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Ceremonial Pets: Welcome to the Family!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 25, 2022, 11:00:00
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In DOFUS, pets are like one big family. All of them have their qualities and shortcomings that make you simply love them… or hate them! The ones arriving (or rather returning) to the shop today are no exception, but the idea is that you find one that YOU find exceptional.

Their arrival in the shop reminds you of a painful memory: your failure to adopt them when you had the chance. But there's no point dwelling on such regrets, because today many of these pets are returning to the shop and this time forever!  

Ginger Bow Wow, Lezia, Pandawarai, Kirino, Chaotic Koalak, Minibora, Prickle, Zhenbaisu or Salar: Which one will you allow on your bed?*

Each one is available for €2.99 or 3,000 ogrines.


* Pets linked to the account for 6 months.

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If only we could use these on mounts tongue then I'd buy

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I got the black Origami one as he looks cute and tough. I bought it from the market though as I didn't know he existed. Only 350,000 Kamas. 

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