in these dungeons.
  • Distribution of resources: Just like in the real world, I imagine the majority of resources are owned by a minority of players. This proposed change would only further separate these players from everyone and make the game less approachable for new players, which once again will further hurt the demand on resources.
  • A breakdown of the most common items, most bought items, most sold items, most destroyed items in the game. This list could go on but the general economic trends would be interesting to see how Ankama came to support nerfing drop rates.
  • Bot resource generation and Ankama's approach to fixing this. There’s no denying bots likely generate most of the common resources in the game and nerfing the loot system will only minimally impact bots.

I am also curious as to why Ankama wants to take the approach of making resources more difficult to obtain. I assume this is to make the supply lower in order to match the lower demand, but why would you want to go this route? I look at items like sparkling pebbles and nuggets which have always had a high demand and relatively low supply and personally consider them to be one of the biggest issues in the game. Ankama seems to have the complete opposite view on this and I am curious as to why? 

Instead of making resources harder to obtain, I wish Ankama would focus on incentivizing and providing more ways for players to use their resources in a way that felt fair and balanced. Recycling for nuggets and crushing items for runes, while both are valid item sinks, are incredibly unfair and inefficient for a casual player to utilize. If you want to systematically decrease the number of items in circulation, I feel it is necessary to address all aspects of the process and to not try to take large chunks at a time. The kolossoken, in my opinion, is a perfect example of not fully thought out change and having a lasting long term negative impact in the game.

I acknowledge that the current idol and loot system can easily be abused and should be modified, however I do not think that decreasing the controllable aspects of  drop rates will be beneficial to the game in the long term, especially considering some of the most rare and difficult items in the game such as resource protector drops and other quest related drops.

Additionally, I hope Ankama will take into consideration the impact of changing idols (again) and how this will impact the difficulty of Idol based achievements. I think it is incredibly discouraging when strategies get inadvertently nerfed to fix other problems, especially a problem like this where we will likely not be playing long enough to see the impact.
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Score : 1231

Yea idk in what form devs listen to international feedback like that but I hope that french players make similar points. 

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Score : 41

I'm a lower level character trying to build up my crafting skills. After killing over 70 Miiboowolves, I got a single Miiboowolf Scalp. Seems like everything rare drop at the moment for low ends are still very rare drops.

3 0
Score : 56

At this point, i like the anomalies changes and legendary pet changing, but however, changing the drop rates isn't really going to be any helpful for dying servers like Echo. Yet, the rune creation / item crushing for runes system, if you could call it a system needs a bigger re-vamp than the previous brakmar and bonta changes. Anything you crush for runes is complete loss, making that interface of the game completely useless. People who have abused of it on high % flood the markets with runes 3 times their prices, and then people who try crush stuff afterwards find everything at 100% bonus. There has to be a way to balance out the bonuses and make it more viable for everybody.


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I understand that the loot changes are aimed at Ilyzaelle as Echo has a different problem: it has existed for years and is a merged server composed of all international servers that existed (standard ones) and thus has all of the resources of those servers combined. Ily is a merged server too, however it has been up a much shorter time - less resources rotting in banks and whatnot.

I think Ankama should approach the issue a little bit differently: for example, buff crushing as currently making items to crush is mostly unprofitable. The diminishing returns are too much for most items. It is understandable to nerf easy to craft items with low level mats that yield MP/AP runes, however when crushing lvl 140+ items one would expect to find a little better % than what you usually get. For that reason split items into tiers: easy to craft, most sought after stat items should have low % floor, while those who require more resources/work and are higher level should have a higher % floor by default - making items coming from harder mobs actually worthwhile to craft not just to wear them but also to crush them which solves the problem of too many resources.
Runes are great because they are always getting burned to improve equipment and to make exos which burn even more than regular maging. 

I think that Ankama needs to go hard on marketing and promoting the game once they release the ported Unity version, as this is the only true way to fix a dead server - bring in new players. Veterans might come back too, however I think that some people have just moved on, either to Ily or to another game etc.
I hope Unity can be released in Q1 2023 or maybe by some miracle in late December this year as I think a client upgrade could provide better tools for Ankama to prevent/combat bots. Could also hire some people to actively scour the servers and execute swift justice, because being slow in punishments will make bots profit as they inevitably break even.

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The changes sound good, barring the loot system overhaul.

Although the loot mechanic and the idol system are somewhat flawed, the most significant issue I see is the game's recipes — and I'm very disappointed that this wasn't taken into account.

