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Fire up the Combine and Harvest the Ochre Dofus!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 12, 2022, 15:00:00
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It's no secret that to complete the Ochre Dofus quest you need to mow a wide swath. Fortunately, the little geniuses from Gob Akademy have struck again! Jykel and one of his most talented disciples have developed a machine that should make the job a lot easier…

We recently made a few changes to the historic quest for the Ochre Dofus. One of them was the appearance of a new resource, the D'vine Tingy, which is dropped by archmonsters and can be used to acquire the Klonebawks that are key to completing the quest "An Eternal Harvest".

To collect as many D'vine Tingies as possible, the goblin Goblaud, one of Jykel's former students, had a brilliant idea: she developed a machine that can harvest them from archmonsters and dungeon keepers (who have clearly also been touched by divine grace) – and in record time, no less! Of course, this portable Combine Harvester, also known as the Tingy-Catcher, has a few drawbacks as well. The first one is a biggie: it's a bit of a coin flip as to whether it will work at all! The second problem is that its use is limited by the enormous amount of energy it consumes. Not only that, recharging this item's batteries is a lengthy and costly process. Put it all together, and Jykel was ultimately forced to collect the D'vine Tingies by hand after all. If only she could rely on a devoted adventurer who was willing to provide her with a bit of their time and assistance…

Hmm… Actually, come to think of it… Have you got anything planned from Tuesday, May 17 after the maintenance to Tuesday, May 31 before the maintenance?

If not, meet up with Goblaud at [4,4] (outside the Amakna Vigilante Base) to get your hands on a Tingy-Catcher. Fight the dungeon keepers to collect as many D'vine Tingies as you can, and they'll help you to complete the Eternal Harvest quest… and then, at long last, the precious Ochre Dofus will be all yours!

Your chance of obtaining D'vine Tingies will be greater in dungeons in your level bracket or a higher level bracket. There are five different brackets in all: 0 to 59, 60 to 99, 100 to 139, 140 to 189 and 190 to 200.

Note that dungeons with multiple bosses will allow you to obtain multiple D'vine Tingies in a single fight (one for each boss). The creatures you're after are the following:

  • Royal Blops + Rainbow Blop
  • Royal Jellies
  • Minotoror + Minotot
  • Sphincter Cell + White Rat + Black Rat
  • Fuji Snowfoux + Tengu Snowfoux
  • War + Misery + Corruption + Servitude
  • Count Harebourg + Klime
  • Count Harebourg + Sylargh
  • Count Harebourg + Missiz Freezz
  • Count Harebourg + Nileza

You can only obtain one D'vine Tingy from the Tynrils, however.

Just for this special occasion, and in response to a request that many of you have made, the cost of Klonebawks has been lowered! Their price will be cut in half starting at the start of the event – and they'll stay that way permanently!

For more information about the changes to the Ochre Dofus quest, read our devblog on the topic.

Want another little boost to your chances of acquiring that precious egg? From May 17 to May 31, a Twitch Drops campaign on all the channels in the DOFUS category will give you a chance to obtain a "Super Tingy-Catcher" – and maybe even a Rubik's Cube Mystery Box!

Good luck, everyone!

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Score : 117

wow half cost of the klonebawks, which is the stuff to make arch monsters. wow those arch prices gonna go DOWN lol

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Score : 142

Great event idea! Kinda like Dungeon Rusher, however it's worth it to do the dungeon multiple times.
Hope it will be recurring, not just a one time thing - a rerun mid summer perhaps?

Also good move on halving the cost of the Klonebawks. Should make obtaining Ochre a little bit easier. I think this is a great event and change, provides a way to grind for Ochre, and also drains resources from the market - key crafting. Very smart move before the drop changes.

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Score : 1231

Is whole paragraph about "portable Combine Harvester" just lore with no gameplay information or do you have to pay and wait long cooldowns to participate?

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Score : 73

It’s great people can unlock post-ochre content easier! On the other hand it feels super unfair for the people who actually put in the grind to get the ochre. Will be fair to give the “legacy” ochre completionists an ornament to show their achievement and hard effort. Idea?

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Score : 117

Maybe they could do that. But then if it's done other players might say the same thing about other content and then people might get mad that only a specific group of people got a unique thing (ornament) and not others who did other challenging content. 


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Score : 2554

Still gotta soul the giant kralove right? Not really much easier

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Score : 73

You need 250mk to get the arches. So the grind is in the kama farming. Took me 8 years to accumulate those kamas. Also Ochre cost is 120mk, which means you burn 130mk for the ornament. Feels like a slap in the face with the new changes.

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Score : 1231

just buy it for 40 on echo

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Score : 117

@ flakes, I saw an ochre for 80-90mil 2 days ago while looking for a +30 prospecting dofus. Ochre isn't as expensive as you think it is anymore. Past few months it has gone down a lot due to arch monsters respawning A LOT faster than before and divine tingies.

Divine tingies will be crazy now. 3 tingies = 1 arch. So get a group of people and hunt together at specific areas to look quick. Just get 3 arches and everyone will get 1 arch for themselves. going for 6 tingies to 3 is crazy. Or 12 to 6 depending on what option you choose.

If more players join the game, the price of ochre will go up. But if the player base stays the same or only slowly grows, it is given that ochre will just keep going down and down as time goes on, as there will be an excess of specific arches (a lot of people buy out arches).

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Score : 117

Also I want to add that this content is very old. It's not like it was released a few months ago and they are deciding to make it super easy. They want to make people finish the quest to experience new content/get their own ochre and make new challenges. Perhaps in the future there will be a new high end dofus for players to get that will be equal to getting ochre years ago.

Prices were also different before, so perhaps making that many kamas was easier due to less players at the time and things being priced differently. The economy just changes a lot.

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Score : 73

Doesn’t change the fact that “legacy” ochre completionists paid 250mk to finish the questline. This is a huge accomplishment on mono-servers and now it has lost its value… I’m sure everyone who completed it before the rework is extremely frustrated. All fixed with some kind of title or ornament for literally your most loyal playerbase.

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