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Ornament or Title for *legacy* Ochre completionists

By Flakes#1870 - SUBSCRIBER - May 24, 2022, 08:39:28

Hi Ankama,

It is great that you’re making changes for people to reach end-game content easier, so the new change is not a bad thing at all.

However, your most loyal playerbase who finished the old questline are punished for it. On mono-servers we grinded 250mk together to finish the questline, only to burn 130mk as the price of Ochre was only 120mk.

This was a huge sacrifice, but you had the ornament and aura to show for it. Now we don’t, as the quest got so much easier to get.

My suggestion; give your most loyal playerbase, thus legacy ochre completionists, something to show for their sacrifice and hard work, like an ornament or title.

Thank you for making great content, and hopefully this message will be read!


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Like I said to you in the previous thread I don't think this should happen. What if it looks really good and people were unaware and complain about not having it? Maybe people would have done ochre earlier if they knew it would come with a better ornament.

Also, what defines the requirement to get it? How do you define it? Prior to what time must have you completed Ochre Dofus to get it? People will have different answers so it's hard to please everyone.

And if they were to do this, then what about other dofuses or achievements? Do we start doing random rewards for players who completed content X years ago for the sake of it?

End of the day, you benefitting from completing it when you did, it was out of the way. The economy was different and 100mil back then wasn't the same as now. You've reaped the benefit of having that ochre dofus and destroying content.

The journey is the reward - Given how old this quest is, it shouldn't come to a surprise that over time it has become cheaper and cheaper to do and new methods of obtaining them enter the game, along with increased respawn rates on some servers.

EDIT: The only time I would have an issue with buffing drop rates/making things easier is if it was done shortly after release. This punishes people for actively engaging in the new content as you are better off doing nothing if they just buff the rates a few weeks down the line. 

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This is the typical: "Back in the day, I had to pay more than it is worth now! I want something in exchange!"

There is no reason why anyone who got the Ochre "the old way" should get anything.
It's like buying a new game for 60€, and after a year you want a refund because there is a 50%-off-sale.

Your "reward" for doing it back in the day is, that you got it then and didn't have to wait until the recent update to achieve it.

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