Upon starting to play the game, it doesn't take very long for a new player to realise that most recipes are absurd — requiring way too many items to be worth the time, energy and money. This problem gets worse towards endgame, where players are forced to hoard massive amounts of resources from achievements to be able to craft items.

The best way to explain this colossal problem is through an example.

If I want to craft a piece of equipment that requires a King Imagami Diacritic, I'll have to run King Imagami's dungeon (one of the hardest and most cumbersome dungeons in the game), unlock the basic "Kill King Imagami" achievement and get 10 Diacritics. Most recipes require the use of all 10 Diacritics, which means that if I ever need to craft another item of that category again, I'll have to spam-run King Imagami — a dungeon that easily takes between 45 mins to an hour per try with the hope of getting at least 1 Diacritic. I can't even begin to explain how infinitely worse that is for a solo player.

In that light, idols are the only bridge between players and ridiculously absurd recipes. Granted, idols are counterintuitive in many ways, especially when players exploit their shortcomings in order to leech. But that doesn't take from the fact that idols are players' lifeline right now, since nobody really wants to spend hours spamming monsters/dungeons to drop materials.

The best path to take would be to revise the game's recipes and slash the number of resources required. Only then would a change in idols and drop rates make sense.

This isn't about making the game easy, it's about not letting recipes/crafting be gatekept to players who are either perpetually online, dominate the market or are abusing the very flawed system.

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We want to make the loot process more simple and easy to understand so we introduce a new system ON TOP OF EXISTING 5 LOOT SYSTEMS!
Honestly "Speculation" part I red the whole thing 2 times and I'm still confused on what it is.

My impressions of the current situation is: 

- Overabundance of low level resources comes from not having enough value in destroying them and a hell load of bots.
- Overabundance of boss resources comes from overly rewarding achievements, not actually farming bosses over and over.
- Overabundance of some high level resources comes from farms where priority is exp. 

Sure increasing fight difficulty on average will increase resources value but its very likely to decrease player's interest in bothering to fight. Resulting in bots becoming more profitable, further contributing to bot problem.

My suggestions are: 

- Adding an account bound value to destroying items would drive prices up on resources without increase in bot profitability. 
- Adding a separate sink for boss resources. Currently its mostly endgame equipment and idols, both of which you craft once and forget about it. 
- Pets. Adding a clear easy to check indication of what resources give pets how much exp and boosting the values they give. Pets are a good resource sink in theory, but currently it has huge problems:

   - a significant chunk of population doesn't know you can feed pets anything else then 
     Enriched Croquette
   - researching what resource gives how much exp is inconvenient if not tedious and kills of any
     enthusiasm very fast 
   - exp overabundant resources provide is not worth it in the slightest. Often its actual 0.

Other then that I do like the changes to legendary pets, anomalies and idol diversity.

Another rant I have is capping the rare resources.

You clearly stated that there is an overabundance of different resources, rare ones being a part of it. So you capped the rare resources, what are players going to do? They sigh and go off to farming.
But now instead of having 5 fights they have 25. They end up with a rare resource they need AND 5 TIMES THE RESOURCES THEY DONT which are now becoming overabundant

TLDR unless you are reworking the whole loot system which is not the case just yet please prioritize new resource sinks over capping the loot probability. It drives prices up faster and any renewable sink is a good point towards long term player activity.

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How will this change in maximum drop rates affect quest related things like paragon drop? If thats gonna be limited to a certain rate thats gonna be a real pain. Dropping paragon is already a pain, especially if you dont multi acc or buy leeches. Hopefully Ankama doesnt put a cap on quest related drops.

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How about you fix the bot issue instead of dealing with people trying to grind their kamas legitimately

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My main concern is that a lot of quest drops (paragon especially) is going to get hurt massively if the base rate isn't buffed because this a nerf to the drop rate of everything. Let's not joke around and pretend it isn't, it is 100% a nerf in any situation as seen in the two excel spreadsheet pictures. And that will hurt questing so badly, with many quests already being really tedious and not fun.

A quest rebalance would be needed, maybe just make quest drops 100% besides paragon and make that a flat 5% unmodifable or something. Just have all quest drops as a fixed % that does not ever change based off area/player modifiers so it feels consistent rather than being punished for playing characters that can't use high idol scores easily, or going back and doing lower level quests and getting that harsh level penalty.

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Also I don't think this really addresses the core issue which is every item is locked behind sparkling pebbles. Even if mob resources were 4 times rarer, you are still limited by sparkling pebble generation in the server. Gearing up in gear before level 200 and you spend 80% of your kamas on pebbles. It's dumb. It will definitely make level 200 stuff more valuable but that stuff was already valuable compared to

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