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Ocrhe event jelly bots

By bladesxhelper#3258 - SUBSCRIBER - May 18, 2022, 15:42:19
Please move this thread to the appropriate place if this is not the correct place. 

I have known bots are an issue in the game but have never directly been effected. However with this current event it is absolutely rampant and blatant in the Jelly Peninsula. Since a few days before the event started I tried to farm jelly mats for keys but I simply can't. There are so many bots running around it's ridiculous.

This bots are clear as day at it 24/7. You only have to stand on a single map and see them all running around, insta attacking mobs, insta block vision and start the fight. Two Eni's even look identical!

Please take a short amount of time to log in each day to see this and ban these accounts. 

Ilyzaelle server.
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I agree. I saw this a few days ago and it was insane. I did not see a single mob on the entire map zone. 
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